Best Road Bikes Under 300 ‐ Beat The Crazy Traffic

A road bike can be the best companion for you. It is pretty fast when compared with the other types of bicycles, it keeps you fit, and most importantly, it can beat the crazy traffic of your city. Besides, the bike doesn’t require any fuel, which makes it friendly for the environment. Road bikes nowadays are available at a pretty reasonable price. You can even get a decent bike with all the precise features at under 300. Today we will let you know about some of the best road bikes under 300.

If you are new in the universe of the road bikes, then it can be a little tricky to find out a suitable bike for you. However, don’t worry; let us help you. Today, we will introduce you to some of the market-dominating road bikes. As a result, you don’t need to check a lot of bikes to find the correct one for you. Keep reading the article to know in brief about your chosen road bikes for you.

Best Road Bikes Under 300 Reviews

The below-mentioned road bikes have been chosen based on our in-depth and careful research by considering various aspects of the bike. While choosing, we have considered the frame construction, material used, component quality, optimizations, as well as the previous customer impressions over the bike. Below, we have given you detailed information about the selected bikes.

01. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Quick Spec
ModelTakara Tomy
Users height 5.8 – 6.2-feet height
Weight35.2 Pounds

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike with its stylish and sleek design is one of the best-selling road bikes available in the market currently. The bike is specially designed for the busy city roads to beat the traffic and reach your destination comfortably.  It offers you comfortable, straightforward, stylish, and relaxing rides which make the bikes one of the best choices for all types of riders.

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike has a steel frame which may shock you. But the overall weight of the bike is only 37 pounds which is almost as same as the aluminum bikes. Besides, the steel frame construction of the bike ensures that you will get a lifetime performance from the bike without any issues. One thing that makes the bicycle unique is its flip flop hub addition. It allows you to switch from the fixed gear to standard quickly. Users often find the bike complex to use that includes multiple levels of gears. But it is not going to happen with the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike.

Though the bike includes a steel frame construction, other components such as the wheel rims, side pull brakes, etc. are made from aluminum. The side pull brakes of the bike are highly smooth and safe. The bike comes in a box as unassembled. However, the assembly procedure of the bike is very. You can do it following the manual and tutorials with the included tools.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality steel frame and fork construction for lifelong durable performance.
  • Single-speed gear; smooth single to standard gear shifting.
  • Perfect for users with 5.8 – 6.2-feet height.
  • 3-piece 170mm Steel Chain Ring crankset with 44 Tooth.
  • Alloy Cage Design pedal with Toe Clips.
  • Single wall 32-hole Alloy Rims and quality Stainless Steel Spoke.

What we liked

  • Offers comfortable, smooth, and stylish rides.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Include durable components for longterm performance.
  • Available at an extremely low price.
  • Comes with a stunning and colorful, stylish design.

What we didn’t like

  • Limited height support (5.8 – 6.2 feet).
  • Brakes require some adjustment for better performance.

Buying Advice

According to our research, the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is currently the Best Road bikes under 300. The bike is straightforward to operate with straightforward gear switch, looks stunning with a sleek finish, and obviously great value for the money. If you are aiming for a bike at an affordable price which can help you for commuting as well as fun rides then Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike can be an absolute no brainer for you.

02. Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike

Quick Spec
ModelVolare 1400
Speed14 speed
Wheel MadeAlloy wheels
Weight28 pounds

Schwinn is a dependable name when it comes to bicycle. They have been manufacturing quality bikes at a reasonable price for a long time. As the manufacturer advertised, the bike is nimble and agile and built to go fast.  The bike includes a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame construction and steel fork construction which in combination offer smooth and easy rides.

The Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike is equipped with 14 speed integrated Shimano shifter which allows you precise speed shifting at different types of condition. The brake, as well as the derailleurs of the bike, is also manufactured by Shimano. Such combinations of features will provide you an excellent experience of smooth and agile riding. The bike features 700c road tires along with strong but lightweight aluminum alloy double-wall rims.

One nice thing we noticed about the bike is the handlebar, stem, seat post, etc. are all made from lightweight aluminum. The total weight of the bike, including all equipment is only 28 pounds. It comes with a medium-sized frame with attractive matte red finish. As like as the other bikes from the manufacturer, this bike has a limited lifetime warranty

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum rigid fitness frame and rigid fork for long-term performance.
  • Flat styled handlebar and sport riding seat.
  • Shimano rear derailleur and shifter brake lever combo will give you precise shifting.
  • Alloy linear-pull brakes on the front and rear mean that stopping.
  • Aluminum frame, alloy wheels, alloy crank, alloy brakes, and Shimano components.

