Best Women’s Rain Jackets – Reviews & Buying Guide

Clothes are coverings people have been using since the beginning of time. Clothes not only help to cover our bodies and protect us from external environment, but also reflect a person’s tradition, culture, moral values and predispositions. Our first impressions about a certain individual mostly lie on how properly he/she is dressed. Clothes reflect and affect our behaviors, our mood, confidence and attitudes. Smart and tidy clothes help to impose a positive impression. That said, weather and climate are two powerful forces which often get into our ways of posing a good impression during most important times or phases of life. To save ourselves from rain and wet elements due to unavoidable weather we often try to choose the best women’s rain jackets, which would protect us at all costs.

Sudden rain or snow may get us completely soaked before an important event; or in the middle of an awaited journey. This would drain our confidence and we would be too busy thinking of finding new dry clothes, or get busy using all our energy to maintain constant body temperature rather than concentrating on our actual goals.

Rain coat jackets are a special type of clothing which protects us during mild to heavy rain. Not only will rain jackets keep us our bodies dry in the rain, but it will also protect us from getting cold. These jackets have special features which protect the heat from escaping from our bodies, providing comfort even in adverse weather conditions.

Best Women`s Rain Jackets Reviews

Below are listed women’s rain jackets, based on our hours in depth research and comparison. Best Women’s rain jackets all have the perfect features which includes water resistance and water proof ability.

It must have good insulation, must be windproof, and should have adjustable cuffs and hood and pockets to keep belongings. We have also considered remarks of customers and shortlisted the ones which they considered best  rain jackets in reviews. Read detailed information about each of the best Rain Jackets below.

01. Helly Hansen Women’s Long Belfast Lightweight Jacket with Hood

Helly Hansen Women’s Long Belfast Lightweight jacket is a waterproof jacket. Its Helly Tech protection provides protection from water, wind and from all wet, outdoor and windy activities. It is hooded, long in size, and has hand pockets; hood has cinch and also bottom hem cinch cord. Its arm pockets are handy to keep valuable objects like wallets and phones. It’s made of 100% polyester material and is fully seam sealed.

It’s equipped with YKK VISLON center front zip and YKK zipped hand pockets providing flexibility for your hand movements. Along with its fixed hood it also has adjustable cuffs & is also equipped with anti chafe chin guard and anti chafe chin would provide good protection to your chin and safeguards your face acting as a barrier.

The Jacket is available in five color options: Black, Charcoal, Melt Down, Evening Blu, and Classic Blu. Its durability is great and works almost like a technical jacket rather than a rain jacket.

Helly tech provides two layer water proof breathable qualities. Insulation type is synthetic and provides 60% insulation and 80% windproof. Its 2 Ply fabrics stops water from coming inside the jacket making is fully waterproof and allows moisture to escape. It has excellent Durable water repellency treatment (DWR), allowing water to roll over it. Its quick-dry light design provides premier comfort and light weight; along with good mobility.


  • 2 ply fabric construction:-  prevent water from entering the fabric
  • Fixed hood:- hood always attached to the jacket and always available during times of need
  • Anti chafe chin guard:-  protect chin and provide protection
  • Bottom hem cinch cord;- space to keep belongings like phone, car keys etc
  • Adjustable cuffs:- for flexibility and comfort
  • Quick dry:- helps to keep dry during rain
  • Durable water repellency:- water is repelled from its exterior keeping the interior dry
  • Zipped hand pockets:- to fit both hands
  • Polyester material :- for smooth, clean and tidy look


  • Provide water resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Has high durability
  • Excellent breathability
  • Provides good insulation in rainy and chilly weather
  • Fully seamed
  • Comfortable and light weight
  • Wind proof


  • Has small exterior chest pocket and contains no interior pockets

Final Word

Helly Hansen Women’s Long Belfast Lightweight Jacket with Hood might not be picked as your everyday trendy or fancy jacket, but is a simple, sporty, functional and sleekly one. It has been tested and recommended by many of its users. This jacket can provide protection from rain, light snow and sleet. It can also be used as a winter cloth with extra clothes underneath.

This jacket allows moisture to escape and is thus considered a great option if you are looking for a raincoat jacket. It is considered as an ideal jacket for someone living in wet cooler climates or during monsoon season.

