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How to Measure a Child for a Bike – Fix Perfect Size Bike

We all know that balance bikes are the best way for children to learn how to ride a bike. But then how will they learn if they don’t find sitting on a bike comfortable because it is not the right size according to their own height? Hence, to help you that we have some guidelines in this piece of information regarding how to measure a child and bike size chart for a bike and what should be measured to find out the right sized bike for a child.

What to Measure?

People use different methods to measure their children and try getting the right size of bike for them. Even if this task seems easy it is indeed tricky because not all of us do the job of measuring the right way. Some parents use the wheel size, age of their children or the inside leg measurement to find out the right size.

But from all sort of methods that we have mentioned none of them is the right way. To measure a child for a bike the right thing that needs to be measured is the height of a child. Measuring height is indeed easy and the best thing that can be used to calculate the right size of bike for a child.

How to Measure the Height of Your Child?​

Measuring height can be done easily and there is quite a lot of methods of doing it. But for measuring the height of your child in a simple way at home you can just follow the easy steps that we have listed below.

  • Firstly, make your child stand against the wall in a straight way. Make sure that your kid does not lean against the wall this will give you an inaccurate measurement.
  • Place a thin book on top of their head at a 90-degree angle to the wall and mark the position where the book touches the wall.
  • Then use a measuring tape or a large meter ruler to measure the distance from the ground till the position that has been marked on the wall.
  • Make sure that your child is in bare feet or not wearing any kind of foot wear. This gives the most accurate measurement of height.

Why the Height of a Child Should Be Measured and Not Any Other Aspects of Their Body?​

Getting the measurement of your child’s height will help you to look up to the ergonomic and anthropometric data to find out the correct size of the bike that will be go according to their height. Many other important estimations can be made by just knowing the height such as the length of the leg and arm by knowing both the age and height of the child.

Taking all of this into account the right bike suitable for your child can be chosen so that they will be easily able to ride it by staying completely comfortable. Getting the right size also ensures that essential aspects that effects the riding of a bike such as reach, wheelbase and as well as stand over to be right.

In the end, to make them feel even more comfortable with the bike that has been brought simply just adjusting the bar height and moving the saddle forward and back will do.

Why Age Is Not the Right Aspect to Measure a Child for a Bike?

There are some people that might thing that just by telling the age of a child you can get them the right bike for their height. The assumption that all 6 years old will be of same height or all the kids of the same age are of the same height is a totally wrong idea. The height of a kid does not depend on the age. It depends on other factors like genetics, environment and as well as gender.

Boys and girls of the same age are bound to have different heights because of how differently they grow. Also, it has been seen a 6-year-old being taller compared to someone who is 8-year-old because of having genes from tall parents. Hence, age is surely not the right aspect to judge the height of a child you will need to measure it at any cost.

When to Take the Inside Leg Measurement?

The inside leg measurement needs to be taken when you need to make sure that the stand over height of the bike is right for your child. The stand over height is the distance from the floor to the top most tube of the bike. This measurement is important because it lets you judge if your child can stand over the bike with their feet on the ground comfortably.

Yes, bikes are pre-designed according to the heights of children and the stand over height is also calculated based on the height. However, taking the inside leg measurement can help to get the perfectly sized bike for your child but surely this does not cover up how important the measurement of the overall height of a child is. Both of the aspects are important to get the perfectly sized bike for your child.

Bike Size Chart for Kids

Age (Year) Inseam-Inch Inseam-CM Wheel Size(Inch)

1 – 3



Balance Bike

2 – 4

12 – 16

30 – 40

12 Inch

3 – 5

14 – 17

36 – 44

14 Inch

4 – 6

16 – 21

40 – 54

16 Inch

5 – 8

20 – 23

52 – 59

20 Inch

7 – 11

22 – 26

57 – 66

24 Inch

10 +

25 – 28

64 – 70

26 Inch


To sum up, after reaching the end of this whole piece of information you have surely understood how to measure a child for a bike and what aspects of a child should be measured. Surely it is the height that you need to measure to get the perfectly sized bike and not any other aspects.

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