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Best Pressure Washer For Cars – Top Product Reviews of 2021

The rainy days are coming, and I am so worried about my car. I guess you get the point. Though you have an expensive car, it will not look lucrative if you don’t keep it clean and tidy. So, my car will get dirty very often. I am quite sure there are so many people like me who are tensed about the washing of their cars. Since the washing processes take time and money, you need to choose a better option. So, today we are going to refer you some best pressure washer for cars, and you will be amazed to use them. These pressure washers are user-friendly. Moreover, we are also going to give you a buying guide so that you can choose your car washer according to your need.

Reviews of Top 6 Best Pressure Washer For Cars

You are quite sure now about what we are going to render you by going through the title. Yes, we are referring some best pressure washer for cars from heaps of brands. If we consider their capacity, power, detergent tank, functionality, these pressure washers can fulfil the maximum amount of our needs. Again, you can get suggestions about how you can choose the appropriate pressure washer according to your needs.

01. AR Blue Clean AR383 1900PSI electric pressure washer

Tech Spec
BrandAR Blue Clean
Water Follow1.5 GPM
Motor Power13 amp/ 1.5 HP
Tank Capacity14 oz detergent tank
Hose Length20 feet high-pressure hose

AR Blue Clean AR383 1900PSI electric pressure washer is one of the most economically perfect washers with incredible cleaning power. It leaves your floor looking fresh and clean by quickly blasting off all sorts of grease, moulds, dirt and stain from the surface. The product is not only sturdy but also durable and reliable at the same time. It is mostly preferred for concrete, stone and stucco. The pressure washer is also great for patio furniture, lawnmowers, pet cages etc. The pressure washer can also be used in the deck, sidings as well as fences. It can easily access any part or corner of your surrounding very easily.

This washer can easily clean your cars, RVs within minutes. A 13amp/1.5 HP Universal motor powers the washer. It generates extreme water pressure of 1900 PSI and a water flow of 1.5 GPM, which can easily access any corner and take out any dirt with ease. The product also comes with two high-pressure QC wands which are the adjustable spray wand and the turbo wand. It has a 20 feet high-pressure hose that can easily reach any corner of your surroundings. The pressure washer also has a 14 oz detergent tank that doesn’t cause any hassle during cleaning.

The washer has a tri-axial pump in it. It has a total stop system which allows the trigger of the washer to turn off itself when it is not being used. A spray gun is designed with a quick-release bayonet fittings. The washer has a storage hose reel and has a warranty of about one year.


  • It has PSI rating of 1900 which can blast off any dirt and clean your home or car within minutes.
  • The water flow is 1.5 GPM which allows you to save water as well as clean your surrounding with ease.
  • The washer is powered by a universal motor of 13 amp/ 1.5 HP, which gives you incredible cleaning power.
  • The detergent tank is about 14 ounces, and the tank removes the necessity of carrying any extra bucket for cleaning.
  • It is easy to assemble and energy saving.


  • There is no rotary nozzle to control the water pressure according to necessity.

Why We Liked It

AR Blue Clean AR383 1900PSI electric pressure washer has very vivid and amazing features, and most importantly, it is cheaper than the rest. It is economically affordable by almost everyone and also gives a high cleaning power. It is quite durable as well as reliable in every possible way. You can save your energy as the washer is easy to get reassembled. It is also quite lightweight despite the advanced technology stored inside it. You easily carry it anywhere and place in any terrain of your choice.

02. Generac 7019 Onewash 3100PSI, gas-powered pressure washer

Tech Spec
Water Follow2.4GPM
Power TypeGas-powered
Tank Capacity0.5 gallons
Hose Length25-foot high-pressure hose

The Generac 7019 Onewash 3100PSI, gas-powered pressure washer and power dial is one of the best additions to the field of cleanliness. It makes cleaning much more fun and awesome. Now, with the arrival of this washer, you can clean as fast as Flash. It gives a high cleaning power as well as reliability until you make your belongings such as cars, furniture, homes, etc. spotless. It is quite user-friendly as well as easy to assemble and connect hoses. The washer has a water pressure of 3100PSI and a water flow of 2.4GPM that can easily take out even the most stubborn stains and dirt within a minute or two.

