Best Scooter for Toddler – Safety Riding

When going to the market to buy the best scooter for toddler, many bikes are liked, but still, it can be challenging to buy the right scooter suitable for the baby. As a parent, naturally you want the best and safe scooter for your toddler. So you became confused which one you should buy. But you also want maximum fun for your toddler.

So, it is a mix of safety and enjoyment. But at present modern scooter are features with both. So before getting into the buying process, you need to know everything there is to know about these products.

But the good news is, we have made this task easy for you. We have done a review of the best scooters for a toddler. Our study will help you in choosing the top product in the best possible price range.

Scooter For Toddler Comparison Table



Hurtle 3 Wheeled Scooters for Kids Age Limit: 1-14 years


Handlebar: 4 adjustable handlebar

Wheel: 3 wheel

Dimension:22.4 x 9.6 x 25.5 inches



Micro Kick-board Mini Deluxe ScooterAge Limit: Ages 2-5


Rider Weight Limit: 75 lbs 

Wheel: 3 wheel




Micro Kick-board Maxi OriginalAge Limit: 5-12 years


Rider Weight Limit: Up to 110 lbs

Wheel: 3 wheel

Dimension:36.6 x 9.1 x 22.4 inches



YBIKE GLX Pro ScooterAge Limit: Ages 5 and up


Rider Weight Limit: 110 lbs

Wheel: 3 wheel

Height: From 28 to 32.5 inches



Micro Kick-board Mini Original scooterAge Limit: 2-5 years


Rider Weight Limit: 44 lbs

Wheel: 3 wheel

Dimension:10.6 x 2 x 26 inches



Den Haven



Age Limit: 3+ years


Frame: Aluminum

Wheel: 3 wheel

Warranty: 1 year



Razor, Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick scooterAge Limit: 3 and up


Rider Weight Limit: 45 lbs

Wheel: 3 wheel

Dimension:10.4 x 25.2 x 22.2 inches



Radio Flyer My 1st ScooterAge Limit: 2 – 5 Years


Rider Weight Limit: 50 lbs

Wheel: 3 wheel

Dimension: 12 x 24 x 27 inches



Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages ScooterAge Limit: 12 months to 3 years


Play Songs: 50 learning songs

Product Weight: 5.5 pounds

Dimension:22.5 x 10.1 x 13 inches



Radio Flyer Scoot-AboutAge Limit: 12 months to 3 years


Rider Weight Limit: 42 lbs

Wheel: 4 wheels

Product Warranty: 9.25 pounds


Top 10 Best Scooter for Toddler

Do you think what the best three-wheel scooters are for your toddlers, grade-1 kids or teenage sons and daughters? Well, don’t worry. Without looking further, just read this Best Scooter for Toddler review. I guarantee you that here you will find the perfect model for your children. Let’s check them out right below!

01. Hurtle 3 Wheeled Scooters for Kids

Want to give your adorable one a birthday surprise? Then surprise your child with Hurtle 3 Wheeled 2-in-1 a fun kiddie exercise kick scooter. This 3 wheel scooter comes with detachable flip-out seat and foot pad design. This feature makes this scooter extraordinary by giving your children riding option either sitting or standing up.

By accommodating both feet quickly, this mini toddler has an anti-slip extra-wide deck, for offering your kids both safety and fun equally. This lightweight and compact scooter have four height easily adjustable T-bar handlebar for easily adjustable along with children grow. Moreover, Lean-To-Steer technology helps your child to learn balancing skills and coordination instead of turning.

This scooter has 120mm / 80mm PU three-wheeled where two at the front to promote comfortable balance and two real combined wheels at the back for offering smooth glide even on uneven or bumpy surfaces. Wide Rear foot brake also ensures quickly stop and extra control on the scooter when needed. LED light-up wheel technology gives attraction, safety and security to kids.

