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How To Stop Coolant Leaking From The Engine Block

If you see that Green or orange liquid is coming from your car that indicates your vehicle have a coolant leak. Brightly colored coolant is very easy to spot. But when the internal leak occurs, it is hard to determine. The car cooling system is essential for the proper functioning of the car’s engine. Coolant leaks can damage your car’s engine productivity. By circulating the mixture of coolant and water throughout the engine, car’s coolant system works. When this circulating system did not work, then it becomes difficult and expensive to repairs. So it becomes necessary to fix the coolant leak as soon as possible. You can adjust your cooling system leak quickly and permanently without costly replacements. Here in this article, I share some knowledge about how to stop coolant leaking from the engine block.

Identify and fix the Coolant Leak

When you see a green or orange liquid coming from your car, place cardboard under the car and wait for all-night. If there is liquid on the cardboard, it indicates that the leak is happening. But find and fix the leak is not always an easy task. Here I describe the common causes of a coolant leak and how to stop it from the engine block.

Weak Radiator Cap

Because of a leaky or a thin radiator cap, the coolant leak happens. Whenever the coolant heats the radiator cap overflow and causes a coolant leak. The radiator is a pressurized system. So when there is a loss of pressure from the cap for not fitting correctly, or the radiator has an incorrect cap, then the pressure will be lost, and a leak occurs.   

Way to fix a leaky radiator cap

Install a New Radiator Cap is a secure and low-cost fixing from radiator cap coolant leak. For installing a new radiator cap, you have to cool down the engine and then refill the cooling system.

Internal Leak

Usually, internal links occur when you notice that the coolant level is always low. The leak in the head or block or a leaky head gasket is the reason for an internal leak which makes the coolant level still low.

Way to Fix Internal leak

When the head or block or a leaky head gasket cracked, or the cylinder head warped, your engine needs to take to an auto professional for significant repairs.

External Leak

It is effortless to determine the external leak. Usually, the leak is coming from a split or broken hose or a hole in the radiator. Another reason for a coolant leak caused by a leak in the water pump, or a heater core, or a broken reservoir and engine freeze plugs which let coolant to leak.

Way to Fix External Engine Damage

Replace Cracked Hoses

By continuously using the rubber radiator hoses and heater hoses become weak. And it quickly releases the entire engine’s coolant. It is essential to check the radiator hose for swelling, cracks, unusual softness, or collapse holes. If you see any of these troubles, you have to change the radiator as soon as possible. Before installation, you have to use a quality hose, new hose clamps, and clean the sealing surfaces.

Fixing Water Pump

Replacing a Leaking Water Pump is difficult. Especially for those vehicles that use the timing belt to drive the water pump. For Fixing Water Pump, you have to replace both the water pump and the timing belt for getting the best result.

Fixing a Radiator Leak

Radiator hoses are central problems for External car coolant leak. The radiator situated in front of the car. For this, it is easy for a radiator to get damages. If a radiator leak causes the coolant leak, you’ll repair your radiator. Or you can go to a radiator shop, or replaced it with a new radiator.


When you find a leak in your vehicle, then don’t delay. Green or orange liquid under your car may seem harmless, but it indicates a more significant problem with your car’s radiator or engine. Regular maintenance can prevent your coolant from leaking. In Regular maintenance, you also have to notice loose and worsening hoses or other issues that can lead to a leaking radiator. Coolant helps to cool your car engine from getting overheating. For this, if you’re noticing signs of leaking coolant, it’s best to get your car to a professional who can locate and fix the problem.

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