What we liked

  • Limited lifetime warranty for tension-free use.
  • Fast and smooth with Schwinn road tires.
  • Perfect for both commuting and leisure rides.
  • Most of the components are from Shimano for precise performance.
  • Very easy to assemble with included manual.

What we didn’t like

  • Brake requires some fine-tuning for proper performance.

Buying Advice

The Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike is an excellent bike that includes quality components to provide you smooth and agile riding experience. On the other hand, the entire bike parts are made from aluminum which makes the bike lightweight and at the same time, strong for a long lifespan. You can pick the bike without further hesitation.

03. Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

Quick Spec
Speed21 Speed
Frame Size49 cm and 54 cm
BrakesDual disc brakes
Replacement parts1 year some free replacement parts

The Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike is one of the coolest bikes we have reviewed in the article. Though available at a low price, the bike comes with a glossy premium look which can seduce anyone. Another impressive thing about the bike is it includes some cool features too which you will usually not notice in this price range. The bike comes with a steel frame which may be a little heavier but ensures long-term durability.

The Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike features 21 speeds Shimano shifting system. The Shimano components offer you a consistent and smooth speed shifting at any condition. One thing we loved about the bike is it provides you better control and versatility when compared with the other bikes in our list. Another impressive thing about the bike is it has dual disc brakes. This type of brake is scarce in the bikes of this price range and only found in the premium bikes. Such brake will offer you a pin drop accurate performance at any types of terrains.

The bike has an Iron racing drop-bar handlebar which offers you an aerodynamic riding position. As a result, you can easily achieve a faster speed with the bike. It includes high-quality wheels which also help you enjoy a smoother journey for a long time. The bike comes as 80% assembled, which means you will only need to assemble a few parts.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality steel frame construction for long-term performance.
  • Iron racing drop-bar handle for the aerodynamic riding position and faster rides.
  • Highly efficient dual disc brakes to stop the bike within no times.
  • High-quality Shimano speed shifter and derailleurs.
  • Lightweight aluminum wheel rims for smooth and easier rides.

What we liked

  • Stunning and premium racing bike lookalike design.
  • Sturdy frame construction for long-term performance.
  • High-quality components.
  • Dual disc brake; offer you pin-drop accurate control.

What we didn’t like

  • A little bit heavier.
  • As includes a steel frame, it can get rust over time.

Buying Advice

The premium-grade bike with attractive look is not a thing for most of the bike due to the price. The Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike can give you a premium feel with its astonishing design. Apart from the look, the bike also includes some premium features such as the dual disc brake. The only drawback of the bicycle is its weight, but it shouldn’t stop you from buying the bike. You can still get a worthy performance from the bike.

04. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Quick Spec
BrakesAlloy Caliper brakes

The Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike another excellent road bike with sleek and stylish design. Though available at a low price, the bike comes with 6061 butted aluminum frame construction. Such frame construction makes the bike extremely lightweight and easy to ride. For those who require riding long distance on the roads, the bike will be an excellent companion.

Though a road bike, the Vilano R2 Commuter offer you a wide range of gears. The 21-speed drivetrain allows you to handle a variety of situations. Shifting the gears of the bike is also easier with A050 Thumb Shifters. The drivetrain of the bike as well rear derailleur, front derailleur, and the shifter come from the world-class manufacturer Shimano. With such components, you can get a smooth and flawless gear shifting in the bike.

The Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike comes with a drop bar handlebar. That means there will be multiple hand positioning options for you. The bike also includes 700c Doubled Walled CNC Alloy Wheels. Those wheels are highly durable and lightweight at the same time. It has alloy caliper brakes which allow you to stop the bike securely stop the bike as required. The bike doesn’t come as assembled. However, the assembly procedure is pretty easy with the help of the included manual.

Highlighted Features

  • 6061 Double Butted Lightweight Aluminum Frame.
  • A050 Thumb Shifters for easier gear shifting.
  • Hi-Tenn steel for more extended durability and smooth performance.
  • 700c Doubled Walled CNC Alloy Wheels with Quick Release Skewers.
  • Alloy Caliper brake and seat post; urban comfort saddle.

What we liked

  • The shifter and derailleurs of the bike are from Shimano.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Extremely lightweight and beautiful appearance.
  • Quick-release wheels and seat post.
  • Smooth gear shifting.

What we didn’t like

  • The brake and the tires of the bike could be better.
  • Don’t include a kickstand.

Buying Advice 

The Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike is a well-designed bicycle which includes quality components from top manufacturers. It can offer you a smooth and fast riding experience on city roads. The bike can also perform well in rough terrains as it includes a variety of gears. As it is available at different sizes, rider of any age can find the bike fit and comfortable to ride. Overall, you can invest in this bike without any further thought for satisfactory and durable performance for a long time.