Technical Specification
Age Limit1 – 14 years
Wheel3 wheel
Handlebar4 adjustable handlebar
DeckAnti-slip foot base wide deck
Dimension22.4 x 9.6 x 25.5 inches

What We Liked

  • Available in different colours
  • Lightweight, Compact & Portable scooter
  • Removable flip-out seat and foot pad
  • Anti-slip extra wide and thick deck gives a safe ride
  • Long-Lasting, Super Smooth, LED light-up Gliding Wheels
  • Four height Easily adjustable T-bar handlebar
  • Easy Maneuvering Lean-To-Steer technology
  • Wide Rear foot brake for extra control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some parents complain about the quality of the product is subpar

Buying Advice

This uniquely designed three-wheeled would be a surprising gift for your little ones by challenging traditional scooting in a more fun way. By adding a fun twist for small children & young toddlers on the ride, this Hurtle 3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids comes with so many features. So please choose a different colour for your kids and let them enjoy the exercise it gives!

02. Micro Kick-board Mini Deluxe Scooter

This Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled scooter is the upgrade version of Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled scooter. It’s one of the highest-rated scooters for 2-5 years, aged children. Now This Deluxe version has upgraded with an adaptable T-bar handlebar which means you can adjust handlebar from 17″ to 25″. This is an excellent feature for you because you can fit the scooter at each stage of your children growth.

If you have this scooter, you do not need to buy a new scooter for the Higher Bar. This upgraded version also features with a new anodized stem, anti-slip silicone footplate and superior rear brake.

Now, this scooter comes with 10+ more colours like: blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow, etc. The deck is featured with low-to-the-ground silicone-injected deck for easy scooting and also very closes to the ground. This makes it safe and sound for the child to adjust and also helps to develop their balance and coordination.

Technical Specification
BrandMicro Kickboard
Age LimitAges 2-5
Wheel3 wheel
Weight capacity75 lbs
Adjust handlebaradjust handlebar from 17″ to 25″

What We Liked

  • Well-made scooter. Adaptable T-bar handlebar
  • low-to-the-ground deck for safety. Smooth and Easy to ride
  • Absorb bumps in the sidewalk. Anti-slip silicone footplate
  • Superior rear brake. Safety certified by the CPSC

What We Didn’t Like

  • A little bit expensive compared with other models

Buying Advice

The upgrade version of Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled scooter is Best scooter ever!!! The Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled scooter is excellent for any young child who seeks fun and adventure outdoors. The scooter is suitable for children up to 75 lbs. The handlebars on this deluxe model are height adjustable. So this scooter is the best scooter for young children.

In 2010 this scooter won the Parents’ Choice Award and also won the Tillywig Top Fun Award in 2014. So, what this means that, this scooter is a super fun experience. And because of this many parents trust and choose for their kids.

03. Micro Kick-board Maxi Original Scooter

If you want to buy a scooter for your Grade-schooler or taller kids, then this scooter would be the most reliable for you. As the Micro Mini original is for toddlers same like This Micro Maxi Original 3-Wheeled scooter is a fantastic product for your children above five years up till 12 years.

It features JoyStick or T-bar these two steering options. The JoyStick will give you better turning and turning while the traditional T-bar, which is 22 inches height, is much easier for balancing.

The wheels of this Micro Maxi are made of top quality PU and are fit for even rough surfaces of urban areas. It made by lean-to-steer technology. Another feature of this scooter is that, all its parts are replaceable. You can also use extendable the steering stick from 24 to 36 inches.

Technical Specification
BrandMicro Kick-board
ModelMicro Maxi Original
Age LimitAges 5-12
Wheel3 wheel
Perfect Ride AreaUrban/Suburban pavements
Rider Weight LimitUp to 110 lbs
Dimension36.6 x 9.1 x 22.4 inches

What We Liked

  • 3-wheel stable construction
  • Features with two steering options: Joy Stick or T-bar
  • Interchangeable handlebar styles
  • Strong and long-lasting buildHigh-quality and non-toxic materials
  • Extendable steering stick
  • Parts are replaceable. Protection brake
  • Runs nicely on both urban and suburban pavements

What We Didn’t Like

  • Little bit expensive

Buying Advice

In summary, this Micro Maxi Original 3-Wheeled is very sturdy, and well-built scooter comes with many colours: red, pink, neon yellow, aqua, etc. Your kids can easily pick any color of his choice. It gives your kids some fun and good exercise. As this scooter, you can use it for your next kids.

04. YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter

Do you want this best pro-3-wheel scooter for your growing-up kids or children? Then This YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter is the best choice for your growing-up kids to give them game and fun. It has a beautiful look and design for both boys and girls will love. This scooter is featured with a unique handlebar design which can easily adjust the height from 28 to 32.5 inches.

