How to Install a Double Din Stereo in a Single Din Stereo?

Hello guys, yeah, yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. Here in this article, I share some knowledge about how to install a Double Din Head stereo in a single din stereo.

It’s a quick and straightforward process on how a double din head can install where a single din deck used to be.

How to Install a Double Din Stereo in a Single Din Stereo?

Step-1: Take away the Trim

First, the essential thing is removing the key from the ignition or disconnects the battery before continuing.  To remove the touch screen stereo, first, you must remove the plastic trim surrounding it. To do this, locate any screws or bolts that could be holding it in and remove them.

Remove the panel which is preventing you from accessing the screws which hold the old deck in place remember tube careful when pulling out the panel as there may be wires connected to. Disconnect those wires so we can get more room to work.

Step-2: Unscrew old stereo/deck

Remove all of those screws which hold the deck in place. Carefully pull out the deck so you can avoid damaging any wires connected to it. Disconnect the all wiring harness and antennae. Keep the Old brackets from the exciting deck.

If your deck does not have the correct sized brackets for your new deck, then you may have to buy brackets for your new deck.

Step 3: Stereo Harness and Adapter Dash Kit

After Unscrew old stereo, you may need a Dash Kit. You have to purchase that one which is specially designed for your vehicles. These are required for the new stereo to fit correctly and flush in your vehicle. For wiring up a new stereo, you have to buy a Stereo Harness Adapter. Depending on the type of vehicles An Antenna Adapter may also be needed.

Stereo Harness kitStereo Harness kit

If you are replacing a stock deck meaning the deck that came with the car when it was brand new, then you may need to get an adapter first. Once you have this adapter and then the next step is to connect your new dash kit. You also have clipped the pieces together and slide your stereo. Screw & secure the sides to the stereo.

Step 4: Wiring Stereo Harness Adapter

Next step is Wiring Stereo Harness Adapter with your new stereo harness. The wires have to be connected color to color. Each wire has a different purpose. Just Wire these up color to color. When you are going to connect your harness wires, I recommend soldering and heat shrinking. Because by doing this you can get the best connection of your harness wires.

Step-5: Connect the New Stereo

Take the old brackets from the previous deck and install them onto the sides of the new deck using the included screws.

Once you’ve finished installing the brackets, plug in the new wiring harness which is solid together as well as the antenna if your car has one. Make sure and leave the ground why expose legates. Connect the ground wires to one of the screws which hold the deck in place. Unscrew it now. Screw the deck with the rest of the screws. Your Double Din Head Unit or stereo should now be powered and working.

Step 6: Re-Assemble Your Dash

Turn on the accessories of the car on. There we have it. Make sure everything is working as cheetah paws. Testing for radio reception or play music and check all of the speakers. Once everything is working correctly, turn off the car once again and put everything back together again. With the dash kit Screw the new stereo where the old stereo situated. Use the original screws so secure it to the dash. Clip the trim back together, and you are finally done.

If there are any other suggestions or questions in about how to install a Double Din Head stereo in a single din stereo, just let us inform. Also, all ideas will be much appreciated!

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