02. Columbia Women’s Pardon my Trench Rain Jacket

Columbia Women’s Pardon My Trench Rain jacket is waterproof, stain proof lightweight jacket. Its shell is made up of 100% Nylon and lining 100% Polyester. It has long sleeve trench containing removable belt, pocket at hips and a vented back.

It also includes fixable storm hood with draw cord, with two zippered hand pockets, adjustable cuff tabs, with a center back length of 31 inches. The sleeves are made of 100% nylon 210T taffeta. Its modern classic fit and longer cut offers nice and trendy flattening style.

Columbia Women’s Pardon My trench Rain Jacket is available in 10 colors, providing a wide variety to choose from. This jacket provides good insulation during rainy and chilly weather. It has a breathable mesh lining and back venting system which provides you comfort and ease. The jacket has quick drying shell. It is available in many sizes like small, large, XS, 1X, 2X, 3X, each with different hip, wait and bust numeric sizes. It has excellent water and stain repellent features.

This jackets adjustable hood allows users to cover their head during rain or from wet elements. Its cuff tabs block the body heat providing insulation and at the same time its back venting helps you discard heat during long travel hours. This classic fit jacket is also very easy to wash and clean.


  • Omni shield advanced repellency: Helps to repel moisture, stain and dries off quickly
  • Zippered pockets: to keep personal belongings
  • Back venting system: to discard heat and provides comfort
  • Weather resistant hood: protects your head during rain, snow and wet weather
  • Water resistant outer shell: provides perfect breathability and extra protection
  • Adjustable cuffs : for flexibility and support
  • Adjustable belt: for perfect fitting


  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Provides good insulation in rainy and chilly weather
  • Fully sewed using advanced technology
  • Comfortable and light weight
  • Wind proof2 zippered pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs


  • Doesn’t stretch much but no issue comes

Final Word

Columbia Women’s Pardon my Trench rain jacket is water and stain resistant. It the perfect jacket which meets fashion with function. This is trendy, slimming and light weight. It can be worn almost daily, can easily be folded and used during travels. The jacket has received great reviews from customers and users. Many of the users have also worn it in spring for its perfect dry outer lining and supports well during morning mist.

If you want to choose a trendy fitting yet comfortable rain jacket Columbia Women’s Pardon my Trench rain jacket is perfect for you. This jacket is professionally sewn using most advanced technology. Women’s pardon my trench rain jacket is considered as one of the best women’s rain jackets for its classy styles rain coat for casual urban escapades.

03. Paradox Waterproof & Breathable Women’s Rain Jacket

Paradox waterproof and breathable women’s rain jacket is most suitable for your everyday commute. It is fully waterproof, windproof and water resistant. The jacket’s fabric construction keeps you warm, comfortable and dry both on the interior and exterior.

The jacket’s shell is made up of 80% nylon and 20% polyester, and has coating made of 100% polyurethane. It has 3 zipped pockets on its outer side, 1 on each of its side and also has a chest pocket. It also has 2 inner mesh pockets.

The Paradox water proof & breathable women’s jacket has a 2.5 layer system, is made up of high performance protective fabric, thus providing a breathable and waterproof coating. The raised pattern on the jacket fabric makes the 2.5 layer fabric light and compressible, as well as protecting the waterproof barrier.

It has excellent waterproof finishing and is the jacket’s first line of defense for precipitation. It is critically seam taped, has under arm vents, waterproof chest pocket, zippered pockets, draw-cord hem round out features. This is breathable and quite durable, light weight and comfortable. It is available in different colors, so that you can choose which color best fits your personality.


  • Waterproof breathable coating – for all type of weather protection
  • Under arm vents – allow air flow circulation during warm weather
  • Waterproof chest pocket- to keep your belongings safe and dry
  • Inner pockets- to keep valuable items
  • 2.5 layer fabric – provides a water resistant finish
  • Hood – protects rain water to touch your face


  • Water resistant, Water proof and Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Soft material and Light weight
  • Has interior pockets


  • List Element

Final Word

Most of the customers who bought Paradox waterproof and breathable women’s rain jackets has praised immensely. Notably as it is easy to fit into any baggage, it has a unique print; its colors are vibrant and eye catching. The sleeves of the jacket are fitting and are not too long or short.

This jacket can be worn in warm rainy days too. People can also run wearing this paradox rain jacket as it is completely breathable. The hood of this jacket stays in your head and doesn’t fall off easily, thus making it useful during rain as the hood acts as a protective barrier and prevent rain water to touch your face.