The ergonomic spray gun with integrated power dial can adjust the pressure of the water according to your need and can help you clean the deepest corners of your vehicles and homes easily. It also has a detergent tank of 0.5 gallons for providing you with hassle-free cleaning. The washer also has a 196cc OHV engine that ensures a maximum cleaning performance. To top it all up, it completely mobile and you can take it anywhere you want to no matter what the terrain is. It makes the cleaning experience more exciting.

The Generac 196cc OHV engine delivers maximum cleaning performance with an axial cam pump with easy-access hose connections. There is no stop system in this washer. The nozzle includes 4 quick-change tips; 00, 25o, 400 and soap. There is a 25-foot high-pressure hose that connects to the spray for providing convenience.


  • It has a PSI rating of 3100 that can wash off the dirt easily.·
  • The water flow provided by the washer is 2.4GPM helps you to speed up the cleaning process.
  • The nozzle has 4 quick-change tips that adjust to your need.
  • The detergent tank is about 0.5 gallons which provides a fuss-free cleaning experience.
  • An ergonomic spray gun with integrated power dial that allows you to adjust the pressure of the water.


  • The washer does not come with a Total Stop System (TSS).

Why We Liked It

The Generac 7019 Onewash 3100PSI, gas-powered pressure washer and powerdial has taken the market with a storm. It is quite famous among the customers. Its excellent and out of the box features have intrigued them greatly. From the incredible water pressure to its nozzle, everything is very advanced and better than the other washers. The washer also comes at a meager price as well as making your house spotless, which only adds to its excellent features.

03. The Sun Joe SPX 3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP electric pressure washer

Tech Spec
BrandSun Joe
ModelSPX 3001
Pressure2030 PSI
Water Follow1.76 GPM
Power1800watt/14.5 amps
Tank Capacity
Hose Length20 feet

The Sun Joe SPX 3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP electric pressure washer is one of the best in the field of electric pressure washers. It has a significant amount of power that can perform well under pressure. The electric pressure can easily tackle any grease or dirt in the toughest houses, outdoors and even in auto cleaning projects. It is powered with 1800 watt/14.5 amp motor, the amount of pressure Joe SPX 30001 generates up to 2030 PSI of water pressure including 1.76 GPM water flow. The pressure helps the machine to get rid of any grease like road tar, tree sap, insect splats from cars, oil, rust, etc. with ease. The machine is equipped with a huge water tank which is about 40.6 fl oz. (1.2 liters) on-board detergent tank.

This feature of the pressure washer is perfect for blasting off the hardened grease and dirt from windows, cars, boats, siding, etc. It has a 34-inch extension spray wand with rear wheels that provide maximum maneuverability and can quickly enter the small crooks and nooks. The product also has an on-board hose reel for quick and easy cleaning. It also has a 20 feet high-pressure hose, 35-foot power cord, garden hose adaptor as well as total stop system (TSS). The machine also automatically shuts off the trigger when it is not engaged. It comes with 2 full years of warranty.


  • The pressure washer has a powerful motor of 1800watt/14.5 amps which can provide an incredible cleaning power.
  • It has a water flow of 1.76 GPM that can easily clean off dirt within a few minutes.
  • The water pressure of the machine is about 2030PSI that blast off any stubborn stains easily
  • The machine has an extra-large detergent tank which can provide a hassle-free cleaning.
  • The TSS of the machine saves a lot of power as well as energy.


  • It does not have a pressure selection technology.

Why We Liked It

The Sun Joe SPX 3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP electric pressure washer is one of the best electric pressure washers. This washer has an incredibly powerful motor to wash off any dirt in your home, garden, or your vehicle very quickly. It can provide fantastic water pressure as well as water flow. The detergent tank is quite larger than usual. It is prevalent in this field and has taken the market in a flash. It is better not to miss buying it.

