Best Scooter for Teenager – Reviews

In this age of technology, many parents find it challenging to keep their teenagers comfortable, go the field, and play. Because of smartphones, they always want to stay home, and for that, they cannot be social. If you are in this situation, always worry about how to activate your teenager. However, you will be thrilled to find out that the best scooter for teenager is one of the strategies to convince your child to be active.

Scooters will work just like magic for your teen. The scooter will be a great way to get natural air and enjoy their adolescence with friends. In the past, scooters were used as toys for toddlers. Today, teenagers are beginning to enjoy them too. It is more than just a ride to them. Teenagers have taken this electric scooter to a whole new level. In addition to using scooters in their daily lives, they also perform jumps and stunts. As a parent, you should help get the best scooter for teenager.

01. Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter

best scooter for teenager

Want to give your teenager the best and safe riding experience? Check out this one. Razor Power Core E90 is another well thought out budget-friendly electric bike from Razor Company. This time Razor replaced their old chain-driven motors with a new 90W high torque chain-driven motor. On a single charge of 12v sealed, lead-acid batteries, it will give you a maximum of an 80-minute uninterrupted and continuous ride.

This Power Core Super Quiet Hub Motor is power-wise balanced correctly and is maintenance-free with no Alignment, no chain, and no tensioner needed. The power core has push-button throttle control on the right-hand comfort grip. This hand-operated Front end fender brake ensures easy to operate for smoother stopping. Urethane (plastic) front wheel and TPU (rubber) rear wheel are abrasions and cut resistant and gives the teens a stable, safe, and quiet ride even on a slippery road.

The durable retractable kickstand ensures an upright position from falling off ground, and if you want to park the scooter can easily open by the foot. This light-weight scooter has a steel frame, which makes it durable and sturdy but quite straight-forward to assemble and easy enough for transport. It is 21.75 pounds but can support a maximum load of 120 lbs.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Riding time is double because of new power core technology and design features
  • Powerful motor and rechargeable battery
  • Light-weight. Easy to ride and assemble
  • Long charge times. Free Maintenance


  • Slow Speed
  • For smooth surfaces only

Why We Like It

The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is specially designed for an adventurous teenager. It allows them to develop speed, balance, and coordination without the threat of damage or injury. This reliable and dependable scooter has a quiet and powerful motor with two batteries. So your kids get a decent 80-minute continuous run time to roam around the park or playground and explore all areas. This is an incredibly powerful electric scooter within a reasonable price in the market.

02. HUDORA 230 Big Wheel Kick Scooters

HUDORA 230 Big Wheel Kick Scooters

Is your teenager love adventures? Children of this age have a lot of energy to burn. Therefore, to make their time more enjoyable, this HUDORA 230 Big Wheel Kick Scooter will be the best option for your teenager. This beautiful, stylish, convenient to commute in city streets scooter has a high-quality aluminum slip-resistant deck and body coupled with reinforced wings. This makes the scooter light, sturdy and durable.

Long-lasting, study, and highly durable fender stainless steel alloy brake helps to better control over scooter as possible. This 5 kg weight Kick scooter can easily carry up to 264 lbs and 3 1/2 ft adjustable handlebars suitable for 6 feet taller people.

This kick scooter has PU cast befitting materials 230 mm wide front and 205 mm wide rear anti-abrasive, high rebounding, shock-absorbing wheel. This feature ensures riders extra comfort, better steering, and comfortable handle able ability. The five heights 3-Seconds Easy-Folding Mechanism makes the light-weight scooter lift and carry anywhere you want.


  • The big wheel is suitable for a comfortable ride, smooth paths, and light gravel
  • Easily and fast Folds up
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Robust, sturdy and durable
  • Great Balance capability


  • A portable handlebar makes it less sturdy as compared to a non-collapsible T handlebar.

Why we liked it

This HUDORA 230 Big Wheel is a Germany branded kick scooter that is designed for adventure-loving teenagers and adults. This German patented Hudora big wheel scooter is also certified by the CE and GS government safety standards.  If you want the best scooter for city, school, or college commuting or for riding longer distances, then this Big Wheel 230 is the best choice for your teenager.

03. Razor E300 Durable Adult & Teen Ride

Razor E300 Durable Adult & Teen Ride

Another high-quality material and latest technology teenagers electric scooter are Razor E300 made by RAZOR, one of the well-known leading brands in the manufactured scooter. This electric scooter is perfect for both kids and adults. Its Super-sized deck gives plenty of spacious foot space for the biggest feet of people, and the taller frame makes the handlebars reachable for taller people. Its retractable kickstand provides any teen or adult smooth and comfortable ride.