04. Rain Poncho Jacket Coat Hooded for Adults with Pockets

Rain Poncho jacket Coat Hooded for adults is a rain jacket. It is water proof and water resistant. Its fabric is 100% Polyester. It is portable, packable and easy to carry. This jacket has tight zippers, a big hooded cap with a cord adjuster, and elastic drawstring and is heat sealed seam. It has buttons on its sleeve. This is long and would cover your body till your hips or below.

Most easy feature of this rain jacket is that you do not need a machine to wash it, it can be wiped away with cloth, or naturally air dried. Rain Poncho jacket coat can be used as or worn for multiple purposes, and not just as a poncho. It has a draw string carry bag so that you can carry it while travelling, cycling, hiking or camping. It is very light weight.

The rain poncho jacket is eco friendly, durable and highly breathable.It is also super soft. Its size ranges from Small to XL. It is big enough to be worn with a backpack. Regardless of your body shape or height, you can easily take this jacket off and on. It would fit you well. These jackets have zipper all the way down on its front side. Making is very flexible and easy to handle.


  • Adjustable hood – to keep you dry
  • Sleeves with buttons – for adjustment and comfort
  • Full length sturdy zipper – for easier movement
  • High quality polyester fabric – helps to it water resistant and water proof.


  • Windproof
  • Water proof
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable hood
  • High quality polyester fabric
  • Sleeves with buttons
  • Full length zipper


  • No inside pockets

Final Word

Most of the customers who bought rain Poncho jacket has praised it well. Notably as it is easy to fit into any baggage, it has a unique print; its colors are vibrant and eye catching. The sleeves of the jacket are fitting and comfortable and are not too long or short.

This jacket can be worn in warm rainy days too. People can also run wearing this rain jacket as it is completely breathable. The hood of this jacket stays in your head and doesn’t fall off easily, thus making it useful during rain as the hood acts as a protective barrier and prevent rain water to touch your face.

05. Joules Women’s Golightly Printed Packable Waterproof Rain Coat

Joules women’s Go lightly printed pack-able water proof rain jacket coat is a perfect British essential jacket. It is highlighted and quite stands out due to it trendy look and vibrant designs and colors. The Joule’s Women rain coat collection is 100% water proof, can be easily packaged, folds into its own pocket, and has a parka styling with taped seams. Its material is made up of 100 % polyester.

The jacket has drawstring waist, popper pockets, adjustable hood and zipper closure. Its back length is of 85 cm. Like most of the other rain jackets Joules Women Go-lightly printed pack-able Water proof rain coat can be washed using your regular washing machine. It can be reshaped whilst damp. There are two clear restrictions regarding this jacket. You cannot iron it and you cannot tumble the jacket dry.

The most comfortable feature of this rain coat jacket are its elasticated cuffs and zip, as well as its  popper front fastening, which helps to provide extra protection from the unpredictable weather. It also has elasticated waist which gives a smooth fitting to its wearers. You need to wear minimal clothing underneath the jacket, as the jacket does not have proper insulation features. Although the jacket is extremely light and comfortable, it can be worn everyday along with a stylish look.


  • Adjustable grown hood – prevents water to touch your face
  • Elasticated waist – provides a nice fitting
  • Elasticated cuffs – for comfort and flexibility
  • Zipped pockets – to keep your belongings
  • Hand drawn joule sprint – to keep you a trendy and fashionable look
  • Polyurethane coating – makes it waterproof


  • 100 % water proof
  • Packable
  • Trendy
  • Versatile jacket for everyday essential
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Zipper closure
  • Drawstring waist
  • Elastic waist and cuffs
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • List Element

Final Word

Joules Women Golightly printed packable waterproof rain coat jacket is a versatile jacket, which has been designed keeping unpredictable weather in mind, making it the essential everyday wear rain coat jacket.

Its hand drawn designs, popper pockets and trendy look are perfect for any stylish lady. It is very light and comfortable. It is available in many different colors and designs. Thus you can choose from a large range of colorful patterns which goes on with your mood and personality the most.

06. Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket

Columbia women’s Arcadia 2 jacket is a waterproof, windproof, stain resistant, packable, breathable rain jacket. This jacket is a three layers Omni shell tech which helps you stay dry in rainy days both from the inside and the outside. It is fully seam sealed and has a soft mesh lining. It has zippered hand pockets with extra amount of space to keep your hands or belongings for protection, attached and adjustable storm hood.