05. Hiland 700c Road Bike

Quick Spec
BrandHH Hiland
Part NumberRD005bk-54
FrameHiland steel
Speed14 Speeds
TiresKenda 700-25c
ShiftersShimano SY20A

The manufacturer Hiland may not be a top-rated manufacturer of road bikes, but they are ready to dominate the market with high-quality products. The Hiland 700c Road Bike is a new product from the manufacturer which comes with astonishing design and properly optimized features to provide you a satisfactory performance. The bike includes hi-Ten steel frame and fork to offer you a strong performance for a long time. Though it has steel construction, the weight of the entire bike is only 26.3 lbs which are almost same as the aluminum bikes.

The Hiland 700c Road Bike offers you 14 speeds for a smooth and faster-riding experience depending on your roads. With the Shimano SY20A thumb shifter, you can shift between the gears as required conveniently. The derailleurs of the bike are also manufactured from the topnotch manufacturer Shimano. It has high-quality aluminum rims and 700*25C High-performance tires. The durable rims and tires can withstand any rough terrains for a long time.

The Hiland 700c Road Bike is available at different sizes for a better bike fit. It has a drop bar handlebar as like as most of the road bikes available in the market. Such handlebar, offer you multiple hand position for a comfortable ride. It comes as 85% factory assembled. Only a few parts required assembling which you can even do from your own with the included easy to follow manual.

Highlighted Features

  • Hiland hi-Ten steel frame and fork for extended durability.
  • Shimano SY20A thumb shifter with 14 Speeds to easily change the speed.
  • Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleur.
  • Kenda 700-25c 48mm Presta valve tires for smooth rides.
  • 700c Aluminum rims for easier and faster journeys.

What we liked

  • Available at a low price.
  • Lightweight and quality components.
  • Beautiful and optimized design.
  • Multiple size option for better fits.

What we didn’t like

  • As includes a steel frame, it can get rust quickly.

Buying Advice

The Hiland 700c Road Bike is a nicely designed road bike which can be used for multiple purposes apart from commuting. Though the bike comes with steel construction, it is very lightweight and offers you comfortable and satisfactory rides. If you are searching for a bike which can accompany day to day busy routes, then the bike can be the right choice for you.

06. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Quick Spec
ModelTommaso Imola
Speed24 speed
BrakesRim Brakes
DrivetrainShimano Claris

The Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike is another impressive road bike which owns our hearts with powerful features a quality design. What we liked most about the bike is its lifetime frame warranty which we don’t find in the other bikes. Moreover, though manufactured from a different country, they manufactured has a USA based customer support team to help you with any issues 24/7. The frame of the bike is crafted from aluminum which makes the bike extremely lightweight and offers you smooth rides.

The Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike use most recent Shimano components to offers you smooth riding experience. It has R2000 Claris STI shifters which allow changing the gears of the bike easy and conveniently. Even the full groupset of the bike is manufactured from Shimano to ensure reliable performance. The wheels of the bicycle are also made from high-quality aluminum to provide you durable and long-term performance.

The Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike has a compact frame geometry which offers a relaxed riding position to all kind of riders. As the bike is available at multiple sizes, anyone with any heights can find this bike perfect fit. The handlebar of the bike is also adequately optimized to provide you a comfortable holding position. The bike comes as almost assembled; only a few parts require assembling which you can easily complete with the included manual.

Highlighted Features

  • Super lightweight and high-quality aluminum frame and wheels.
  • Brand new models of Shimano Shifters, Derailleurs, Crank, and Brakes.
  • Cables are routed under the bar for a nice look.
  • Compact frame geometry and multiple sizes for relaxing rides.
  • Shallow handlebar drops with comfortable handlebar position.

What we liked

  • Nicely designed with high-quality Shimano components.
  • Extremely lightweight; weighs only 25 lbs.
  • Drilled frames for adding accessories like fender, racks, etc.
  • Superior build-quality; lifetime frame warranty.

What we didn’t like

  • The derailleurs are a little tricky to adjust.

Buying Advice

With high-quality and precise components, the Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike can offer you optimum performance. As the wheel and the frame of the bike are made from high-quality aluminum, you can get a long-term performance from the bike without any issues. The price of the bike may be a little excess when compared with the other bikes on the article. But if performance is your priority, then the price shouldn’t hold you back from buying it.

