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How Far Can Electric Bikes Go?

How far can electrics bikes go don’t really always depend on the specification of the electric bike. There are other factors that can affect the distance that you can travel using an electric bike. A major factor is how you use your electric bike.

The current maximum range that electric bikes can go is 350 to 400km on one full charge cycle. Electric bikes that can travel this distance are powered with 3 kW batteries. Standard electric bikes have the capability of going up to 100-120 km with one full charge cycle. Such electric bikes come with batteries that have power starting from 400 to 500 W.

Till now you understood that with the increasing amount of power of the battery the distance that an electric bike can go increases. There are more other factors and this article will enlighten you about all of these factors.

Factors That Affect How Far Can Electric Bikes Go:

The box that comes with the parts of your electric bike does show you how far you can travel with the electric bike. However, that is not the exact calculation of how far you can go practically. That is why have a look at the factors that affects the distance that you travel with an electric bike.

  • The amount of power that you apply while pedaling.
  • The speed that you travel with.
  • Your weight also affects the distance your electric bike can go. Since your electric bike needs to apply some energy in carrying your body.
  • The total weight of the number of extra things that you carry along with your body weight.
  • The surface of the place where you will be riding your electric bike. If you ride on hills it is obvious that you will need more charge and you cannot travel much distance. On the other hand, if you are riding your electric bike on flat surfaces that does not have any hurdles you can travel for a long time since you will use up less charge.
  • The weather also affects the distance you travel. For normal sunny days you can travel 15% more of the distance than you can travel on rainy days.
  • The weight of the electric bike and its battery also affects the distance that you can travel.
  • The type of the battery is one of the essential factor that affects the distance you travel with your electric bike.

The Design of Your Electric Bike Affects the Distance You Can Travel With Your Electric Bike:

Electric bikes are made in different designs for different purposes by different manufacturers. There are some features that you can look at to get an idea about the distance you can travel with them.

Flat Tires:

Electric bikes that have flat tires have been manufactured for people that wishes to ride on terrains that has dirt, sand and snow on its track. These kind of tires have great thickness for allowing you to go through all these hurdles.

And it is obvious that you will need a lot of charge for these kind of terrains. You will not be able to travel much distance with this kind of environment and tires.

Thin Tires:

For travelling on urban roads there is a necessity that you have speed and balance. That is why manufactures use thin tires for making electric bikes suitable for this kind of ride.

Since, the tires thin and light in weight it is possible for such electric bikes to go long distances starting from 50 km up to 80 km. Since, a lot of charge gets saved because of not having to overcome hurdles.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, since you are at this end of this guide you got enlightened about all the factors that affects how far can electric bikes go. The control of how far you can travel with your electric bikes is also in your hands since a lot of these factors can be controlled by you.

So, it is better that you consider everything if you are willing to go outside for a ride with your electric bike. Keep a track about the charge of your battery as well so that you don’t get stuck in some place where you don’t have the option of recharging.

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