The jacket also has draw-cord hem and you can customize it according to your fitting.  Its fabric is made up of 100% Nylon 2L and full dull plain weave. It has a center back length of 26″. It is available in 5 sizes, Xs, S, M, L, and XL. The jacket is easy handle and can be washed using machinery. i.e. washing machine.

Columbia women’s Arcadia 2 rain jacket is breathable and the fabric has high durability. It is extremely light and can be carried anywhere easily during travelling and hiking. This jacket is perfect for running errands on a rainy day, and during chilly cold weathers it can be worn over a fleece jacket. This way it would keep you insulated and dry. The jacket is available in 10+ colors and ranges from black, blue heron, blush pink, soft violet etc.


  • Omni Shell Tech – makes it weatherproof and keeps you dry inside as well
  • Nylon mesh fabric – makes it highly breathable
  • Pockets- they are spacious enough to keep your belongings
  • Packable into hand pockets- for easy storage
  • Adjustable storm hood- protects you from wind and heavy rain
  • Draw-cord adjustable hem – provides flexibility


  • Windproof, Waterproof and Stain resistant
  • Packable and Lightweight
  • Has adjustable storm hood
  • Zippered pockets
  • Spacious pockets
  • Adjustable hem
  • Made of Omni shell technology


  • List Element

Final Word

If you want to go out for an errand, travel, or go on hiking during rainy season Columbia women’s arcadia 2 jacket is perfect, as it is light weight and can be packaged easily. Customers who bought it were quite satisfied and have claimed that it holds rain water well. It fits fine and sleeves are not too long. Columbia arcadia jackets have been providing great service and quality for quite a while; perhaps you too will love wearing these jackets just as the rest of the others.

07. Levi’s Women’s Hooded Rubberized Faux Leather Anorak Jacket

Levi’s is a well know reputed American brand. This brand have made quite a name for itself throughout all these years, for their men and women’s fashionable clothing, especially jeans. Levi’s Women’s Hooded Rubberized Faux Leather Anorak Jacket is a waterproof rain jacket for women.

It is also water resistant. It is made up of mesh lined fabric, 100% polyurethane and rubberized matte faux leather. This jacket has good zipper closure, front zip closure with snap placket and a fixed hood. It has a total of 2 pockets. It is long enough to reach below the hips.

This jacket has straight hem and long sleeves. The rain jackets have a water proof shell and relaxed shape, which would help you to keep yourself dry even in fierce heavy rainfall. The rain jackets can be washed using machines. It is available in various sizes ranging from XS, M, L, XL, XXL and XXS.

It is also available in many different colors which include black, navy, yellow, olive, wine, teal, lavender, true blue, sand, tropical pink, thistle, translucent black, translucent pink, translucent green, and translucent light blue. The jacket has good breathability and durability.


  • Outer shell: repels water
  • Zipper pockets: helps to keep your belongings
  • Fixed hood: protects your head and face from rain water
  • 100% polyurethane: provides good breathability
  • Zipper closure: for flexibility


  • WindproofWaterproof
  • Water resistant
  • Zipper closure
  • Has 2 Patch pockets
  • Fixed hood


  • Hood size not fixed

Final Word

Levi’s Women’s Hooded Rubberized Faux Leather Anorak Jacket has a really good outlook, many customers mistook it for a heavy, over insulated jacket, but soon they realized it was very comfortable, not too insulated and gave them a cozy feeling. If you want to use this jacket during winter, it is advised to wear clothes underneath for better insulation. Moreover the rain jacket is affordable. It has received large number of positive reviews about it. We hope you too will like this jacket.

08. FISOUL Raincoats Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket

Fisoul Raincoats waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket Active Outdoor Hooded Women’s Trench Coats are lightweight, waterproof, water resistant, stain repellent, easy and lotus leaf self cleaning effect and wrinkle resistant jackets. The jacket is made up of superior fabric materials, 95 % Polyester and 5% Spandex.

It has classic style design, solid pattern, roll able sleeves and front pocket decorations; also has adjustable belt, drawcord adjustable storm hood, and adjustable cuffs tabs. Fisoul Raincoat waterproof lightweight rain jackets are good for dealing with light rain.