07. Raleigh Bikes Rush Hour Fixed Gear City Bike

Quick Spec
Part number14-17-1621
Size54 cm and 57 cm
Weight29 lbs

The Raleigh Bikes Rush Hour Fixed Gear City Bike is a little different than the other bike mentioned in our article. The bike comes with fixed gear which means you are free from the hassles of balancing the apparatus and the cables. Apart from being an excellent performer on the paved roads, the bike can be a great companion for you for different types of rides, including criterium racing, time trials, and bike messenger use.

The best thing about the Raleigh Bikes Rush Hour Fixed Gear City Bike is it includes the proper bike geometry. As a result, you can enjoy a relaxing ride while continually pedaling. It has a Hi-Ten steel frame which provides you a lively feel of riding and at the same time, ensures the long-term durability of the bike. It also includes a steel fork for bump absorption and smoothening the rides.

The Raleigh Bikes Rush Hour Fixed Gear City Bike is equipped with an alloy butted track handlebar. The handlebar is lower than the seat to offer you an aerodynamic riding position for faster rides. The pedals are made out of cast-aluminum, and they are correctly optimized for the comfort of the rider. Besides, it has Kenda wheels with Alex Rims which make pedaling easier for you. The bike comes as almost assembled. You will only require to attach the brakes.

Highlighted Features

  • Hi-Ten Steel sturdy and stylish frame with proper track-inspired geometry.
  • Satori track handlebars allow for additional grip, aerodynamic riding position.
  • Classic Road Seat for a comfortable riding position and sufficient stamina.
  • Include Alloy Micro-Adjust Seatpost Clamp with spring for absorbing shocks.
  • A responsive and effective braking mechanism for performing well at different conditions.
  • Single-speed drivetrain minimal hassle and long-lasting performance.

What we liked

  • Minimalistic, classic design for riding with style.
  • Strong and sturdy components.
  • Faster ride with aerodynamic rides.
  • Perfect geometry for urban rides.

What we didn’t like

  • The brakes are not highly powerful.

Buying Advice

The Raleigh Bikes Rush Hour Fixed Gear City Bike is a nicely designed race bike influenced road bike which is lightweight 24lbs even with steel frame. The bike offers you an aerodynamic riding position which makes the bike perfect for going at a higher speed during the rush hours. With the classic and gentle design along with high quality and precise components, the bike is just what you need to ride with steel.

How to Choose the Right Road Bike (Buying Guide)

Choosing a road bike is a little bit complex than choosing other types of bikes. That is because a road bike consists of additional features and optimization which are needed to be considered before checking. Below, we discussed some of the top considerations that you should make to end up with a decent road bike.

Frame Construction

It doesn’t matter which types of bikes you are buying; the frame construction is the first thing that needs to be considered thoroughly. The road bikes can come in three different frame constructions which are aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber.

The aluminum frame construction is considered as one of the best choices for all types of bike because of its lightweight property. Such frame constructions can provide you a very smooth and comfortable ride. Another impressive thing about the aluminum material is they are inexpensive. Most of the bike in the market currently comes with an aluminum frame.

The steel frame may not be lightweight as like aluminum, but it is very robust. A bike with a steel frame can give you a lifetime performance without any issues. However, there is not a lot of bicycle with a steel frame on the market as they are not very comfortable to ride.

The carbon fiber frame construction is lighter than aluminum and sturdier than steel. A road bike that is equipped with carbon fiber construction can give you the most comfortable ride ever. However, as it is costly, only the expensive hybrid bike arrives with such frames.

Frame Geometry

The frame of different types of bike mays looks same to you, but they are not equal at all. Most of the road bikes come with recreational geometry. Such bikes offer you an upright seating position and perfect for commuting and leisure rides. On the other hand, road bikes can also come with race geometry which usually offers you an aerodynamic seating position. These bikes are perfect for faster rides, and they will also cost you much.

Bike Size

Bike size is one of the most crucial things to consider before buying a bike. You will never be able to get a relaxing ride from the bike unless you choose a proper bike fit. Before going out for purchasing the bike, measure your inseam. Your inseam is the distance from your pubic area to the foot while standing straight. That will help you to choose the right fit bike. You can also measure the bike by seating on it. You should be capable of easily touching the ground with your feet and the handlebar with your hands.

Brake Types

The brake another vital thing to consider while buying a road bike. As there will be a lot of vehicles on the roads, you will need to use brake a lot. So, it is essential to choose a powerful braking mechanism. The road bike either comes with the rim brake (also known as the caliper brake) or the disc brake.

The rim brake has been used in the road brake from its beginning. There are certain advantages of the rim brake. The rim brake is very inexpensive and very easy to fix. They can produce enough power most of the time to stop the bike with ease. You can also change it very easily.

