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How To Pressure Wash A Car – Step by Step Guide of 2021

Individual car owners love to keep their cars cleans and neat as much as they want to keep it in a good condition. It also helps to make the owner satisfied and happy, seeing his beloved vehicle shiny, neat and clean. To help you clean your car, we suggest you use a pressure washer. If you are too busy to wash your car often, a pressure washer will help you clean your car efficiently and would consume very little time. Get to know how to pressure wash a car easily.

Things You Will Need to Wash Your Car With Pressure Washer

  • Pressure washer with 40 degree tip or 25 degree tip
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Cloth
  • Presence of water outlet
  • Electric outlet ( if you are using an electric pressure washer)

Steps on How to Pressure Wash a Car:

In this article you will get a complete guideline how to wash your car with the help of a pressure washer. Stick with us to find out more/

Step-01: Pressure Washer Selection

  • At first you need to find the right nozzle and a good pressure washer.
  • While purchasing a pressure washer you must check the appropriate PSI (pounds per square inch) and the GPM (gallons per minute) of the pressure washer before you purchase one.
  • If you have a higher PSI value on your washer, water force will be higher, and with a higher GPM, your washer will release more amount of water. Also check the cleaning units, which are calculated by PSI x GPM = total cleaning units.
  • A good car washer has around 1900-2800 cleaning units. Your pressure washer must have a PSI of 1200-1900 and a GPM of 1.4-1.6.
  • After you buy your desired pressure washer, plug and prepare it. If it is an electric washer, plug it into an electrical source.

Step-02: Car place and Pressure Washer Ready

  • You need to park your car in a less crowded place, preferably behind your house, or in your garage, where you have a water tap and an electric circuit connection to connect to your pressure washer.
  • Firstly you should clean your car firstly or lightly rinse it off, if your car is covered with mud, dirt or other hard contaminants; after that wash your car with water only using the pressure washer.
  • Then choose your detergent, then put your chosen detergent and water into a bucket and dilute the detergent.
  • You will find detergent tank on the pressure washer, fill the detergent tank with the diluted detergent you have prepared. Some pressure washers do not possess a detergent tank, in that case you could put the detergent on your car with the help of a cloth.
  • Secondly attach your pressure washer to a water tank/outlet/running tap

Step-03: Washing the Car

  • Turn on your electric pressure washer and spray it across your vehicle.
  • Keep the detergent sprayed on your car for five minutes
  • Switch the tip of your washer to 40 degree tip, spray water again and rinse your car off with water from the pressure washer.
  • Apply both detergent and water into the wheels, tires, front and back of the car smoothly and thoroughly using the pressure washer.
  • You should also rinse your car with a clean cloth after you have washed it using a pressure washer. Keeping your car dry would make it look very bright and shiny
  • Rinse your car with a clean cloth to wipe away the water and to make it look dry and neat.

Benefits of Washing Your Car With a Pressure Washer

  • You can have a nice cleanup easily, efficiently, quickly
  • Helps to remove hard, sticky and stubborn dirt and contaminants from your car; which would require a large amount of force to remove if you had to clean with your hands.
  • Pressure washer uses high water force to remove dirt from your car, engine block so it minimizes use of hands and prevents scratches on your car.

Things to Check Before You Buy a Pressure Washer

  • Psi rating of the pressure washer
  • Water flow in GPM
  • The amount of watt used up by the power motor
  • The stop system
  • Check if the washer has removal detergent tank
  • The brand of the pressure washer
  • Warranty of the pressure washer

Tip Color of the Pressure Washer Has Different Meanings

O degree (red) – these red tip containing pressure washers have high water pressure and it is used mainly to remove cement stains from walls and other places. It is not suitable to be used to wash cars with

15 degree (yellow) – yellow tip containing pressure washers help to strip paint from walls, and is also not suitable to wash cars with, as it will remove paint from your car.

25 degree (green) – these green colored pressure washers are good for removing debris and other dirt material from your cars; it can be used as a good pressure washer and also can be used for pre wash rinse.

40 degree (white) – this type of pressure washers helps to clean large area within a small amount of time and also does so quite efficiently. It is good for rinsing off detergents from your car too. Thus white ones are ideal pressure washers for cleaning your car.

Final Verdict

Now you have learnt how to pressure wash a car. You also now know about the types of pressure washers and the requirements which you need to check before buying a pressure washer. Try cleaning your car with your desired pressure washer, you will see that it takes very less.

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