Its excellent water resistant ability causes water to roll over it, keeping the attire dry and is breathable. It is available in 5 different sizes, various colors and pattern. Sizes range from S, L, M, XL, and XXL. The Small size is of US4-6, Medium is of US8-10 and Large is of 12-14and finally X large16-18.

This jacket is suited for all seasons and not only limited to winter or rainy seasons. Thus it does not have good insulating properties; you need to wear clothes beneath it during chilly weather for warmth. Overall it helps to provide mild insulation, enough to keep you warm during monsoon chilly wind. This jacket also provides protection from the sun.


  • Detachable hood – suited for both monsoon and spring season
  • Back venting system – helps to keep dry and comfortable
  • Classic striped lining design – makes you look fashionable
  • Roll up stripe sleeve- gives you a nice outlook
  • Adjustable belt – for good fitting


  • Water resistant
  • Water proof
  • Sun proof
  • Breathable
  • Skin tough
  • Has quick drying feature
  • Solid pattern
  • Has front pocket decoration
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Detachable hood


  • Not inner pockets

Final Word

Fisoul raincoat waterproof lightweight jacket active outdoor hooded women trench coats are suited for all seasons. They are not just limited to rainy or chilly weather; you can also wear it during summer. This is a perfect rain jacket for you if you plan on going hiking, travelling or camping. It can protect you from both rain and sun light.

It is comfortable and is liked by its wearers. Its unique pattern designs have attracted many people. Is you want a rain coat jacket which you can wear throughout the year Fisoul raincoat waterproof lightweight jacket active outdoor hooded women trench coats are the ones perfect for you.

09. Charles River Apparel Women’s New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket

Charles New Englander rain jacket is considered as one of the everyday wearable rain jackets, which has been made and designed by Charles River Apparel. It oil both windproof and waterproof. Its polyurethane shell fabric is woven back to provide additional strength to the fabric. Its sleeves are made up of mesh and taffeta nylon for good air flow and easy comfort, adjustable cuffs, hood and open hem along with stock cord drawstring.

This is an excellent jacket providing flexibility and easy due to its front vented capes, full zip styling, covered zipper side pockets and reflective stripe accent on both its front and backside. This jacket has good breathability, as its front chest vent allows additional space. It is available in 9 sizes, which include: XS, S, ML, L, XL, XX- large, XXX- Large, 2XL and 3XL.

The jacket is available in 9 different colors. You can buy whichever color you like and goes on with your personality; colors include:- , 263 True Navy/Reflective, 154 Buttercup/Reflective, 256 Coral/Reflective, 188 Pink/Reflective, 166 Red/Reflective, 192 Wave/Reflective, 334 Hot Pink/Reflective and 236 Aqua/Reflective.  Charles River Apparel has always tried their best to fuse clothing with technology, passion & performance; making their product stand out and be unique. It also allows the customers to add a monogram if they would like to on their jackets Embroidery, Screen Print, Appliqué or by Heat Transfer.


  • Polyurethane shell fabric: provides additional strength to fabric
  • Nylon sleeves: so that jackets can be easy taken off and on
  • Lines with grey mesh: for proper air flow circulation
  • Covered zipper pockets: to keep your hands inside during cold weather or to keep belongings.
  • Two way front zipper: allows freedom to move around
  • A style lining: providing good comfort and flexibility
  • Adjustable cuffs: provides proper hand stretching and moving facility
  • List Element
  • List Element


  • Has maximum performance features
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Taffeta Nylon sleeves
  • Covered zippered side pockets
  • Adjustable hook & look cuffs
  • Protects in all type of weathers
  • Light weight


  • List Element

Final Word

Charles River apparel made this New Englander waterproof rain jacket not just to act as a shield against rain and tough weather, but blended traditional England values with innovation so that a customer feels great whenever he/she wears it. The created a fashionable jacket that would last and fit perfectly and hence their motto is “Look good. Fell good. Charles River Apparel”. It is a great rain jacket for your everyday wear and has thus been recommended by customers and reviewers for its excellent features.

10. The North Face Women’s Venture 2 jacket

The North Face Women’s Venture 2 jackets is considered one of the best women’s rain jacket, due to its year round rain protection, waterproof ability, breathability, moisture permeability and durability. It’s been lab and field tested for best functionality. It provides perfect relaxing fit and has an adjustable hood with plenty of room for additional layers.