Its suits shorter to taller kids very comfortably. The fender brake is easy to use. It provides the most responsive stopping power every single time for little boys and girls.

This scooter is equipped with three 125mm wheels with the super grippy handlebar which makes the rides safe, fast, smooth and fun.  Your kids will look cool and become professional by handling this GLX pro scooter. Also, there will be laughter and laughter. This YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter, 12cm is perfect for five years old and up kids.

Technical Specification
Age Limit Ages 5 and up
Wheel3 wheel
HeightExtends from 28 to 32.5 inches
Weight Capacity110 lbs maximum
Front wheel size125mm

What We Liked

  • Safe and steady design. Easily assemble
  • Adjustable handlebar for growth
  • Non-slip deck. Safe and comfortable grip.
  • Easy-to-use rear fender brake
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality and long-lasting materials

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t Foldaway
  • Not for beginners

Buying Advice

This YBIKE GLX PRO Deluxe 3-Wheel Scooter is perfect for your older and more skilled rider. It’s ‘Lean and Steer’ design features can easily adjustable with your child’s growth. It also equipped with the large front wheel, plus a new fibre reinforced non-slip ABS deck which makes the scooter easy to use. After all, this is an affordable scooter by considering this scooter quality and build. Many happy parents and kids are choosing and using this model every day.

05. Micro Kick-board Mini Original Scooter

Your child will love this “surfing the sidewalk” kickboard mini scooter. It’s one of the highest-rated scooters for 2-5 years, aged children. This scooter comes in various colours like blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow, etc.

This Micro Mini Original scooter is the highest-rated kids’ scooter of its kind, and it offers the highest quality in terms of design and construction. That means you can rest assured that it will last from adventure to adventure, year to year, and child to child.

The Micro Mini features with three wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and safe steering which make it perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners. This scooter is sturdy and long-lasting, which gives your kids the most reliable and most fantastic experience. The children will enjoy this extra exercise as the scooter provide.

Technical Specification
BrandMicro Kickboard
ModelMicro Mini Original
Age Limit 2-5 year olds
Wheel3 wheel
Weight Capacity44lbs
Color Available8 color available

What We Liked

  • The great value of money
  • High-quality three wheels
  • Smooth sliding. Well-made design
  • High-quality and flexible fibreglass reinforced a deck
  • Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Easy to ride

What We Didn’t Like

  • A little bit expensive compared with other models

Buying Advice

Best scooter ever!!! The Mini Micro Scooter is excellent for any young child who seeks fun and adventure outdoors. Children weighing 44 lbs can use this scooter. The Mini Micro itself weighs 1.9kg. So this scooter is the best scooter for young children.

In 2010 this scooter won the Parents’ Choice Award and also won the Tillywig Top Fun Award in 2014. So, what this means that this scooter is a super fun experience. Because of this, many parents trust and choose for their kids.

06. Den Haven Scooters

Want a unique 3-wheeled bike for your toddler?  Then this Deluxe Aluminum 3 Wheel Glider is for your kids to give a safe and fun experience. This scooter is made of sturdy steel, aluminium and carbon which provide it with longevity.  This toddler scooter has an adaptable T- locking bar handlebar which means you can adjust handlebar from 14.5 to 24 incises.

This is an excellent feature for you because you can fit the scooter at each stage of your children growth. This unique 3-wheeled scooter featured with a wide deck and large-sized front rollers which makes it stable, easy to use and well-balanced.  Durable PU secures this unique 3-wheeled.

So it gives you safe and smooth rides even on rough surfaces. It foldable and makes it easy for you to carry around wherever your kid goes. Also features with an easy to use rear brake which brings the scooter to a speedy, safe, and secure stop.

Technical Specification
BrandDen Haven
Model / codeB074BD6Y44
Age Limitaged 3 and up
Wheel3 wheel
T-style handlebarExtends from 14.5 inch to 24 inch
Warranty1 year

What We Liked

  • Strong and long-lasting build
  • Adaptable Telescoping T-bar
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Flexible T-bar handlebar
  • High-quality wide three wheels
  • Different colours to attract a toddler
  • Easy-to-use rear brake
  • 1-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • The brake is not up the mark
  • Some problems with spinning
  • The scooter doesn’t shiny

Buying Advice

This scooter is amazing! Having three wheels makes the bike super easy to use. Because of its Easy-to-use rear brake makes this scooter has more control and feels safer for kids. Thanks to the soft grips, children’s soft hands will also be protected. In summary, it is super affordable, and many parents will love it.

07. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Do you want a colourful & remarkable Razor, Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick scooter for your loveable children? Then you must check out this model. This Razor blue scooter for your sons and pink scooter for your daughters. The Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter Is an all-new design model for a mini kick scooter.

Its three-wheeled design helps children to build coordination and maintain balance. As it is foldable with a secure fold mechanism that makes it super portable. This thoughtful design also makes this model quick and easy to put together.

This lovely scooter, the colourful scooter has a very sturdy model because it made by steel and aluminium while the base is made from high-quality plastic. This Razor Jr. Scooter is perfect for three years old and up kids. After all, this is an affordable three-wheeled scooter with the ideal colour of blue and pink versions for your adorable children.

Technical Specification
ModelKiddie Kick / Foldable
Age Limit3 and up
ConstructionHigh quality steel, aluminum and plastic
Wheel3 wheel
Rider Weight Limit45 lbs
AssembleQuick and easy

What We Liked 

  • Safe and steady design
  • Wide deck for balance
  • Soft and grippy handles
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use. Foldable for easy storage

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not many colour choices

Buying Advice

This scooter is precise as pictured. It’s super easy to assemble and easy to use. Unlike the new style scooters with two wheels in front, this has excellent manoeuvrability and turning radius. The base is weighted, so the centre of gravity is low and does not tip easily. Also, the fun orange and blue colour combo are very cheerful and different. Your kid will love the scooter so much! As Made from urethane It looks very sturdy and appears to be made to last.

08. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

If it is the first time for your toddler then Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is best. This one looks lovable. This scooter comes in various colours. As the kid likes exciting things, this scooter is delightful for your sons and daughters both.

The boys can go to the Sport colour. And the Deluxe Pink or Sparkle for the girls. This model is specially designed for beginner riders. It’s super easy to ride. Your toddler will become a master in this scooter in no time. It has two wheels in front, which makes it stable and safe for a toddler to ride on it. This scooter also has Extensive Foot Deck for improving your children balance.

The turning radius is designed for added protection without compromising mobility, and the foot-brake also provides extra control. For this reason, your toddler can enjoy a great ride, and you don’t have to worry. It’s perfect for 2-5 years kids.

Technical Specification
BrandRadio Flyer
ModelMy 1st Scooter
Age Limit2 – 5 years
BrakeNot Included
Wheel3 wheel
Rider Weight50 lbs

What We Liked

  • Secure and well-made design
  • Different colours to attract a toddler
  • Easy and enjoyable handle
  • Extensive Foot Deck for balance
  • Easily assemble. Lightweight
  • Great Build Quality. Easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t Foldaway
  • Plastic wheels

Buying Advice

This scooter is sturdy, and the base is broad and safe. It has the double wheels in the front so it is effortless to ride and has a secure push so it would be the priority for all parents. Your toddler can quickly learn it fast because this scooter’s turning radius is designed to provide extra protection without compromising mobility. Overall, this scooter is an affordable and very reliable scooter promising your kids lots of smiles and laughter riding it.

09. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Be prepared! Here comes cuteness overload Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter for your kids. This scooter gives your child fun along with speaking & learning capabilities. This is a lovely riding scooter for young babies. It features three different shaped buttons. By pressing these buttons, you can teach your kids how to count, what colours there are, and what shapes there are. And By pressing the working horn, the baby is rewarded with more songs and sound effects. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience both for moms and dads and kids.

While the baby scoots along its Motion switch activates learning content.  It’s Stable, wide-wheel design makes it easy for little ones to balance, and get on & off. There is even a clicker key to put the baby in the driver’s seat of early role-playing fun! As the child grows older, stage by stage, these three levels of play also changes, which gives your toddlers unlimited fun years after years. It’s perfect for 12 months to 3 years baby.

