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How to Jump-start an Automatic Car Without Another Car?

Automatic cars are fun and easy to drive, but are their functions simple enough to keep them going even after a sudden breakdown in the middle of nowhere? Can you jump-start them without another car? The answer isn’t a ‘no’, but not a ‘yes’ either. Jump starting an automatic transmission car can be quite tough provided their mechanism is completely different from manual transmission cars.

However, you can still depend on the jump-starting method as there’s no better way to start an automated car with a dead battery. With this guide, now you know How to Jump-Start an Automatic Car without another Car

Ways to Start a Car With a Dead Battery

There are some other ways to start a stalled car such as push-starting, using solar chargers, etc. These methods work pretty well for cars with manual transmission. These may work on automatic cars as well, but they won’t be very efficient.

There are ways to start a car with the help of another vehicle. This one is an easy method. However, as we’re looking for ways to jump-start a car without another, we won’t be discussing other methods here.

Two ways can help you get your dead automatic transmission car into working again.  They are-

01. Pushing the Car

Push starting the car is the only way when you have no other vehicles around, and nothing to recharge the car battery. This method would be quite challenging for you to use on your automatic car. The fluid pressure in automatic transmission cars causes problems when you try to push-start it. However, you can still try this method and succeed.

 You’ll need the help of one or more people for this method. The steps are given below-

  • The road in front of your car must be empty and straight.
  • Put the car on second gear
  • Keep your foot off the foot brake and simultaneously release the hand brake.
  • Take the help of someone to push the car at a speed of 25 miles per hour.
  • Once the car gets into moving and achieves the momentum, you have to turn the ignition on.

The engine should turn on by then. If the car is still not moving, try stepping on the gas pedal to push the gas down while still keeping the car n second gear. These additional steps would be enough to get the car moving.

02. Using Jump Starter Cables

Jump starter cable packs are amazing emergency kits. They can recharge batteries when you have no other option left.

You mistakenly keep the car headlights on for the night, and in the morning, you’re all alone with a dead car. What should you do? Well, having a pack of jump starter cables can get you out of this situation.

This method also requires no help from another car. Follow the below-given steps to recharge your car batteries with jumpstart cables.

  • Make sure to keep charged starter packs stored inside your car hood. If they’re not charged, you cannot turn the engine on without the help of others.
  • Keep your car in ‘parking’ mode.
  • Retrieve the starter pack.
  • Attach the red cable of the jump starter cables to the positive (+) port f the battery.
  • The black cable should be clamped to the negative (-) or ground port. To ensure proper grounding, you can attach the black cable to the metal parts of the engine compartments.
  • Jump starter packs have on/off switches.  Turn it ‘on’.
  • Start the car and, keep the engine on.
  • Turn off the starter pack.
  • Disconnect the ground cable (black) first. Then, disconnect the red cable.

Remember, if the starter packs aren’t charged, it won’t be of any help to you. So, always keep them recharged in case of an emergency. Some batteries don’t have positive and negative ports marked; in that case, take help from the user’s manual.


It’s wise to be prepared for dead-battery situations when you own an automatic transmission car. In the middle of a deserted highway, you won’t find another car easily to help your car move. Therefore, being ready for the moment would save your day! With this guide, now you know How to Jump-Start an Automatic Car without another Car.

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