04. PAXCESS electric pressure washer

Tech Spec
Water Follow1.85GPM
Power1800 watts/ 14.5 amps
Tank Capacity
Hose Length

The latest PAXCESS electric pressure washer can give you the fun experiences at the time of cleaning the decks, patios, house sidings, etc. from dirt, soot or grease. Your vehicles, homes as well as gardens will shine a lot more, and the cleaning work will be done several times earlier with this. This electric pressure washer has a potent motor of 1800 watts and an intense water pressure of 2150PSI. The water flow provided by it is quite incredible, which 1.85GPM. This flow helps the washer to take out the stubborn and tough stains, dirt, grease or soot from your house sidings, garden, cars, RVs, etc. very quickly. The adjustable nozzle easily controls the spray pattern and the intensity according to the power of the water.

Thus, for different sort of stains, different pattern and intensity can be used. The nozzle is about 26 feet long. The washer also includes a high-pressure hose and a hose reel. The hose reel consists of several parts which are the power wash machine, pressure cleaner, and car washer. The machine starts within minutes and is very easy to assemble. It also comes with a TSS for both the extension of its own life and also saves a lot of energy. It has a lifetime guarantee.


  • The machine has a PSI rating of 2150 which can clean off the dirt from every corner of your surrounding.
  • The water flow of the washer is 1.85GPM which helps you to save a lot of water.
  • It has a powerful motor of 1800 watts/ 14.5 amps which provide you with incredible cleaning power.
  • The automatic total stop system helps you to both maintain the performance of the pressure washer as well as save energy.
  • It has an adjustable nozzle that can adjust to any pressure of water.


  • It does not have a detergent tank.

Why We Liked It

The PAXCESS electric washer is promising indeed and provides you with excellent cleaning experience. It makes cleaning fun by eliminating the need for scrubbing and makes the cleaning work much faster than usual. It has several great features which help to clean out the stubborn stains and dirt easily. The adjustable nozzle is among them, which help to access any corner of your house quickly. You should not miss the chance to buy this washer at all cost.

05. Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer with Spray Gun, Medium Yellow

Tech Spec
Pressure2150 PSI
Water Follow
Tank Capacity
Hose Length 25 feet

The Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer has taken the market over like a storm. It has incredible features that allure its customers significantly. The brand comes with a professional style pressure washer gun with zinc steel wand. It has a quick coupler nozzle to provide you with various pressure to clean off the grease and dirt easily. The electric pressure washer also includes aluminum swivel garden hose adaptor. The adaptor is about 25 feet long with a soft, flexible high-pressure hose. There is finally a 35 feet power cord so that it can easily travel a long distance while cleaning.

The machine can provide a considerable amount of water pressure which is about 2150 PSI. It also comes with a foam cannon. The water flow it provides is immense and can easily wash off any sort dirt on your cars, garden including your homes. It has a water pressure of about 7 GPM, which is less water-saving than usual. The soap dispenser can carry up to 28oz which is foam cannon. The nozzle can move in various sprays like 0o, 150, 25o, 40o. The machine also has wheels to move around easily and reach every corner in your vehicle or your home.

The water pressure provided by the machine is about 2150 PSI. The water flow is about 7GPM which can easily clean any grease. The soap dispenser of the machine can carry up to 28oz which is foam cannon. The nozzle is quite rotary and can move in 0O, 150, 250 and 40o. It has an aluminum swivel garden hose adapter of 25 feet as well as a soft, flexible high-pressure hose. The machine has a warranty of 2 full years.


  • It has a PSI rating of 2150 that can take off any stain with ease.
  • The water flow of the machine is 7GPM which quite incredible, allowing it to clean the tough stains from your surrounding.
  • It has a soap dispenser of 28oz which enables you to carry soap in advance easily.
  • The rotary nozzle will help you to adjust the pressure of the water according to your cleaning applications.
  • It can provide a powerful cleaning force which is perfect for your cars, siding, decks, outdoor, homes and many more.


  • It might have a high water flow, but it does not allow the water to be saved as much.