Technical Specification
Age Limit12 months to 3 years
Dimension22.5 x 10.1 x 13 inches
Play Songs50 learning songs
Item Weight5.5 pounds
Batteries3AA batteries

What We Liked 

  • Features with Smart Stages technology
  • Three buttons have differently shaped While scooting along the kids can sing along
  • Elements with 50+ songs and tunes
  • Affordable price
  • Fun and enjoyable experience for parents
  • Included with 3AA batteries

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes the battery is missing

Buying Advice

After all, this is a very unique and super fun scooter.  It does not only help your kids to develop motor skill development but also their language and number skills. Your children will love pressing the button and playing with it all day.

10.Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Do you want a cute red look and shiny steel frame scooter for your toddlers? Then This Radio Flyer Scoot-About is perfect for your toddler. This scooter is just like a lovely mini bicycle. This is a four-wheeled scooter design to helps children to build coordination and maintain balance. This toddler scooter has an adaptable seat which means you can adjust it with the growth of your kid.

This scooter is made by a sturdy steel frame which makes it long-lasting. Its front bumper protects your baby from being pushed on any walls or obstacle. The Scoot About also features easy-glide wheels and real steering for a great ride. Your kids will love its fashionable handlebars because of its real ringing bell, the soft streamers and for Soft and grippy handles. It mainly for 1-3 years kids and Maximum weight capacity is 42 lbs.

Technical Specification
BrandRadio Flyer
ModelRadio Flyer Scoot-About
Age Limit12 months to 3 years
ConstructionHigh quality steel, aluminum and plastic
Height17.6 inches, Adjustable
BrakeNot Included
Weight Capacity42 lbs

What We Liked 

  • Easy to assemble. Safe for kids
  • Four-wheeled scooter
  • Attractive design. Adaptable seat
  • RInging bell for extra fun. Soft streamers and for Soft and grippy handles
  • Long-lasting and robust steel frame build
  • The front bumper protects your baby from obstacles. Easy-to-control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not many colours available
  • The seat is quite slippy

Buying Advice

This scooter is fantastic for your toddler. It’s attractive; fashionable design makes your kids joy and fun. This is easy to assemble, very solid and well made little bike. The bell is an extra fun addition which makes tour children laugh all day. It is also worthy of money for you.


How fast can a kick scooter go?

Usually, a kick scooter can go around 8mph to 10mph. However, depending on the rider, road, and scooter construction, it can vary. Such as if you like to go 1 mile, then this scooter is one of the fastest media of commuting.

Do scooters have brakes?

Brakes are an essential factor in a scooter because it controls the speed of the bike. So all the scooters are must equipped with a brake.There are different types of brakes used in the scooter. A hand brake and rear fender brake are the Two Most common popular brakes. The hand brake is located on the handlebar and its control by hand. And the rear brake is on the rear wheel and controlled by the feet.

Are Kick Scooters good for exercise?

Kick Scooters are one of the best ways for good exercise. This scooter is more famous for burning calories. Such as if you scooting 45 minutes then in an hour you can burn an average of 350 calories which is equivalent to around 1lb a week weight loss. It is more than double of walking. So a Kick Scooter is an excellent exercise for your body.

Is it illegal to ride a scooter without a helmet?

If you use a kick scooter, then legally it does not require wearing a helmet. But, if you are driving an electric scooter then in some states you must wear a helmet. To avoid any unwanted injuries, you should wear protective gears, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards and also a correct helmet.

Can electric scooters be used on the road?

In some countries, Electric scooters are allowed to be used on the road. Countries like the US and some other European countries, the scooter can be used for short journeys and under a specific speed. However, some states such as the UK banned using the electric bike on the road.

Things to Consider While Buying a Scooter

Now, Are you going to buy a scooter for you or your children? If it is yes, then you must read how to choose a scooter. Because in this article, I told you what type of scooter is right for you or your toddler or growing-up kids. And there are some few things to consider while buying a scooter. So don’t be late and let’s get started.

Final Words

So that’s all. I think now you gained a full course on Best Scooter for Toddler. In the market, there are various scooters with varieties of features and price. You learned how to pick out the best scooter for your child. And we also reviewed you a list of the top 09 scooters on the market available today. So now, pick one and watch your child’s face light up when they ride it for the first time.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. You can also check out our Review product. You will not be disappointed with my confidence. If there are any other questions or suggestion about Best Scooter for Toddler just let us inform. Happy Riding……..

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