It is fully seam sealed and is made of 100% windproof fabric, has underarm zip venting for flexibility and zipped hand pocket to keep your belongings. Its composition is Solid 40D 85 gsm DryVent™ 2.5L (dry vent indicates waterproof ability). It is made of 100% Nylon ripstop. Heather is of 70D 154 gsm DryVent™ 2.5L 62%; and nylon/38% polyester. Colored Backer is made of 100% nylon ripstop along with hem cinch cord. Its center back is of 27″.

The jacket is made up of DWR (durable water repellent) coating which makes the fabric water resistant and hydrophobic. This jacket is also available in different colors. Its brushed chin guard lining will provide you comfort and protection when you zip up all the way.

North Face Women’s Venture 2 jacket has a waterproof rating of 25 PSI minimum after atleast 20 launderings. It also provides perfect breathability, which is of 750-800 g/m²/24 hours on average. The jacket provides moderate insulation making it ideal for both chilly and warm weather rain.


  • Pit zip venting – provides excellent breathability and flexibility
  • DryVent™ 2.5L shell- provides perfect dryness and water persistency.
  • Durable water repellency (DWR) feature- provides hydrophobic coating and allows water to slide off.
  • Stowable hand pockets – for relaxing travel
  • VELCRO® brand cuff tabs- provides ease and comfort
  • Stormflap with VELCRO® brand closure- covers the entire zip and gives lasting comfort.
  • Fully seamed- keeps your dry in heavy rainfall


  • Provides a lifetime warranty of quality
  • WaterproofWindproof
  • Fully breathable
  • FlexibleDurable
  • Adjustable hood
  • Has a cuff tab
  • Zipped pockets
  • Provides relaxed fitting and casual look
  • Wearable in all year round


  • List Element

Final Word

North face Women’s Venture 2 jacket is an ideal jacket which can be worn in both warm and wet seasons. Its mild insulation properties allow moisture to escape. It is of very light weight, can be carried anywhere. If you are looking for a casual trendy jacket to wear while you go to school, for work or hiking North Face women’s venture 2 jackets are the ones for you. Its size zippers are its most liked features as they let air flow into your core and keep you dry. This jacket overall provides a relaxed fitting and stylish look, making it wearable throughout the year.

Things to Consider While Buying a Women’s Rain Jackets

In this 21st century lifestyles have developed and changed in various ways. People are not drawn back by forces of nature, a little snow or rain does not stop you from going to office. Hailstorm and others weather issues may stop you momentarily, but we all start moving forward towards our individual chores once it ends.

In order to proceed and move forward with our everyday lives, we need something to keep us dry, safe and protected. Rain jackets are one of the few, which have ancillary benefits. In this portion of the guide, we shall tell you, what you need to consider for buying a rain jacket.

Fabric Material

EPTFE fabrics along with polyester, polyurethane or PU film layer and coated fabrics

EPTFE are waterproof breathable fabric which is the oldest and renowned. Gore-Tex is a polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane stretched out to an extremely specific dimension. At this specific dimension, water vapor can escape, but liquid water cannot enter, due to both the sizes of the pores are smaller than a water droplet.  The material has very low surface tension, which cannot absorb liquid water without tremendous pressure.

PU film layer is essential for waterproofing properties; they also tend to be lighter, breathable, and can be constructed with lot more stretchiness. Jackets with the stretchiest ePTFE fabric are not as stretchy as with the PU or polyester based film layers. So after ePTFE layer polyester or PU film lining layer is also added to the jackets. Coated fabrics are like the backbone of the weather resistant garments, and allow garments to have additional ranges of motion.

Laminates vs. coatings

The main component of your rain coat jackets is fabric coating which does the trick of blocking rain water and also allowing moisture to escape. This layer is very delicate thus a coating or laminate is used to prevent damage caused on the fabric.

Laminates are like wallpaper glues to a wall. It is made of ePTFE, polyurethane or polyester material. Has best performance in water resistance, breathability, durability and make the rain jacket light. Coatings are like paint spread out on a wall. It is made up of many different formulations of Polyurethane. It also make the jacket ultra light.