Why We Liked It

The Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer is one of the best electric pressure washers currently. The machine is less on the fact of energy and water-saving, but it has high power as well as incredible features. It has a PSI rating of about 2150, which is a great amount of water pressure. It is makeable that it has a tremendous and powerful cleaning force which is suitable for both your homes as well as vehicles. The machine can easily take off any dirt.

06. GreenWorks presents

Tech Spec
Water Follow2.4 GPM
Tank Capacity
Hose Length20ft

GreenWorks presents you with a large amount of cordless and corded tools that help you relieve the hassle of cleaning behind and keeps your surrounding spotless and beautiful. The latest addition to their regime is the GreenWorks 1500PSI 13amp 1.2GPM pressure washer GPW1501. It takes cleaning to a whole new level. Have heard of the fact of fun and cleaning? It doesn’t add up, does it? With this washer, you will able to enjoy cleaning those stubborn stains in your car, home, or the corners of your garden.

Whether it is economical facts or performance, this washer will give you all that you need. It will remove the grease from your surrounding before you could even say the word “clean.” This washer is undoubtedly incredible with its water pressure of 1500PSI and 2.4 GPM water flow that will blast off the grease and dirt from the corners of your vehicles and home sidings. It has two quick connect tip of 25o and 40o that will allow you to perform a variety of cleaning applications smoothly. The high-pressure hose of this washer is 20ft in length for reaching inside the deepest crooks and nooks of your house and surroundings quickly.

It has a soap applicator to apply soap to clean any surface easily. It also has M22 Universal threaded twist on hose and trigger handle.


  • The pressure washer has an incredible PSI rating of 1500·
  • It has a water flow of 1.2GPM which is quite useful as well as water-saving at the same time.
  • The high-pressure hose is about 20 feet long that can easily take the dirt off even in the farthest corner of your home or car.
  • The nozzle of the washer has two quick-connect tips which helps you to perform any cleaning work with ease.
  • The power cord is about 35 feet long, providing access to all the corners of your surroundings.
  • It has a soap applicator to clean off any surface easily.


  • The washer does not come with a TSS or stop system.

Why We Liked It

GreenWorks 1500PSI 13amp 1.2GPM pressure washer GPW1501 is a cheap washer with incredible cleaning power that can be compared even with the most expensive washers. It has excellent features that have intrigued all sorts of customers. This machine can easily access the hardest corners of your house and quickly blast off the grease and dirt from that place. It has many reliable options which are not likely to remain unappreciated. The washer will not fail to keep the beauty of your beautiful lawn, house, or vehicle intact.

Buying Guide of Best Pressure Washer for Cars

Keeping your car clean by washing it will help you to retain its integrity from different elements. From dust and dirt to bird droppings all might attack our beautiful car and make it dirty. It becomes tough to take it in a car wash almost every day. So, it is better to buy a pressure washer for convenience. Now, if you think what kind of pressure washer you will need, then let us enlighten you on that fact with our comprehensive buying guide.

Types Of Pressure washer

There are various ways in which we can classify pressure washers. We can divide pressure washers based on the pump, power sources, and capacity.

According To Pump

WOBBLE PUMP: It is an auxiliary hand pump that is used to supply fuel to the carburetor of an airplane engine when the power-driven pump fails.

AXIAL CAM PUMP: The axial pumps are the direct driven pumps that connect directly to the pressure washer engine.

TRIPLEX PLUNGER PUMP: Triplex plunger pumps are the high-pressure reciprocating pumps that use high-pressure low volume applications.

According To Power

ELECTRIC MOTOR: These type of pressure washer work on electricity and are suitable for light to moderate applications at home.

GAS OR PETROL ENGINE: We mostly prefer them for medium to heavy applications. They generate exhaust fumes which are very harmful to the environment as well as human beings.

DIESEL ENGINE: These are quite similar to the petrol engine and are suitable for outdoors only. Like its counterpart, it also emits exhaust fumes.

HYDRAULIC PRESSURE: These are not depended on electricity or fuel and are very quiet, lightweight as well as compact. We can use it in farms and agricultural industries.

