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How To Change a Bike Chain Without a Chain Tool

Bicycling can be done for everyday commuting, sports, for travelling etc. Many of us experienced our cycle’s chain come off at unexpected times. Of course you might know there are several tools to help fix your commuter bike’s chain. But we can’t carry tool kits everywhere, especially during urgent situations and times you cannot rely on a chain tools to help change your chain. Read further to know How to change a bike chain without a chain tool.

Things You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Nut
  • Pin
  • Hammer
  • Gloves

Steps on How to Change a Bike Chain Without a Chain Tool:

Many of you be cycling for years but still never have come across the word master link or chain link. Some of you may have noticed a different connecting tool in your cycle’s chain but never understood the reason why in the first place it is situated there. Master link is an essential linking key tool which helps to fix your bike’s chains.

Step 1: For Chains Which Have Master Link or Chain Link

  • First of all you need to get close to your bike’s chains and locate the master link or chain link (whichever you may call it) in the cycle’s chain.
  • Master link looks pretty different from the rest of the chain. It is more like a quick link which connects the chains, so that chains can easily be disconnected or replaced or shorted.
  • Grab your pliers and hold the chain using it. Place the pliers in such a way horizontally so that both of its ends touch master link.
  • Gently push the pliers inwards with force, so that you can easily get the master link out of the chain plate.
  • Next you need nuts, pin and hammer to break the chain.
  • Position the master link or chain link over the screw nut. The chain pin of the mater/chain link must completely coincide or lie with the nut hole, otherwise you can unscrew the screw from the chain link.
  • Use sharp edges of your pin on the screw of chain link and then use hammer to exert force on the pin’s sharp edges and you will see the pin come out from the plate of your cycle’s chain easily.
  • After you open your chain you can fix it according to your needs. You can shorten chain length, replace your old chain with a new one or others.

Step 2: How to Put Back Your Fixed Chain Without a Chain Tool

  • Take your chain and wrap it around the cycle’s chain wheel gently, in the same manner you took it off.
  • Cover the chain through the front derailleur and bring it close around the back cassette, attach the chain in the same way in the right gear just like it was placed and positioned initially.
  • Then pull the chain and warp it around the smaller cog.
  • You will find a small pin and notice carefully that the bike’s chain goes over the small pin and fits perfectly there, it also comes back around and wraps around the second small cog.
  • While carrying this step put you need to check that the chain doesn’t slip off the chain ring from the front side.  

Step 3: Clean the Chain and Reattach

  • Make sure our bike’s chain is dry, not sticky and has no oil in it. If you find dirt, dust or crease in the chain, wipe it off using a cloth or a wash towel.
  • Now we need to reattach the chain using the chain link
  • You might have difficulties in this step
  • If you are along and trying to fix the chain, there are high chances the chain won’t reach
  • In this case you can use a handy and a simple technique, which is to place your left foot and hold the tire and bring the derailleur into position and adjust the bike’s balance. Then simply use both your hands to pick the chain up, reattach and put it in place.
  • This is how you can fix your bike’s chain back into position without having to use any tool kit or bike chain tools

Final Verdict

Now that you have learnt How to Change a Bike Chain without a Chain Tool or tool kit, you can easily carry this process out whenever you are stuck with a run-down chain and need to replace it fast. You will not need to rely on further assistance. Our guide provides you a complete detailed guideline on how to carry out all the processes step by steps and also sub headlined for you to understand better.

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Angela E. Bouchard

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