Fabric Construction/ layer

Most rain shell fabrics have 2, 2.5, and/or 3 layer construction layers. These layers are tightly packed and laminated altogether. Whether it is a 2, 2.5, or 3 layer fabric, these designs have similar construction qualities, with only a small difference generally on the interior of the jacket. All three styles must have the primary or outer shell fabric layer or face fabric. The first shell layer is coated with a chemical substance known as Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to prevent water absorption.

Thus any water which falls into the jacket will not be absorbed. The second layer is the waterproof layer, made up of usually Gore Tex, e- vent, polyester, nylon, or a coated fabric. This layer is beneath the face fabric layer. It prevents water from entering the jacket. The third innermost layer is to keep our sweat and oils from clogging the tiny holes in waterproof breathable layer of the jacket, that would reduce breathability and make the wearer feel wet from his/her  sweat.

Jackets which have only 2 layers are known as “the quietest”, jackets with 2.5 layer are known as “the lightest” and with 3 layers are called “the most robust”

Durable Water Repellent

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is the chemical treatment that has been performed on the outer layer or exterior part of your rain jacket; not on the membrane or on the coated waterproof second and third fabric layers on the inside. Durable water repellent (DWR) treatment prevents water to enter into the jacket and resists water.

The objective of DWR treatment is to help keep the outer face fabric from becoming saturated, as saturation would negatively affect the jacket’s breathability. Absence of DRW treatment gives its wearers a feeling of dampness as a result of decreased breathability of the fabric. All waterproof rain jackets must have DWR treatment done on them.


Specially to be consider the below features during buying

  • Adjustable Draw Cords and Velcro on the Hood Hem and Sleeve Hem
  • Tight-Fitting Wrists
  •  High-Quality Zippers
  •  Pocket & Vent
  •  Lightweight / Heavy Weight
  •  Hood design and applications
  •  Easy to Pack and Store
  •  Size

Types of Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof jackets must be breathable, must have appropriate layering of breathability, must be made up of air permeable material and must be of ultra light weight.

a. Breathability

This is an important criterion to determine a rain jacket’s performance. Breathability means how well moisture or body heat can escape through the jacket; so that a jacket wearer doesn’t not feel wet from his own sweat or compact. Good breathable jacket must allow good air circulation through the jacket.

A jacket breathability cannot be determined by such standards. Breathability of a given rain coat jacket can be determined by factors such as the temperature, humidity, and pressure. These factors also make the tests super inapplicable during practical use. Thus determine a jacket’s breathability from analyzing the features it has like under arm venting system etc.

b. Breathability and Layering Appropriately

Breathability and Layering Appropriately, not all jackets are the same. It also depends upon the layers of each jacket. If you are going to wear a rain coat jacket in a wet weather, it will have 2 or 2.5 layers, but if you are going to wear it in chilly, cold rainy weathers, you jacket should have 3 layer construction as well as good features to provide insulation and also breathability.

c. Air Permeable Materials

Air permeable materials are substances which let air pass to and fro into the jacket’s fabric. Moisture can easily come out of it and normal atmospheric air can pass in. All these happen regardless of different temperature and pressure. Air permeable materials also make the rain coat jacket breathable.

d. Ultra light Jackets

Ultra light rain coat jackets are super light and flexible. Many of ultra light rain jackets do not have features like lower hand pockets, hood adjustments, and other breathability features. They are well known for its light weight and packable features, so that it can be packed and carried anywhere.

Sizing your jacket

Your jacket should not be too tight or too lose. Having a moderate fitting jacket provides you more room for good insulation as well as base layers. You rain jacket must adjust to your specific measurement. Chest Circumference, waist Circumference, sleeve Length, wrist circumference should be checked.

You should check all measurements before purchasing it. However a snug fitting rain jacket will increase breathability, as it repels water through the fabric away from you. Water vapor must also have a way out of the jacket. A moderately lose fitting jacket will create warm environment inside which would enhance breathability. A loose fitting jacket results into better ventilation.

The importance of buying a rain jacket

a. Rain jackets protect you from rain, snow, hail and wet conditions.

b.Rain jackets also help to protect you from insects, wasps and other bugs. Rain jackets prevent your skin to        be exposed to the environment, thus saving you from mosquito borne illnesses and other infections

c. Rain jackets prevent your skin to be exposed, saving you from mosquito borne illnesses.

d. Rain jackets can also be used as good wind repellers. It protects you against strong winds.