 On the other hand, the disc brake is comparatively a new component for the road bikes. They are highly potent and work immediately. However, the disc brakes are only used in the costly road bikes. They are also complex to fix and change. Choose the brake’s type carefully, as you will not able to convert the brakes once bought.

Cranksets and Gearing

Road bikes can come with either a compact crankset, double or triple crankset. The compact and double crankset both have two chainrings. Usually, the chainrings are combined with the 10-speed cassette on the back wheel, which in total makes 20 gears. The compact crankset, as the name suggests, is smaller in size and has fewer teeth when compared with the double crankset.

Besides, the triple crankset has three chainrings which are combined with the nine-speed cassette on the back wheel and makes up to 27 gears. The triple crankset is very popular in the entry-level road bikes and perfect for different types of rides.

You will suggest you go for either triple crankset or compact crankset for a better fit and smoother rides. As you grow experiences on the bike, you can get double crankset in the future.


The groupset refers to the mechanical parts of the bike that required while changing the gear, braking, drivetrain. The groupset includes shifter, brake levers, crankset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, brake calipers, etc. It is very vital to consider groupset while buying the bike as the performance of the bike mostly depends on it.

Usually, the groupset of the bike comes from the same manufacturer. Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are the biggest manufacturer of bike groupsets. Amongst them, Shimano is the largest and manufacture most of the bike’s groupset in the market. SRAM is also famous for its quality components.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels of the bike are one of the essential things to consider while buying a bike. That’s because the comfort and smoothness of the rides depend on the wheels of the bike mostly. The wheels of the bike are consists of rim and tires. Generally, the rim is either made out of aluminum or steel. Make sure that the rim is well constructed so that it doesn’t wear out quickly.

 Most of the road bikes currently come with either 700x23mm or 700x25mm size. Okay, if you don’t understand what it means then let me clarify for you. Here the first number 700/700c means the wheel diameter while the second number means the width of the tire. The 700x25mm size is a much popular choice amongst cyclist as it is comfortable and faster.


The road bikes are available at a wide range of budget. There are quite a good number of bikes available in the market, starting from $100 to $2000. As a beginner, we will suggest you go for a bike which won’t cost you much. We listed some of the best road bikes in the market which are available on under $200. You can choose from here to be assured about the quality. If you have an additional budget, then you can invest it on the component upgrade and other accessories.


If you are planning to ride the bike on roads often then you must equip it with some necessary accessories. As an example, you will need a horn to send a signal to the other vehicles on the road. Besides, if you are going to drive at night, then you will need to equip the bike with lights. You may also require a bike brake to keep the bike secured. Such accessories can be found in bike shops and online.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked question about road bikes and their answers:

What’s the difference between a road bike and a touring bike?

Road bikes are usually light and stiff so that they can offer a faster ride. On the other hand, the touring bike is built for stability and relaxing trips. Road bike usually includes a lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber frame construction for an easier and faster journey. Besides, the touring bike typically consists of a steel frame for carrying a better weight load.  Moreover, they include different frame geometry and different handlebar construction. Tour bike usually equipped with butterfly bar handlebar and the road bike use flat bar or riser bar handlebar.

What are the road rules for cyclists?

Here are some crucial rules of cyclist to follow while riding a bike on the roads:

  • Ride the bike in the same direction as the flow of traffic.
  • Obey the traffic signs and signal.
  • Equip with proper safety gear according to the state law.
  • Use the bike bell for signaling the pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Never ride on the sidewalk or footpath.

Is it challenging to ride a road bike?

The answer is no. The older road bikes were hard to ride, but modern bikes include proper optimization, which makes them an easier ride. Currently, the road bikes include lightweight and adequate frame geometry, a smaller number of gears, stiff and compact wheels which make them easier to ride.

What is a good average speed for road biking?

The average speed of a road bike alters depending on the bike and the rider. The range is around 10 to 14 mph for most of the cyclist for most of the beginner riders. However, the cyclist with better body fitness may ride at 15 to 18 mph or even higher. For professional riders, the average riding speed varies at 25 to 28 mph.

How many gears do you really need on a road bike?

As road bikes are ridden in the flat and paved surface, most riders prefer to go with fixed gear. The advantage of such gears is it makes bicycle ultra lightweight and easy to ride. However, some road bikes also include 9 gear, 21 gear, etc. speed for a better riding experience at different types of terrains.

Final Verdict

A road bike can make your life easier if you live in a traffic-congested area by allowing you to move faster and comfortably. However, for this, you will need to choose the correct road bike. In above, we provided you buying guide as well as reviewed the some of the best road bikes under 300 which you can buy at a low budget. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are; you should find a suitable bike for you from the list. And, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, we assure you that you will get a decent performance from the bike.

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