According To Capacity

LIGHT DUTY: These have a pressure of 1300-2000 PSI and 2 GPM at most. They are suitable for cleaning deck areas, patios, small cars, etc.

MEDIUM DUTY: These pressure washers have a pressure rating of 2000-2800PSI with a water flow of 2-3GPM. It is used to clean mostly sedans, SUVs, trucks, etc.

HEAVY-DUTY: These type of pressure washers have a pressure rating of 2900-3000 PSI and a water flow of 3-4GPM. It is suitable for larger vehicles.

EXTRA HEAVY DUTY: These have a pressure rating that exceeds 3300PSI and are used mostly for tough jobs.

Foam Canon Or Detergent Tank

The foam cannon easily remove the dirt by forming a thick soap layer over the bodywork. They usually have a pressure rating of 55-90 PSI with a flow rate of up to 5.5 GPM. In case of some, you click to get the pressure while in some cases a specific adaptor is needed. A detergent tank will help you form a soapy layer and provide a hassle-free cleaning experience.


Before buying a pressure washer, you must know the predominant task. Whatever the work you will be using it for, it is better to know the PSI rating or the pressure of the water. For instance; if you are using it for washing the sides of your home or car, it will be better to use a pressure washer of 1500PSI to get the job done. For more significant tasks like taking the paint off the walls or cleaning the barnacles off a boat, we will refer you to a pressure washer 2500PSI.


In pressure washers, high-pressure water is sprayed to remove the paint scraping off the wall, molds, grime, mud, and chewing gum sticking to the surface of any object. It mainly used to blast off the dirt and grease from the deepest corners of your beautiful house, cars or garden and make it look picture perfect.


Purpose of buying a pressure washer is a critical consideration. The type of pressure washer you will be buying depends on the size of your car. Now, if you have a small car, then a light-duty pressure washer is enough. When it comes to an SUV, you will need a medium-duty one while for a minibus, heavy-duty is sufficient.


It is better to consider where you live or where you will place the washer. If you are most likely to live in a barn, it will be better to buy a hydraulic pressure washer. On the other hand, if you reside beside compassionate neighbors, then an electric motor will fit your description. It is highly advisable in this case, not to buy a petrol or diesel engine pressure washer; otherwise, the fumes will serve as a dose of argument regularly.

Source Of Water

If you prefer connecting your pressure washer directly to a water tank, then you must also consider buying a water filter. It will not allow the debris from the water tank to enter the pressure washer and end up damaging it in the process.

Special Feature

While buying a pressure washer, you might want to consider having some very incredible features to make your cleaning work much more comfortable.

Soap Or Detergent Tank

An on-board detergent tank or even a soap attachment will make your cleaning experience easier by helping you to create a soapy foam on your vehicle and simplifying the work at hand.

Cord And Tools Storage

The storage compartment is not a complete necessity, but it is great for organizing. You can easily keep your power cord, tool as well as other accessories.

Replacement Nozzle

These help you to control the pressure of water for various tasks. We prefer the washer having adjustable nozzles instead of replaceable ones.

Inter-Changeable Wands

It will help you to get done a variety of cleaning tasks efficiently, just like a changeable nozzle.

Thermal Relief & Un-Loaders

It helps to manage the buildup of heat and pressure buildup from the unit and mitigate the potential problems caused by them.


Price is not a good indicator of the performance of any product, but in case of the pressure washer, it matters a lot. The more expensive a pressure washer is, the better it will perform and the more power it will have. Gas pressure washers are likely to be more costly than electric pressure washers.


A pressure washer takes a lot of workloads, so it is most likely to damage easily. When the hot parts of a pressure washer come in contact with the cold ones, it will cause an inevitable disaster. So, it is better to make sure you have a more extended warranty. Again, when you buy a pressure washer with a more extended warranty, it will tell you about the confidence level of the manufacturer that built the product.

