How To Install LED Headlights In Car – Perfect Guide of 2021

In this technological world of 21st century, lights play an important role in our everyday lives. Among all kinds of light LED light have become very popular and are used in large number of applications in our daily lives, including in televisions, digital clocks and most importantly they are being used in car headlights. LED means Light Emitting Diode. A LED lights produce light electronically. LED headlights are more energy efficient than other normal or halogen lights. Halogen bulbs use up about 80% of their energy to generate light. They give off heat as a by-product. In case of LED headlights they only use 20% of their energy to generate longer lasting and brighter light, hence exerting a lesser load on your alternator.So need to learn, how to install LED headlights in car.

How To Install LED Headlights In Car – Simple Steps

01. Preparation

a. Choosing the Compatible Model

The first thing that you need to do is make sure to buy a headlight kit that’s compatible with your car’s model. Not every kit out there will fit into the headlight casing of your car though most of them comprise of standard fittings. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the compatibility.

There’s one more fact that you need to be careful about- the beam type of the lights. If you buy single beam headlights you’ll need two kits for both casings whereas if you buy dual-beam headlights, you’ll only have to install one light per casing.

b. Removing the Lens Cover

The headlights remain underneath the lens covers. So, you need to remove them first in order to remove the headlights.

c. Detaching the Older Headlights

You’ll need to unplug the old lights from under the hood. To do so, first, you have to make sure that the engine’s turned off. You have to put the keys out of the ignition and keep the parking brakes on. After that, lift the hood and find the headlight connection.

Twisting the connector counterclockwise might unplug the headlights. You might or mightn’t need a screwdriver to detach the connector.

02. Installation

a. Installing the LED Headlights

Installing the LED lights will require you to twist the lights clockwise into the headlight socket. While doing it, be careful about doing it with bare hands as it might make the lights foggy.

b. Place the Led Bulb Accordingly

After placing the LEDs into the sockets, go to the front of the car and check if the positioning is right. The low-beam lights have to face up and the high-beam ones need to be faced down. Only then the lights will give you the optimum range of illumination.

c. Connecting the Ballast

Now it’s time to connect the LEDs to the ballast wiring. The wiring has two ends- one goes straight to the light, and the other one goes to the vehicle’s wiring. You see, this connection is pretty simple.

d. Securing the Ballast

The ballast connects the LEDs to the vehicle. If you don’t secure it properly, it’ll get damaged in no time. It’s wise to keep them away from heat, moisture, and the vibration caused by bouncing. Therefore, you should mount them somewhere tightly with the help of zip ties or two-sided tapes.

e. Attaching the Fan

The fan goes to the back of the LED bulbs. Screw it tightly there, and be careful not to attach it over the bulb’s wires.

f. Connecting the Led Bulb Wire and the Fan Wire

There will be an LED driver which holds the fan and bulb wires. You have to connect the wires to the driver. Both wires are different in color so that you don’t confuse one with another.

If you’ve done everything accurately so far, you’ve finished changing your headlight bulbs.

03. Finalization

a. Testing It Before Covering

Before you attach the casing back, you should check whether you connected the lights properly or not. Turn the engine on and the headlights. Check the range of illumination. If everything’s alright, proceed to the next and last step.

b. Fitting All the Components (Also Additional Cables and Driver)

The LED driver and the cables have to be secured in a place so that they don’t remain hanging inside the casing. There’d be extra space for these things. After putting them inside that space, put the lid back. And you’ve changed your car’s headlights successfully!

Final Verdict

Now that you have learnt how to install LED headlights in car, you can easily change headlights by yourself as many types as you want. LED Headlights give your car a proper look and importance. LED lights are very efficient and will use up very less energy to provide you a very good performance. Choose a proper LED headlight for your car. Hopefully our guide will provide a detailed outline how to help you install them into your car.

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