How Long do Electric Bike Batteries Last?

The calculation of how long do electric bike batteries last depends on the number of full charge cycles that a battery can undergo. It means the number of times a battery can go from 0% to 100% with proper efficiency, until the time the batteries can no longer carry out any functions.

According to theories of experts, the battery of an electric bike has the capability of going through full charge cycles for several hundred times. but the precise number of full charge cycles that they can go through will depend on the battery type. And also the way you take care and maintain your battery will also affect the amount of time that your battery lasts.

For instance, if you keep your battery under proper conditions it will last longer. Your batteries should be kept in a dry place and as well as it should have protection from temperature fluctuations. To add more, if you use your electric bike battery on a regular basis you will see the efficiency decreasing after 3 or 5 years. Now, let us have a look at the life expectancy of each kind of battery listed down below.

How Long do Electric Bike Batteries Last?

Battery Type and Their Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of the battery of an electric bike will depend on the quality and the type of battery it is. We have listed down below about some kind of batteries and the number of full charge cycles that each of the battery can complete.

  • Lithium batteries: The capability of lithium batteries is holding up to 1000 full charge cycles. Some modern lithium iron phosphate models can hold even more complete charge cycles.
  • Nickel batteries: These kind of batteries can go through complete 500 full charge cycles.
  • Lead batteries: Lead batteries have the least life expectancy. They last up to 300 full charge cycles.

Other than knowing this, make sure that you look for 2-year warranty for the battery that you purchase. Also, when you newly purchase an electric bike make sure that you keep a track of the time that is required by the battery to discharge completely. If you notice that your battery is discharging way too quickly, use your warranty to get a replacement. Because, your battery as a manufactural defect.

Longevity of Your Battery Also Depends on How You Are Using It:

The amount of energy that is stored inside the battery will get discharged by its own even if you are not using it. Furthermore, if you keep your battery in an uncharged condition, where the energy has been completely discharged your battery will get damaged. That is because some chemical reactions will occur inside the battery.

To know what you can do with the battery of your electric bike if you don’t have the intention of using it for long periods you need to refer to the manual book that comes included with the electric bike. The things that will be recommended in the manual book will depend on the type of battery as well.

Things You Can Do to Take Care of the Battery of Your Electric Bike So That They Last Long:

  • Don’t do the mistake of using a different charger and adapter for charging the battery of your electric bike. This can result in overcharging and also short circuits to occur. Always make sure that you use the charger and adapter included with your battery.
  • After using your electric bike, let the battery cool down. After cooling it down you can charge it.
  • Don’t use the battery right away after recharging.
  • Don’t let your battery to completely drain its charge to 0%. Try to let your battery charge up to 100%. If you will not use the battery for a certain time, make sure that you charge it up to 100% every few months.
  • Don’t overcharge your battery. Disconnect the charger once your battery has full charge in it.
  • Don’t keep your battery near a heat source and also keep it in a dry place.

Final Verdicts:

To sum up, you got your answers about how long do electric bike batteries last. Following some of the essential maintenance tips that we have listed above will help in increasing the life of the battery a bit longer.

Make sure that you keep in mind about the battery type when you are thinking of purchasing an electric bike. As per our recommendations, get electric bikes that have lithium batteries. Since, the batteries have great capability of completely a large number of full charge cycles.

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