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Oil Filter Removal Tool-An Expert of Your Car

The oil contains many dust and micro-particles. When the oil is poured into a vehicle’s engine the dist, dirt and micro-particles can cause damage to the car or truck’s engine and degrade its performance. Oil filters are thus needed to filter these particles. Since oil filters need to be removed often, people need oil filter removal tool to remove it. Oil filter wrenches are equipment used to remove oil filters which are spin on the type, from your vehicles. Oil filter wrenches are used to remove oil filters casing that is very tight and cannot be removed using hand or other tools.

There are many types of oil filter wrenches available in the market. This article contains guidelines and descriptions about different oil filter removal tools, so that you can have an idea which tool could be the best and accessible for you, at all times.

Types of Oil Filter Removal Tools

Jaw Type Oil Filter Tool

Lisle Oil Filter Tool is a jaw type oil filter removal tool. This tool adjusts and can easily fit into any ordinary socket wrench and would reshape itself around your oil filter. As you move the wrench to loosen your oil filter. This causes the jaws of the tool to clamp down on the exterior of the filter. The more you turn your wrench, the stronger the jaws grip onto your oil filter.

The Lisle tool is of impressive quality. It is made of sturdy steel and should last for a long time. The tool will adjust and reshape itself into most imported cars (Acura, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Subaru, and Mazda) with the regularly used 2.5″ diameter filter. It can also adjust itself into many domestic cars (Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, Dodge, Cadillac, and GM) that use 3″ diameter larger oil filters. This Lisle filter wrench doesn’t need a large amount of space to maneuver, and for that reason, it tends to be a highly liked and acceptable model amongst most people. From a value viewpoint, this oil filter wrench is quite inexpensive. If you have a nice socket set, we would recommend you to get yourself a jaw type filter removal tool for your use.

“It removed a crushed and stuck oil filter inside an Onan genset.” – by Jay B. Sigel (Crane, TX USA)

Oil Filter Pliers

Tekton’s12″ pliers are a favorite kind of usable set of pliers around. Tekton’s pliers haszaa great reviews; it is mostly like because it is very convenient on a myriad of other tools. These pliers are absolutely no ruffle, but high value compared to other tools available. Competitive products in the market can cost three and sometimes even more times as much. That said, these pliers have a pretty straightforward and easy dipped rubber grip that will halt them from falling from your hands. Its handle has quite a bit of small amount of contour for easement and clearance. They also have forceful teeth on its jaws which would allow you to really dig into the oil filter as you remove it.

Tekton oil filter pliers will fit into a filter which as up to 4.5″ in diameter. This is more than enough for any passenger car or truck, and will also work on several different military vehicles, trucks, boats, tractors etc and also other farm equipment. It will also fit on any other automobile with a large motor under the hood. For some reason, if you are ever in a position, where you might need to take out a filter larger than 4.5″ in diameter, you can use Tekton 16″ version. Tekton also makes a longer 16″ version of pliers that can hold filters up to 5.5″.

“Works perfectly” – by Kyle S

End cap oil filter wrench:

End cap filter wrenches come in different sizes. It is made up of heavy duty carbon steel and can last a really long time. It has two steps fluted cap it fit into a wider range of oil filter. Unfortunately, with a tightly stuck or old round shaped oil filter, these end cap oil filter wrenches would be the best choice You choose and just slip the correct size wrench over the end of your filter and check if it’s rightly tight and if it’s left side is a bit loose. This product far exceeded the expectations of many users and received good compliments over the years.

“Best quality yet…” – by Stefanie L. Yandell (Austin, TX)

The end cap remover:

End cap remover wrench also comes with 2 to 3 jaw universal styles. These jaws are supposed to help tighten the bottom of your oil filter. The more you turn it, the tighter grip it should lay. In theory, these end cap removers should occupy the space of a dozen number of the normal to extra- sized end cap filter sockets. It is an adjustable filter removal, with ranges from 2.75″ to 3.75″. It is quite durable and handy to use.

“Exactly what I was looking for!!” – By Amazon Customer

The handled band style oil filter wrench:

The handled band style oil filter wrench comes with a swivel handle. You need to have e 3 of the same hand banded style filter wrenches with the handle cut off at different lengths. Many vehicle owners personally like and use this style for changing their oil filters on zero turns. It is pretty simple and easy to use. It slips in over the filter and turns. If it gets bigger, flip the wrench over and try it in the other way around. These will help tightly grab onto and remove most filters.

This strap type handed band oil filter wrench is quite similar to the ones mentioned above. It has a dipped rubber non-slip grip covering the hand. It works smoothly even when your hand is oily. Also, the handle of the wrench can be adjusted so you can fit it in tight filters. This handled band style filter wrench will fit into oil filters from range 3 1/4″ to 3 3/4″ in diameter.

Chain wrenches:

Chain wrenches come with or without a handle. You may imagine them as near cousins of the strap plastic oil filter wrenches. Chain wrenches can be used in any type of oil filters, radiator caps and hub caps. It can be used from either direction, without being removed. The tool is flexible and fully adjustable. It will help to tightly fasten itself onto your oil filter and remove the filter. This chain wrenches can crush the filter as well, as it provides maximum strength to pull off oily and sticky tough old filters. It is wrapped around the filter and helps remove any oil filters with a range up to 4-11/16″ (120mm) diameter.

Cloth strap wrenches

Cloth strap wrenches are used for removing large oil filters. It also helps by loosely screwing the cartridge style filters off. They do a wonderful smooth job of taking the oil filter off your vehicle without any damage. You will just have to slip the strap and have to keep turning until the slack is out.

Final verdict

Oil filter removal tool are a smart innovation which helps us to loosen the oil filters of our cars and trucks without putting too much effort. Especially it helps to keep our hands safe. As oil filters are usually filled with grease and other viscous substances the oil filter wrenches deliver a splendid way to protect ourselves from coming in contact with sticky motor oil and oil contaminants. Oil filter wrench can help you overcome your task smoothly and efficiently.  Choose your desired Oil Filter Removal Tools, which will be good and suitable for your vehicle’s best oil filter.

Angela E. Bouchard
Angela E. Bouchard

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