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How To Bike Uphill Without Getting Tired – Simple Steps

Mountain biking is a sport loved by many. Some people love the challenges, some admire the sport and some ride uphill mountains for their own necessities such as training. Riding uphill in any kind of terrain is a huge task, and requires extra effort. Uphill is a dangerous route, if not an expert climber you can easily loose balance and fall down injuring yourself badly. Here are some tips and proper guidelines on how to bike uphill without getting tired.

Things You Need to Get

  • Get a bike which suits your weight
  • Helmet
  • Eye goggles for protection
  • Water bottle
  • Proper shoes so that you can switch peddling to walking anytime

Steps on How to Bike Uphill Without Getting Tired

Start With Basics and Follow Safety Precautions

You may think what is the procedure of biking uphill without getting tired are? In reality it is not exactly a process but some proper guidelines and rules you need to maintain and follow which help you attain your goal of easily biking uphill.

Wear your helmet and googles properly before riding a bicycle, and don’t forget to take your water bottle, you will definitely need it.

Step 1: Enhance Your Mindset and Goals

  • Your mental determination is the first and most important factor you need to firmly strengthen. You cannot get scared or think too much on the thought of uphill climbing is a rather tough task, rather think of it as a challenge and a quite achievable action. There are plenty riders who easily climb uphill, so tell yourself that you too can do so. A proper mindset is very important.
  • Secondly, you need proper concentration and adjust your weight properly. Your bicycle shouldn’t be heavier than you. It should be of the same weight as you or even light. A lighter bike is easy to carry uphill. If you have heavy bike parts, replace then with lighter ones example saddles, pedals etc.
  • Fix the rate at which you are peddling.  Uphill cycling cadence is essential as it will determine the efficiency with which you cycle. Stay on a low gear and don’t change gears too often while going uphill.

Step 2: Regulate Your Body Posture and Cycling Patterns

  • Your body’s position on the bike should be proper. When you are climbing across rocky terrain try to stand up. A standing position with increase your speed and control over the bike. You will feel lighter and will have better grip over your direction and cycling.
  • Normally pedal while bending your back round, and by pointing your feet downwards as you pedal. You cannot be in this usual posture while you climb uphill. This will destabilize your muscles from the core and throw you out of your balance. Remember you are going against gravity when u bike uphill a mountain or hill. Bent your elbows and hips. This position would lower your center of gravity and provide a large area. Breathe properly and efficiently during this period, as you need a good supply of oxygen as you will pedal.
  • If you have to go round or take circles, then try to do them at a flat point. The outer edge of the corner is a good approach. Do not try to ride the steep inner curves, they might look shorter but are infact very steep pathways.
  • Have a good momentum while cycling. Pedal in a comfortable speed, don’t rush too fast. If you feel like you are cycling very fast, slow down using your gear shifts and brakes. Control your speed at all times.

Step 3: Don’t Dehydrate Yourself or Loose Stamina

  • If you pedal too fast and think of using up your stamina to reach the top of the hill faster, you are mistaken. You will have short breath and will be out of energy in now time. Loosing too much energy will prevent you from concentration. Loosing concentration while climbing uphill or going downhill can cause fatal consequences.
  • Hydrate yourself often with water.
  • Finally plan your entire route properly. Before you set out to bike, get a map of the area and locate the regions which are very steep and tough to pedal on. Avoid dangerous areas where them may be rock fall or contain chances of landslides. Check your bicycle properly before you set off. See that your wheels, tires, gears and brakes are working perfectly or not.

Final Verdict

After completing this guide you will learn how to bike uphill without getting tired, as our guide contains tips and advice of what to do and what mistakes should not be made. Biking is a free sport. Practice climbing uphill properly. Try not to look up or look down while climbing uphill. Those who have acrophobia may get frightened, people who are still newbies and are trying to climb may lose their concentration. Start slow and finish steadily. Keep your head firm and pay good attention to the pace at which you are cycling uphill. Happy mountain bike riding.

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Angela E. Bouchard
Angela E. Bouchard

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