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How To Remove Brake Dust From Paint – An Expert Guidelines

Most of us like to see our cars neat and clean. When it’s time to clean our car, then we see that our vehicle is full cover with black, dusty, gunk-like substance. Do you know how to remove brake dust from paint?.Brake dust usually found all over your cars rims, hubcaps, and the wheels. It becomes harmful if it is never clean. During the life of any vehicle, Brake dust cover up rims, hubcaps, and the wheels. But don’t worry about it; you can remove brake dust quickly and almost easily using a brake dust/wheel cleaner. You Just don’t worry about brake dust because It is entirely normal and it is not a reason for failing brakes of cars.

Brake Dust

When we see that our precious car is cover with the black, dusty, gunk-like, gray-black dust then it is called brake dust. 90% iron and 10% accumulated road grime and dirt is responsible for creating brake dust. Brake dust also comes from the metallic elements of the brake pad and carbon residue.

How to Remove and Clean Brake Dust From Paint?

To remove and clean Brake dust from a car you will need:

  1. A high-quality brake dust cleaner
  2. A hose or a pressure washer
  3. Bucket
  4. Cleaning brush and sponges
  5. Car wax

The best thing to remove brake dust is to clean your vehicles regularly. By doing this, brake dust will clean off. In this article, I will give you a simple process to help bring the shine back of your vehicles:

01. At the first step you have to cool down your vehicle to touch and are out of direct sunlight.

02. With the help of a hose or pressure washer spray away the dirt and grime and also clean scratching of the wheel’s surface.

03. Now it’s time to use your brake dust cleaner. Use brake dust cleaner on the spotted area and wait for 60 seconds. Also, use the brake dust cleaner all of the nooks and crannies of the vehicle where dust tends to accumulate.

04. Use a soft bristle Cleaning brush or sponges and scrub the surface of the car in small, recessed areas of the vehicle.

05. Rinse off the car with the hose and water as soon as you have brushed the entire vehicle. Do not leave the brake dust cleaner on the car for any length of time. Now it’s time to notice that is there any brake dust left. If so, repeat the process.

06. Instantly dry off the car after rinsing.

07. Once you’re satisfied and your car is completely dry then applies a layer of vehicle wax to the wheel surface by following the wax manufacturer’s directions. The wax helps to prevent brake dust build-up and makes it much easier to remove during future cleanings.

And then your car becomes clean, protected and new as the new car in an hour.

Final word

That’s all about how to remove brake dust from paint. If you have a car then you should be concerned about brake dust and definitely not to build-up. If you don’t remove and clean brake dust regularly then it will damage your car permanently. So you have to take care of this and also maintain the simple process and wiped away brake dust.

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Angela E. Bouchard

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