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How Can You Measure a Mountain Bike Frame With Suspension

Suspension systems in mountain bikes helps to protect or insulate the traveler from suffering from jerks, bumps and other roughness faced from the rocky mountainous terrain on their journey. Suspension systems help you to ride swiftly and comfortably and absorbs shock. To make the most out of your travel not only do you need a great quality mountain bike but you also need to get the right mountain bike frame size as well. In this article you will know how to measure mountain bike frame with suspension.

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Things You Will Need

  • A measuring tape only
  • Pen and note paper

Step 1: Finding the Right Size

  • First of all you need to figure out what brand of mountain bike you are going to purchase. Nextly, find out which bike fits you well. You need to be compatible with your bike. Depending on the size of bikes and adjusting with your height, there are mainly five sizes of bike, XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • XS is the size best if you are around 5 feet and XL is the size which is best for you if your height is within 6 feet.

Step 2: Measuring Seat Position and Taking Inseam Measurements

  • Notice your bike’s seat post, for those of you who do not know what seat post is; it is the position where the seat touches the bike’s frame material.
  • Take a measuring tape and fine the position of middle axle holding the crank arms to the suspension frame.
  • Start measuring from the seat clamps which is used to hold the seat post to the bottom bracket’s center. This measurement will indicate your cycle’s seat tube length.
  • You can measure in both centimeters and also in inches. (whichever you prefer)
  • Inseam length measurement is very important. Take your measuring tape again and hold it from your pelvic bone and drop it down straight to the floor. Your bicycle’s top tube length should always be 2 inch higher than your inseam measurement.
  • You might this these measurements are only for men’s mountain bicycles, but they are not infact. Women can measure bike frame with suspension in the same way
  • Women also do not need a different bike chart and size range for them either. They too can choose ranging from XS to XL according to their heights.

Final Verdict

Many of you must have thought how to measure mountain bike frame with suspension. Now you know it is infact a very simple, easy and essential one as you need to know the frame measurement to buy the right kind of perfect mountain bike. Buy a compatible mountain bicycle and venture across the mountains at ease at your heart’s content.

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Angela E. Bouchard
Angela E. Bouchard

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