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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Fork Seals?

Fork is the instrument which allows riders of motor bikes to change direction of their vehicles. The fork seal in your vehicle will have two tubes. Each of the tubes needs a seal to keep the oil prevent leaking out. Some of you might think replacing a fork seal would be costly, yes certainly it is, but if you replace it yourself or using a helping hand it’ll cost very less. Do you want to know how much does it cost to replace fork seals

Things you will need to replace fork seals

  • Fork seal driver
  • Seal compressor (optional)
  • Fork seals
  • Dust seals
  • Quart of fork oil
  • Gloves

Steps on How You Can Change Fork Seals at a Lower Cost

If you take your vehicle to a mechanic or to a profession who can change your fork seals, it will cost you around 200$-400$. Since fork seals need to be replaced as soon as oil leaks out from the interior tube, so you may have to pay a visit to the mechanic quite a lot of times. Besides, if you are an owner of more than 2 motor bikes, it will cost you a lot every time you take your vehicles to get fork seals repaired. There is another easy trick, which is you can change your fork seals yourself and or with using a helping hand.

Step 1: Accumulate your belongings

First of all you need to buy parts and tool from the market which will cost you around $50-$100. You will need to buy a kit for example: Full Pivot Works Kit, with which you can change your fork seals. If you have a racing bike or a highly modified bike your setup will need extra tools which will cost you an additional $100.

Here is the budget breakdown of your cost.

Fork seals in the market would cost you $ 20 each

Dust seals will cost you                           $ 10 each

1 Quart of any fork oil (depending          $ 10 each

On your choice or present on the kit)

Seal driver will cost around                     $ 80

Fork seal compressor will cost you          $ 60

TOTAL                                                     $ 180                                 

IF you have all your necessary equipment and kit ready with you can finish your fork seal replacement all by yourself within 3 hours. In case you are new, never tried changing your fork seals or do not have your necessary equipment and kit along with you, you need to buy your selected items, tool and kit then carry out the process; for this you may need about 6-7 hours.

Step 2: How to Change Fork Seals

In case you do not know how to change fork seals from your vehicle here’s a guideline for you

  • Locate your fork and loosen the fork cap.
  • Take the fork off your vehicle
  • You have to take off the fork cap, as well as the fork springs
  • You will find the fork tightly tied/screwed along with the damper rod, present in the center of fork.
  • Take the fork rod off
  • Then you will have to drain all the oil. Put the fork in and along together with the fork rod to make you can get all the oil completely out of it.
  • After that pry the dust seal
  • Take the metal clip off beneath the seal by the help of a fork screw driver, you can use any good screw driver as well.
  • Put the bolt off from beneath the fork
  • Take the fork, compress it with a fork seal compressor and open it fast.
  • If you carry this out, soon you will see the seal will come out of the pop
  • Try out the reverse process to put it together using the fork oil gauge and the fork seal driver.

Final Verdict

Knowing the price of replacement of any object or device makes it easier to take decisions. You can stay prepared, choose from where you can buy tools at a lower rate, think of alternatives and other methods of getting the work done. For you all, replacement of fork seals would not be a big deal anymore. Now that you have learnt how much does it cost to replace fork seals, you can carry it out yourself. You can also hire someone you know to help you, purchase the kit and tools yourself and carry out the fork seal replacements individually. Try this out with enough time in your hands, don’t rush the entire process; with much patience and concentration you will be able to successfully replace your faulty oil dipping fork seals with new ones, all for a very reasonable and much lower price.

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