How to Use a Balance Bike

Do you want to teach your kids how to use a balance bike? Are you looking for the perfect guide with correct steps of instructions? Then, look out no more! This piece of information that you are reading at the moment will enlighten you regarding some steps that you can follow to teach your kids how to maintain balance on bike while riding on different conditions. We will be also enlightening you regarding how you can prepare them before they start using a balance bike like an expert.

Steps to Prepare Your Child for Using the Balance Bike

Step 1: Teach Them How to Wear on a Helmet.

Safety is the thing that always comes first. Teach them how to wear on the helmet and also explain them the importance of wearing it. Tell them that a helmet protects the head from getting injured if they fall off accidentally. Explaining this to them will make them understand the need and purpose of wearing a helmet.

Teach them to make sure that the straps of the helmet are tightened against their chins and it fits their heads snugly.

Step 2: Explain Regarding Different Parts of a Balance Bike

Teach your child regarding the different parts of the balance bikes and tell them what each of the parts are called. Firstly, make them sit on the seat facing forward. Also, ask them to put their hands on the handle bars of the bike. If the balance bike has brakes make your kids practice when and how to squeeze the brakes when riding the balance bike. To teach them so, you will need walk alongside when you kid is riding the bike slowly.

Step 3: Set the Saddle Height

Make your child first stand with the bike by position it between their legs. After standing you should adjust the saddle height so that they can sit on it and as well as be able to lay their feet flat on the ground.

Step 4: Teach Them How to Take Preparation Before Sitting:

First, teach your child to stand next to the balance bike and then set one foot at a small distance away from the bike and then swing the other leg over the bike seat and land the other foot on the ground for getting the bike between their legs.

Step 5: Settling Down on the Seat

As your child settles on the seat to stabilize the bike so that it does not move hold the handle bar from the back for them and then ask them to grab on to the handle bars. Remember, you should not be the one lifting them up and making them sit on the seat, they should do it themselves under your guidance.

Steps to Teach Your Child How to Use a Balance Bike

Step 1: Teach Them How to Walk While Sitting on the Bike:

After settling and sitting down on the bike, teach your child how to walk with the bike after sitting on the seat. Doing this will help them learn how to carry themselves and move forward along with the bike at a slow speed.

While your child is learning how to walk make sure that your child looks ahead and forward while doing so instead of looking at their feet. They need to learn where to pay attention and move to the desired direction. This will help your child to be able to focus on things that may come in frond while using the balance bike.

Step 2: Teach Them How to Move From Stationary Position:

To push the bike away from a stationary position your child needs to learn how to do it with one foot. Firstly, teach them how to lift one of the foot of the ground while keeping balance and then extend the position of the out in front of the body and land the foot on the ground out in the front and then apply a pushing force off the foot.

Teach them using a balance bike on flat road and side walk initially. Doing this will help them learn how to control the speed and surely they will not pick up too much speed on hills later if they ride on there.

You may hold on to the back of the seat of the bike to help in first stabilizing the balance bike when they are learning. But do not hold onto the handle bars for them, they need to get used to steering themselves.

Step 3: Teach Them How to Use Both the Legs:

Teach them how to use both the legs alternatively when riding a balance bike. To push the bike forward teach them how to go back and forth using the right and left leg on the ground like we have previously mentioned for moving from a stationary position. Make sure that your child provides enough pushing force so that the bike does not come to rest.

Step 4: Teach Them Gliding:

After learning how to push the balance bike using both the legs alternatively and after they have learned to ride the bike at a speed quick enough, teach them how to lift both the legs out in front of the body so that their feet do not touch the ground. Let them glide along while steering the bike.

To make them feel more comfortable in gliding walk alongside when they do so. And slowly when they are confident enough, allow them to do it on their own. Instruct your child to push and gain enough speed and then glide. Following this step wise will help them stay guided in proper direction.

Step 5: Teach Them How to Slow Down and Eventually Stop:

To stop the balance bike help them learn how to eventually decrease their speed. If the bike has a breaking system, instruct them how to squeeze the brakes to stop. In case, the bike does not have any brake present teach your child to stop doing the pushing movement and start using their feet to drag and slow down the bike with applying any sort of pushing force.


To sum up, this guide consists all the information that you need to learn regarding teaching your children how to use a balance bike. Following the steps will surely help them gain expertise in a very short time and also develop complete confidence in themselves.

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