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How To Use An Oil Filter Wrench-An Ideal Guide of 2021

Oil filter wrenches are equipment used to remove oil filters which are spin on the type, from your vehicles. Filters need to be changed often How to use an Oil Filter Wrench. Mechanics suggest they need to be changed during every motor or replacement or after your vehicle has traveled 7,500-10,000 miles and the engine requires new oil and oil filter for it to function properly. The wrenches are thus used to remove oil filters casing that is very tight and cannot be removed using hand or other tools.

There are many types of filter wrenches available in the market such as socket wrench and an adjustable spanner. The wrenches are present in many variations in the market. There are two common wrench styles which are affordable and easy to find. Strap style filter wrenches, which fit different size oil filters and can be adjusted to fit the filter casing. Socket style wrenches fit only specified type and size but require less room to work with than a strap style.

Tools You Will Need

  • Vehicle Ramps
  • Wheel Chock
  • Oil drain pan
  • Open-end wrench
  • 3/8-inch ratchet handle
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil drip pan

Steps on How to Use Oil Filter Wrench

Lift Your Car & Locate Oil Pan

Firstly, you will need to lift your car off the floor using jacks and jack stand. Remember never to go underneath your vehicle supported only by jack; always make sure you put a jack stand as well. Use a block box or ramp to block up your rear tires too, so that the car doesn’t roll. Turn off the vehicle. Search for the oil pan.

It will be a flat metal dish located near the bottom of your engine. Get underneath your car to find it.  You will see either a bolt or a plug near your engine or below it. Once you have found the oil pan, place a container you will use to collect the oil underneath it so that oil doesn’t spill all over the floor. Remove the drain plug and let the oil drain out of your oil pan. Next, you have to find the oil filter.

Find the Oil Filter

Check your car owner’s manual to find the exact location of the oil filter. Some vehicles have it over and most of them have it beneath them. After finding the filter, try to spin it and take it off. If it’s too tight and won’t come off (which is pretty normal) use an oil filter removal wrench. There many types of oil filter removal wrench. Buy the one you are most comfortable with.


  • Whether you are using a cap style, strap style, chain loop or metal band oil filter wrench the first thing you have to do is put the oil filter and perfectly fit it into the wrench.
  • Tighten it. You will need to turn the adaptor in anti-clockwise direction around the oil filter. The wrench now fits itself around the filter allowing a strong grip.
  • Next, it’s the time to rotate the adaptor. Either use a square driver or use a hand ratchet inserted into the adaptor or use a hexagonal driver such as a spanner on the adaptor’s exterior.
  • 13mm square drivers are commonly used for the adaptor but some tool is required according to the dimensions of the adaptor
  • Turn the tool in an anti-clockwise direction along with the wrench and you can then remove the oil filter easily and quickly.

Strap Style Wrench and Socket filter wrenches are the two most common types of oil filter wrenches used.  Below stated are proper guidelines on how to use these two popular types of wrenches

Strap-style Wrench Oil Filter Removal

Glide the strap of the strap style wrench over the oil filter casing with the back of the handle facing anti-clockwise.

Push the handle in anti-clockwise direction to release the oil filter casing from the engine. Pull the handle of the tool again in a clockwise direction to rotate the handle, increase you run out of room to push the tool handle.

Slip the strap style wrench filter remover away from the filter casing.

Finally, turn the wrench anti-clockwise direction by hand to remove the filter casing from your car’s engine.

Socket Filter Wrench – Oil Filter Removal

  • First of all, push a socket filter wrench into the bottom of filter casing.
  • Set a 3/8-inch ratchet handle and turn it in the anti-clockwise direction. Push the end portion of the ratchet handle into the socket of the socket oil filter wrench.
  • Turn the ratchet handle in anti-clockwise direction until the oil filter casing loosens.
  • Spin the loosened filter casing anticlockwise, using your hands to remove the oil filter from the engine.

Final Verdict

Oil filter tool is a smart innovation which helps us to loosen the oil filters of our cars and trucks without putting too much effort. Especially it helps to keep our hands safe. As oil filters are usually filled with grease and other viscous substances the oil filter wrenches deliver a splendid way to protect ourselves from coming in contact with sticky motor oil and oil contaminants. Now you have learned how to use an oil filter wrench and remove easily. Choose a good oil filter wrench, as a good wrench can help you overcome your task smoothly and efficiently.

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