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How to Learn to Ride a Bicycle Without an Instructor?

Are you someone who did not learn the skill of riding bicycle during childhood? Are you looking for a perfect guide that will enlighten you regarding how to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor? Well, don’t stress out any more. We know that after reaching the adulthood it does not make sense to be learning from someone else to learn a bicycle when you can do it all by yourself.

Learning how to ride a bicycle without the guide of an instructor is surely easy if the steps that we have listed down below is strictly followed.

How to Learn to Ride a Bicycle Without an Instructor?

Choose the Correct Type of Bike for Yourself:

When you think of learning how to ride a bicycle, it is essential that you choose the right kind of bike for yourself. And for a beginner it is better that you start learning how to ride a road bike. So that later on when you are completely trained you can easily use it on roads for going somewhere.

Choose the right sized bike for yourself according to your height. To find out the right size, you will simply need to check out the bike chart or you can simply speak with an expert at a bike shop that will surely help you in finding the right one for yourself.

Find Out a Proper Place for Learning:

You will need to find an adequate place for learning how to ride a bicycle. For doing so, choose an open field, an empty parking lot or any place where there is not much disturbance. Remember, that as a beginner you cannot learn riding a bicycle on the streets or on any place where people drive.

Wear Suitable Clothing:

You will be learning to ride a bike all by yourself, and that is a lot of pressure. So your clothing must be lightweight and comfortable. Furthermore, you will surely have to face a lot of falls and to save yourself from getting injured it is better that you wear helmet, protective gloves and as well as non-slippery shoes for having proper grip on the paddles.

Have Knowledge Regarding the Bicycle Parts:

Gather knowledge regarding the different essential components of a bike by simply just researching on the internet. Just collect information regarding what the parts like pedal, handlebar, brake, suspension and other important parts do. Knowing the function of important parts will surely help you in understanding a lot regarding mechanism of riding a bike.

Beginning the Riding Session:

Now after doing all the previous steps that we have listed above it is time that you finally get on to your bicycle for learning. Before you do so, it is better that you check the brake works properly, the tires are pumped, the pedals and chains are properly oiled and spinning all fine. Doing a check is essential even if you have newly brought your bike and you don’t need to be any sort of expert for doing so.

Now seat on the bicycle and check if the seating position is perfect and comfortable for you. If the seat seems too high for you it is better that you use a wrench to remove the nut and adjust it according to the height and position that you find comfortable.

After being done with fixing the seat, you need to first stand beside the bicycle from the right side and keep your both hands on the brake while you do so. This gives a starting steadiness to the bicycle. And then swing your right leg over the saddle simultaneously when the bicycle begins to gain steadiness and finally seat.

Practice doing this a couple of times and use the brakes to control the moving mechanism of the bike. Doing this will also help you to feel comfortable with seating on the bike.

Learning How to Scoot:

After getting on the bike and learning how to get it steady for a number of times it is the time that you learn how to scoot. Learning scooting means to know how to touch the ground with your feet while you are sitting on the bicycle seat. Using your feet, you will need to provide a pushing a force on the ground and learn how to move forward with the opposite force that you will get.

To maintain balance, please make sure that you keep looking forward while scooting and not on the ground. This a common tendency that beginners tend to look on the ground when that is not at all necessary to do so. Keep looking forward and do the scooting with your feet.

Learning to Balance:

To learn how to balance, you will need to be good going with how to scoot. You will need to move the bike in the direction you feel like falling while scooting to avoid yourself from falling. You will need to then learn to keep your feet on the paddles after scooting. And then whenever you feel that the bicycle is losing force, you will need to put your feet back on the ground to repeat scooting and do all the process after it.

Balancing surely requires a lot of practice and with practice you will eventually reach your goal.

Starting to Learn How to Ride Finally:

Begin riding the bike by placing your right foot on the right paddle at a 2 o’clock position and the left foot should be placed on the ground to support the bike. Now, using the left foot apply a pushing force so that you can get back and opposite force and energy to drive the bicycle. Push the right foot down and the bike will surely start moving with acceleration.

Now, place your left foot on the paddle and balance the bike. And while doing so start pushing the paddles in a clock wise direction and you will see the bicycle speeding up.

Use the brakes only if you need it badly. Using the brakes frequently can cause you to face difficulty in balancing the bike. You can simply use your foot to balance the bike.

Keep Up the Practice:

You will need to make sure that you keep up with the practice so that you can completely master the skill of bicycle riding. Keep practicing on the open field that you have chosen until you feel confident enough to ride on roads that are less busy and then slowly you can start riding on roads that is surely covered with busy buzz.


To sum up, when you finally know how to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor you will surely be able to openly and freely ride it around your neighborhood and also travel to a lot of places near you and you will not need to spend any money to get a cab. These steps surely have enlightened you enough with all the detailed steps that we have mentioned and surely you will be mastering the skill of riding.

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