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How To Test A Fuel Injector With A Battery?

A fuel injector is used to provide atomized generated fuel into the internal combustion machinery inside the machine. Fuel injectors are the main component which provides energy to the engines. An improper fuel injector prevents fuel in the engine to be burnt efficiently, resulting into lack of fuel and loss of power. Fuel injectors last around 50,000 to 100,000 miles, if the limit is exceeded fuel injectors should be checked and use cleaner during repaired. In this guide you will get to learn how to test a fuel injector with a battery.

Tools Needed to Test

  • Screw driver or metal rod of 1 feet or above
  • A car battery
  • Alligator clips
  • Tester
  • Gloves
  • Googles

Steps on How to Test a Fuel Injector With a Battery?

Step:-01 Safety Precautions

  • Choose your desired battery. You can use a car battery of any voltage.
  • You can check fuel injectors with a 9V volt car battery or with a 12 V car battery.
  • Some engines of vehicles have plastic panels, those need to be removed before you can come across the fuel injectors. They are usually secured by bolts and are removed with the help of a basic socket set which includes an extension.
  • Put on your gloves and eye wear/goggles. You need to protect yourself properly. Proper eye protection will prevent dirt and other debris from falling into your eyes and cause you difficulty. Gloves would prevent your hands from coming into any direct contact with the devices.

Step:-02 Check Your Fuel Injectors

  • First of all you need to check if you have a bad fuel injector. You can do this by sound testing.
  • Locate the car’s battery and grab a long rod or a screw driver. Make sure the rod you are taking is at least 1 feet or much longer in length.
  • Place the end tip of the rod on the fuel injector and use the metal rod to transmit sound, so that you’ll be able to hear the sound without bring your face near the engine. Take note that you hold the screwdriver or the rod you are using at such an angle which will cause you to hear the sound from the injectors.
  • You should carry this process out while the engine is turned on. Check for an audible noise given off by the fuel injectors. The sound would imply that the fuel injector is activated. Carry this step out for each of the fuel injectors
  • In the next step you need to ensure that the injectors are obtaining power.
  • You need to turn the car keys on without igniting the engine, but need to turn the electrical system active.
  • If by any chance you turn on the engine, just simple turn it off. No harm will be caused.
  • Make sure while carrying this step out, you turn off all the headlights, interior lights, etc. to conserve as much power as possible.

Step: -03 Checking if the Injectors Have Power

  • Next you will need to connect a tester (looks like a screwdriver which lights up) to the negative terminal on the battery, to ensure that the injectors are getting power. When the wire form the handle and the sharp end are brought close and in contact with a powered circuit a light bulb will light up. With the tester’s handle you will find an alligator clip on the handle’s wire, attach that to the negative terminal of your car’s battery.

  This Is How You Test

  • Each of the fuel injectors will have metal clips inserted into it, along with 2 wires extending out from it. One of the wires is a 12V constant which will be receiving power from your car’s battery.
  • Test each of the wires coming out from the injectors for voltage, in the same process. Both of the injectors should cause light bulb to light up. This is how you’ll be able to find if your injectors have any power problem or not. You need to check both wires from each fuel injector in your car.
  • While carrying the power test out, also make sure that the wires don’t carry any breaks. This would results into an inefficient reading.
  • Connect a test light also to the positive end of the car’s battery.
  • Take the same tester and connect the alligator clip to the positive terminal of the battery this time, instead of the negative terminal.
  • Ensure the alligator clip has metal contact, otherwise tester won’t light up.
  • Start your car’s engine and press on the gas pedal.
  • You will need to probe the opposite wire connection (the other wire in the injector) with the test light. Keep pressing the sharp ending of the probe until it establishes a connection with the metal wire.
  • Check if the test light is lighting up, if it fails to light up your fuel injector may be default. IT may also indicate you have internal electrical connection problems.

Step:-04 Final step

  • To rule out that the insufficient light produced it only because of damaged fuel injectors you will need to carry out one last step.
  • Finally after completing all the processes and checking your fuel injectors with the battery, disconnect the wiring clips from the fuel injectors and then try to start the test light bulb again.
  • When none of the injectors are connected the pulse should be transmitted through all the wires without any issues. As you connect the injectors to the test light check for the intensity of the light. If it is dim or lit off, then it would indicate your injector is damaged.
  • If the light glows brightly, then rest assured your fuel injectors are fine.

Final Verdict

Now you know how to test a fuel injector with a battery. This method is very simple and easy process to find out and locate which of your injectors are default. Make sure both your fuel injectors are properly working otherwise it will put a big strain onto your engine. Stressing your engine will cause to work improperly or even damage it?

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