This fastest electric scooter does not require a manual push. Because of its powerful, quiet motor estimated at 250 watts, it could run at the rate of 15 miles for every one hour. The high-torque chain-driven engine also provides a faster, quiet, and safe ride to riders. It has two 12V rechargeables sealed lead acid battery that comes with a battery charger. After 12 hours charge, the rider can enjoy a comfortable ride up to 40 minutes without stopping.

Variable twist-grip throttle acceleration and a hand-operated rear brake provide the rider complete riding control on the scooter. This electric scooter is fitted with 10 inches pneumatic tires, which provide excellent grip on almost any road and carry up to 220 pounds.


  • Perfect for both adults & teenagers
  • Wider deck and Tires. Easy and simple to assemble
  • Retractable Kickstand. Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Longer lasting Rechargeable battery
  • With Chain Driven Motor it goes at 15 miles per hour


  • Not foldable
  • Heavy scooter than others

Why We Like It

Are you looking for the best electric scooter for your teenager? Then you should consider this Razor E300 electric scooter. This is one of the best highly rated electric bikes on the market. Its energy-efficient, high-power electric motor, efficient and longer-lasting battery system, bigger tires, a comfortable, an enormous deck is sturdily designed for both teenagers and adults.

04. Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 Kids/Adult Drifting Scooter

Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 Kids

Want to give a surprise gift to your teenager on her birthday or charismas? Then consider this Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 Kids/Adult Foldable Wiggle Drifting Scooter. This three-wheeler wiggle scooter has Fast-rolling PU based wheels for lots of speed and smooth gliding. FLEX Technology offers more speeds by maintaining a sheltered balance. This technology also allows riders to do drift, carve, and pull off some cool moves.

The anti-slip ABS and Polypropylene footplates ensure a firm grip and super secure ride by keeping the feet in place. The Quick-response handbrake offers confident control by quick stops. The reinforced steel, industrial carters, and twist and stow folding system allow for folding down the scooter in seconds for simple storage and carrying.

Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 is a fully body-powered scooter. Without doing the unnecessary kicking, to run this scooter, your child has to twist around his hips and mimic the act of skiing. That skiing motion allows the scooter to simply leaning the handlebars to pull off 360-degree spins and neat drifts.


  • Three wheels are suitable for smooth steering and safe balance
  • Great scooter for the money
  • Light-weight and easy to transport
  • The robust, sturdy and durable step-through frame
  • Accessible Accessories


  • Materials are not good enough
  • Not recommended for under-five child

Why we liked it 

This three-wheel is more stable than a standard scooter. This Flex technology scooter ensures fun riding at speeds of up to 25 km/h yet maintaining the balance and is suitable for nine years+ kids or adults up to 220 lbs. It has Anti-vibration rubber handgrips for adding comfortable and silent riding. Above all, The C5 offering a multidirectional riding experience with relaxed and fun for your teenager.

05. Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter

If your kid wants to develop skills in scooting, then consider this Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter. This is a robust, durable, and quality scooter for your children. In this scooter, your teenager can do any style of tricks and develop skills like riding, jumps, and simple tricks as they want to do.

This super durable freestyle Stunt Scooter is using 6061-T6 post-heat-treated aluminum in its decks, and bars.  This makes the Stunt scooter super durable and also ensures the riders able to keep up with freestyle ride. Sustainable and high-quality TIG welding strength the deck, bars, joints, and reinforcements in the six-sided neck profile, to make sure the scooter can do any kind of stunts.

For doing stunts or ride, it has comfortable grips for easy holding and also ensures safety. This scooter has a box section deck, which is specially designed for stunts. Riders can easily do mastering tricks or creating new ones with this well-balanced deck. Fast and precise chrome steel ABEC 5 bearings with High Rebound 88A PU cast wheels with spoked Cores gives the rider smoother and quicker ride.


  • Light-weight, super-tough, heat-treated aluminum deck and bars
  • Affordable priceLong-lasting and strong construction
  • High Rebound 88A PU cast wheel ensures a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Flex brake eliminates rattle


  • Not adjustable handlebars
  • Low-quality materials

Why we liked it

The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter is one of such an affordable scooter without compromise with quality. With this Stunt scooter, your teenager can easily do jump, stunts, and tricks on the streets or at the skate park. As it is versatility in nature, so it is friendly enough to handle any roads. If your kids are earnest about scooting, then this scooter will come in handy and can learns and practice tricks and become experienced.

06. Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

HiBoy is a reputed brand on producing e-scooters in the market. There recent Electric Scooter model is Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter comes with so many welcoming surprises for teenagers. The Hiboy Max has an upgraded 350W front mounted hub motor, which provides a top speed of 18.6 mph. With these features, it can quickly go up 15% hills without a problem. This advanced 8.5″ shock-absorbing and anti-slip solid tires deliver comfortable, safe, and smooth performances while riding.

