How To Fix A Mobility Scooter – Fix The Common Problem

Mobility scooter becomes very popular nowadays. Especially for those people who are unable to work or dependable for others. It enables them to work alone without the help of others comfortably. Here in this article, I share some knowledge about How to Fix a Mobility Scooter by your-self at home.

But as like other electronic machines, this Mobility scooter can become problematic at any time. For long-time use, it may show problem such as Battery breakdowns, flat tire, faulty motor, lights not working, scooter not start, solidified wheels, consistent signaling sounds, etc.

A Common Problem at Mobility Scooter and How to Fix Them

From this article, you will come to know the most common issues that can occur in your Mobility Scooter. And here I also inform you How to Fix a Mobility Scooter. So don’t be late and let’s get started.


Battery breakdowns are the common problem in a mobility scooter. For regularly use you have to charge and discharge it. So the battery of mobility scooter lost its durability and became problematic.

To keep the battery alive you have to charge it 100%. But if it shows problems continuously, then you have to check the battery. Mostly the battery problem occurs because it is not kept correctly in their compartment.

But if it shows still the problem, then you have to check it with a multi-meter. With a multi-meter, you can check the voltage of the battery. If it shows less than 12v battery, that means your Mobility Scooter is not capable of storing the charges. In that case, you have to change the battery. You can change the battery at the manufacture showrooms or your near customer support services.


By give a long-term performance, a mobility scooter tires furnished with hard-wearing.

Because of regular use, the duration of the tire becomes lower and damage. To get smooth performance, you have to replace the tire. In the mobility scooter, there are two types of tire. They are-

  • Pneumatic: The pneumatic tires will provide you a comfortable ride as they fill with air.
  • Solid: The solid tires have a hard-wearing, and give you long term service.

If the tire doesn’t give a smooth performance, then you have to replace it. If the tire is damaged, replaced it quickly; otherwise, the tires become puncture. Moreover, damaged tire also affects the braking mechanism as well as the stability of the scooter. Servicing your mobility scooter yearly can keep your bike keep away from such problems.


Generally, motors of a mobility scooter give you long term performance. But With regular use, the engine doesn’t work correctly, and it may lose its durability. If you notice that the scooter is bumping, then it is basically because of the faulty motor. Then you either have to repair or replace the motor or purchase a new scooter. If you have warranty coverage, then you can contact the manufacturer as they can help you to fix the issues.


By using the Joystick, Mobility Scooter can move. Also known as the potentiometer or speed potentiometer. It helps to adjust the speed. By using Joystick, you can go forward and backward. Controllers get damages because of corrosion. Then it is essential to Repair the scooter controller. And keep your device working. The spare part of the scooter is available in the market and also inexpensive too. Easily you can also replace it.

Ignition Switch

Another essential thing in Mobility electric Scooter is an electrical Switch. Because of corrosion, it can damage, and a faulty electrical switch will cause the key to stick and break off inside. You can remove broken key inside from the scooter by using tweezers. If you can’t remove then call customer support services. Without harming the ignition key, they remove the key.


It is pretty easy to deal with a mobility scooter. Besides, in the market, you can quickly get its replacement. So if Mobility scooter can become problematic, you can quickly fix it.

If there are any other suggestions or questions on How to Fix a Mobility Scooter, just let us inform. Also, all ideas will be much appreciated!

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  1. Hi, Thank you for your service. My scooter worked as usual yesterday, but it wont restart. On inserting the key in ignition, the alarm comes on and no matter what I do, it wont start and the alarms go off. The scooter is fully charged(100%). Can you give me your “shop” address, so I can buy something of you, or if you have a fixed charge please let me know. Thank you, Joe.


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