Benefits Of Using Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is an incredible machine that has made our busy lives more comfortable. As human beings, we are swamped and striving for our survival in this world. Despite this, it is essential to be clean and tidy. Our tight schedule and office work do not allow us to spend so much time on cleaning. Here is where the pressure washer comes. It makes cleaning very fun as well as simple. It helps us to keep our houses, cars or gardens clean from dirt and greases effortlessly. There are many benefits of using a pressure washer. The noteworthy points, we discussed below:

  • Cleaning is a tough job and very time-consuming. A pressure washer helps to save a long period invested in sanitation.
  • It can help to blast off the toughest stains and stubborn greases quickly.
  • Usually, people hire cleaners for keeping their homes cleans, which is very expensive while a pressure washer is a one-time investment. It saves a lot of money.
  • It helps to clean the delicate kinds of stuff around your surrounding with care.
  • A pressure washer is quite a small and lightweight machine. It allows you to be able to carry your device anywhere you like as per your convenience.
  • We can easily store it any little space in your garage or your home.
  • We can buy A pressure washer from any e-commerce websites, which also include home delivery.

Every Car Owner Should Own A Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a very beneficial machine for any car owner. It will save a lot of time and make cleaning a lot easier. The time you invest spent on cleaning your car somewhere else. There are many benefits to having a pressure washer. As we all know, washing your vehicle with the hand is one of the toughest jobs there is and not to mention the time constraints.

The pressure washer will make the job easier and quicker by reducing the time limit to 12 minutes only. Some car owners, on the other hand, end up taking the car to a car washer which becomes quite expensive at times. A pressure washer is a one-time investment that will save a lot of money in the long run. It can easily remove the stubborn stains from your car that is very tough to delete manually. It is available on several websites online. That is why; we think a car owner should buy a pressure washer for their cars.

Precautions/Safety Tips When Using A Car Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are very powerful, which have the capability of cleaning large and complicated areas very quickly and efficiently. Despite this, many accidents have occurred over the years due to pressure washers. So, any person needs to be cautious while using them. Some of the safety tips for using a pressure washer are as follows:

a. Always keep the wand pointed downwards until you are ready to use the pressure washer with your suitable strength of pressure.

b. It is better to use protective equipment while using a pressure washer.

c. Never operate a gas-powered pressure washer in an enclosed space because the gas emitted from it is highly poisonous.

d. Do not work with a pressure washer while standing on high heights or a ladder. The force of a pressure washer is very high and may make you lose balance and fall.

e. Be careful of the surroundings you are in a while using a pressure washer.

f. It is essential to select the perfect nozzle for proper cleaning applications.

g. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. So, never spray any electric outlets as well as check for any electrical cord damage before using. It may cause an electric shock.

h. It is highly advisable to protect your belongings before using a pressure washer.


01.Can I Use My Pressure Washer For Other Purpose Than Cleaning My Car?

Yes, I can use my pressure washer not only for cleaning my car but also for various purposes such as- Window washing Driveways and garage floors Outdoor furniture Drain cleaning

02. Is pressure washer expensive?

The prices of pressure washer depend on its features, quality, patterns, working availabilities, and others. Expenses of a pressure washer are a little expensive depending on the good quality.

03.Will pressure washer damage car paint?

Yes, a pressure washer will damage the paint of the car, which could lead to rust. A pressure washer is a device where water pressure is too high, which can cause damage to the beautiful color of the car.

04. Is it safe to repair the spray hose if it has a puncture?

No, it’s not safe to repair spray hose if it gets a puncture. If you get fixed it, there is a possibility of being damaged again and again, and it’s also risky. it safe to leave fuel in the gas tank when transporting the washer?

No, it is quite dangerous. People must first have to drain the fuel from the gas tank if there is fuel in the gas tank at the time of transporting washer it can be flooded carbs from which easily a fire can be caught.

Final words

Consequently, we might hope that you will get the appropriate car washer from the list. Moreover, it will be constructive for all of you if you can choose the appliance by yourself. The six best pressure washer for cars have different aspects. So, if you need any washer, you can take into account the pros and cons of the washer. Then, the longevity of the washers depends on the care, the cautions, the right process of using the washer. If you want to show the beauty of your car, you need to keep it clean. And car pressure washers will be the right tool.

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