This electric scooter is easily foldable in a second by actuating with the foot. The front shock absorber Braking system responds more quickly and provides smooth and secure riding to the rider. The rider can control various statistics of the scooter by connecting to the Hiboy App via Bluetooth.

The e-scooter comes with a wider anti-slip foot pedal for support, dual headlights for safe riding at night, and a clear LED dashboard displays the essentials like modes, speed, and battery level. The rider can change the method like Beginner, Normal, and Sport with one tap.


  • Above-average speed on this type of scooter
  • Sturdy and Easy to use
  • Foldable to carry around
  • Long-range Battery
  • Dual headlights and clear LED display offers safe night relieved riding
  • Smooth break ensure safe riding


  • Little heavy to carry around
  • Risky Tires

Why we liked it

Hiboy electric scooter is mainly for adults, but a young teenager can easily enjoy this scooter. At a reasonable price, Hiboy Max is a high-quality scooter. With a long-range 270WH battery, it can quickly go up to 17 miles on a single charge, which is ideal for a teenager to ride for school or a city commute. The overall performance, unique design, and folding feature make this electric scooter so accessible among the young teenager.  

07. Lascoota Scooters

Lascoota Scooters

Here comes another fantastic and cool model scooter for eight years and above old kids is Lascoota Scooters. Though it is specially designed for school, going kids but also ideal for teenagers and even adults. Robust aluminum and steel construction makes the scooter sturdy and stable to use over the year.

The high-quality wear-resistant 205mm big & high-rebound front and rear PU cast wheels to provide the teenager with a smooth and comfortable ride everyday use and abuse. The front suspension, full deck, and heat-treated break ensure the rider smoothest, quick, secure, and easy stops with proper control. When stopped, the handy kickstand is useful to park the scooter instead of lying on the ground.

Its three adjustable handlebars, such as 35, 37, and 39 inches, give the children comfortable to hold the Comfy Rubber Handles Grips handle and also easily adjustable with their growth. The quick and easy push-up folding mechanism making it easy and secure to fold & unfold it in a few seconds and also helps to store and carry it anywhere to want.


  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • No assembly required.
  • Three Adjustable Height Handlebar
  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Shock-absorbing wheels. Front Suspension
  • Anti-slip Extra-wide deck
  • Available colors are Aqua, Army, Graphic, Black and white, Marble, Red


  • Difficult to operate the release button

Why We Like It

Do you want to present this colorful & remarkable scooter for your loveable teenager? Then, just check out this model. Lascoota Scooters is a quality and cool-looking scooter within an affordable price for ages eight and up. But also perfect for teenagers and adults! The combination of high-quality materials made it one of the best kick scooters available in the market.

How to Choose the Best Scooter for Teenager

Now electric/kick scooter is so much popular among teenager. So there are various brands, and types of the scooter are available in the market.

What to look for in an electric scooter For Teens?

Well, when to choose the best scooter for a teenager, you have to consider these several things.


As a teenager like outdoor riding, performing stunts, and jumps so it will be the priority to buy aluminum frames scooters for them. Thought it is lightweight but also makes the scooter durable, more substantial, and stronger. A durable scooter can easily handle rocky terrain and cruising city streets easily.


Construction Material of an electric scooter for teens is essential. The scooter should be durable, also have a high weight limit capacity, but it should be lightweight as well. Tough aluminum alloys and steel Materials are perfect for electric scooters, and most scooters branded are used this. They are strong enough to ride on rocky terrain or to do stunts.  

Weight Limit 

Weight Limit is an essential factor when purchasing scoter. You certainly do not want to buy one with a 50 lbs weight limit when buying your teenager's scooter. So always ensure the size and the maximum weight capacity of the model. Because of the higher the weight limit, the better the will for teens.


If the Wheels of a scooter are cheap and flimsy, then it doesn’t matter how good your teen is. Depends on the Wheels scooter can roll and ensure much fun to ride. So Wheels are a significant component for scooters and must avoid cheap and low-quality wheels for a scooter. Rubber wheels are best for electric scooter because of its durability and grip.  


If the scooter has quickly and fast Folds up features, then the teenager can take them just about anywhere. It became more convenient for teenagers and allowed them to try out tricks on the outside of scooting or walking distance. A portable scooter can quickly move around for easy transportation, easily tossed into the trunk, and keep away when not in use.


It’s the primary consideration and ensures how fast it can get you to your destination. Usually, the Top speeds of electric scooter ten mph to 30 mph. If your teen wants a scooter for school, park, and more, then average speed, mostly 8-12MPH, will be sufficient to get them there.