There are 2 types of jacket light weight and heavy weight. Light weight jackets are most preferable. It can be carried anywhere, packaged and can be taken to your destination easily. Besides light weight jackets make you feel ultra light and comfortable. People have misconceptions about light weight jackets, they think it might not provide good insulation, but that is a myth, many light weight jackets provide great breathability and insulation as well.

Heavy weight jackets are best for providing good insulation. They have good layers and coatings to prevent heat to escape. They are ideal jackets for cold and chilly climate conditions. Some heavy weight jackets are breathable and some are non breathable. The non breathable ones do no allow moisture to pass though the jackets at all. The breathable ones allow moisture to pass though.

Care & cleaning of rain jackets

A clean rain jacket looks good and proper. Impression is highly essential for all individuals, but at the same time a clean rain jacket helps to restore the fabric’s DWR treatment and breathability. Most of the rain jackets can be washed using you washing machines, a front load machine usually with a center agitator is considered a good option. Rain jackets with DWR treatment must be washed in either warm or cold water using small amount of detergent. Try to avoid liquid detergents and fabric softeners for washing your rain jackets, as they stick to the garment’s fabrics and causes it to absorb water.  Hanging your jacket to air dry it is considered a good technique.

A freshly laundered, air dried rain coat jacket can also sometimes restore a DWR treatment which had once lost its ability to bead water. Don’t iron your jacket with too much heat; try to use as mild heat as possible. But do check your manufacturer’s care manual for proper directions. After using your jacket for long period, your DWR treatment might fade away; in that case you have to treat it again. For 2 or 2.5 layered fabric a spray on DWR treatment is most suitable.


Rain jackets are found in different prizes. Their prices vary and depend on the type of fabric, layers and other features it contains and is made of. For example rain jackets with coatings cost a bit higher than jackets with laminates.


Rain jackets are available in different brands. We have listed 12 best women’s rain jackets of different brands. Out guide contains complete details about each of the branded rain jackets.


Warrant is a written guarantee which has been issued by the manufacturer’s company, promising to fix your jacket if needed within a limited time frame. Rain jackets have a given warrant depending on their features and how long the features would remain functional. Your rain coat jacket’s warranty will be written in the jacket’s manufacturer’s guide.


01. “Between 2, 2.5 and 3 layer jackets, what is the difference and which one should be bought?”

Ans.  For most average hikers, a 2 or 2.5 layer jacket should be enough. 3 layer rain jackets are not excelled but they are usually much sturdier in their buildup, and are heavier. If you spend time outdoors, especially in wet and chilly weathers, a 3 layer rain jacket would be a good idea, as they are good insulators.

02. “Which rain jacket will keep me 100% dry in torrential downpours, what is the best option?”

Ans. No rain jacket is 100% waterproof, it will wet out sooner or later. Even a 3 layer rain jacket , will withstand any type of relentless rain. Something made from PU or polyester might keep rain out, but you will sweat from the inside and get uncomfortable.

03. “Do I need to care for my rain jacket in a special way, say when cleaning, etc.?”

Ans: Yes, you need to. Our guide contains an explanation on how to clean your rain jacket and how it is essential for your rain jacket to stay dry and neat.

04. “What features should I look for in a good functional hiking rain jacket?” 

Ans:   This is a personal preference. But in general, waterproof and water resistant features are a must, windproof, breathability, durability, zippered linings, pockets are handy features you should look into while buying a jacket.

05. “What should I look for in a good hood on a rain jacket?” 

Ans:  Your rain coat jacket’s hood should be adjustable, flexible and detachable.

06. What is Gore-tex?

Gore-Tex is an ePTFE waterproof and breathable fabric membrane which has been registered trademark of W.L.Gore and Associates. Gore-tex fabric can repel liquid and other wet elements and also allow water vapor or moisture to pass through. It also makes the garment feel light weight. Is is designed to make the garment or rain coat jackets waterproof and weather proof so that it can be used throughout the year and in all seasons. Gore-tex has been tested and is being marketed as a textile to increase a garment’s comfort and durability.

Final Verdict

After completing this guide you will know about different types of rain coat jacket, their features, their fabrics, and the method with which they are manufactured and their uses and you will get a complete idea which type of jacket should be most suitable for you. Now that you know all these you can decide for yourself which would be the best women’s rain jacket for you, from among all these product reviews we have listed above. Choose your favorite jacket which you think would suit you most and would fulfill your daily needs.

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