On full recharge, an electric scooter can last more than 40-45 minutes. If your teen wants a scooter for school, park, and more, then the average range scooter will be sufficient to get them there.

Deck & Frame Size

Every child is different. Someone is bigger and some smaller. While scooting the overall performance of the kids depends on the size of the scooter's deck and frame. Someone's legs are small but to move around, and for some off-road travel, he likes a wide or full-size deck featured scooter. Again, the child’s legs may be larger, but he does not bother about how much space there in the deck for the feet to do perform. So, before making a purchase decision must consider this.

Battery life

The battery life of a scooter ensures the rider how far they will be riding. Consider a long-lasting battery to ensure a long journey and can last for 60-80 minutes on a single charge.


Before buying a scooter for your child must consider the budget. You will be surprised to know that you do not have to spend a lot to buy a scooter. Nowadays, It is possible to buy good quality e-scooter at an affordable price. However, for the fast and feature-rich models, prices will steadily increase somehow.


Safety should be the top priority while riding a scooter. Anyone should not compromise with this. Don’t forget to wear a helmet, protective elbow, and knee pads or wearing closed-toe shoes. Apart from this, don’t forget to invest in some quality protective gear. Before buying an electric scooter for a teenager must consider the quality of the scooters of tire, sturdiness, and stability, good handles, etc. Also, they have to ensure that they are riding in safe areas and on appropriate surfaces.

The Law

The laws of riding an electric Scooter is generally varying from state to state. It will be suitable and always advisable to check the laws of the country before using an electric scooter. Some states allow only 16 to 18 years teenagers to ride a scooter. They permit specific cycle paths or trails for riding an electric scooter. Some states allow them on roads and sidewalks. But don’t forget to use safety gear while riding a scooter. Wearing a helmet is a must while riding a scooter. When riding in public, some states charge the rider if they are not wearing a helmet.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. What is the perfect deck height for kids?

Scooter deck is the essential part because here, your kids stand and give all the weight of the body. This deck is also the distance between the platform and the ground. For a balanced ride, 60 to 70mm is perfect deck height.

02. Are scooters safe for a teenager?

Of course, scooters are safe for teenagers. The manufacturer of scooters uses the latest technology to build their scooters by meeting all the safety requirements, to make them durable and robust. Before releasing in the market, they also test scooters and even certified for safety. Before purchase, it is a good idea to read the information on the package. But don’t forget to take safety precautions as well.

03. Can an electric scooter go uphill?

An electric scooter goes uphill. But to climb a scooter uphill, you have to consider some factors such as climb angle, the weight of the driver, Battery and motor of that electric scooter, the tiers of the scooter, etc.

04. How fast can an electronic Scooter go? 

Usually, the majority of the electric scooters have the Top speed generally around 10-20 mph. But with the improvements in battery capabilities, it can go 30 mph.

05. How much weight does the scooter support?

The amount of weight a scooter can support depends on the specific scooter. Since aluminum is thin and light-weight metal, a scooter can usually support no more than 250 pounds. However, most bikes are capable of supporting around 220 pounds.

06. Does a scooter need any tools to put together?

The general rule is that no equipment is needed to put the scooter together because most scooters come pre-assembled. But the best way is to always double-check with the seller at the time of purchase.

07. Are Electric Scooters Street Legal?

Electric scooters are usually legal to drive on the streets, bike lanes, or sidewalks. However, these laws differ from city to country. Therefore, to legally operate electric scooters on the roads, the rules of the vehicle should be observed.

The benefit of Electric Scooter

01. The first and foremost benefit of Electric Scooter is it is an excellent means of transportation. It helps to move around wise ease.

02. Electric Scooter has the best control, durability, and balance. Without any trouble, it is also used for longer miles and distance.

03. Another Benefit of Electric Scooter is it is cost-effective. Here you don't need any fuel or oil. It does also not require any regular maintenance.

04. It also brings lots of joy and excitement among the riders to explore around.

Final words

Scooter ensures fast, effortless, and smooth-riding for teenagers. Electric Scooters are one of the best solutions to give your teenagers freedom from their boredom life and make them social. It also helps them to maintain fitness with fun and sport. For the teenager, it is widely accepted modes of transportation in the school and around in the city.

As a parent, don't you want your teenagers to enjoy the freedom of traveling in this city freely?

But from various types of electric scooters in the market, getting the best scooter for a teenager is difficult. After researching and analyzing the market here, you can find seven best scooter for teenager.  You can choose according to your teenagers’ needs, which are also good enough for commuting around. I hope our buying guide will help you to pick the best electric scooters for your teenagers, ensure their adolescence and make them happy.

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