Best Nail Gun Combo Kit – Reviews & Buying Guide

As professionals, we need the correct power tool to perform nailing actions that will decrease manual labor. A nail gun is suitable for tackling, framing, and installation tasks. But it is a very crucial task to select the right heavy-duty nail gun with quality. Here, we are going to discuss the 5-best nail gun combo kit for professional framing tasks.

You can find those mentioned above the top five nailer combo kits at Amazon with ease. The heavy-duty nailer combo kits include different models that are specialized to perform other DIY projects. However, our expert team has reviewed various nail gun combo kits and selected the below-stated products for your help.

A user-friendly buying guide is also here to enable you to choose the correct nail gun combo kit for your professional use.

The 5-best Nail Gun Combo Kits Reviews

Selecting a suitable nail gun combo kit is a crucial task, but it is not impractical. Our review on the 5-best nail gun combo kits comes with reliable and trusted detailed information about them. So, we are determined that you will get your desired nailer combo kit after finishing this whole review.

01. BOSTITCH 3-Tool (BTFP3KIT) Air Compressor Combo Kit

Let me proceed with this review’s following product with BOSTITCH 3-Tool (BTFP3KIT) Air Compressor Combo Kit. It requires an AC power source of 150PSI with 6-gallons capacity. With the 2.6SCFM highly-effective motor, this combo kit will increase your workability. This air compressor comes with a 1/4″ x 25′ PVC 15-foot air hose.

The BOSTITCH 3-Tool Combo Kit includes a straight finish nailer, a brad nail gun, and a crown stapler. However, the SB-1664FN model refined finish nail gun accepts 16-gauge, 1-¼”-2-½” finish nails.
The SB-1850BN model brad nailer takes 18-gauge, 5/8″-2″ brad nails suitable to perform a wide range of performance.

The BTFP71875 crown stapler provides a heavy-duty stapling action for its users. It takes ⅜” staple pins from ¼”- 9/16″. However, you can use 18-gauge ½”-⅝” brad nails in this stapler.


  • Air compressor fills up air fast.
  • Great alternative for home repair projects.
  • It comes with a 15-foot air hose.
  • Tremendous & convenient heavy-duty performance.
  • 90psi air pressure ensures a more extended working period.


  • The air compressor may go out after a few days of use.

Final Tips

The oil-free air compressor ensures long life to provide quality working performance for you. This BOSTITCH combo kit offers a one-year manufacturing warranty for your tension-free purchase. So, enjoy your nailing task with this Bostitch heavy-duty air-compressor nail gun combo kit.

02. Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Finishing & Framing Combo Kit

I am going to discuss the Freeman Pneumatic P4FRFNCB Finishing & Framing Combo Kit. That comes with a 4Piece-Canvas Bag Nailer Set including a finish nailer, framing nailer, narrow crown stapler & brad nailer. However, this Freeman’s nail gun combo set has the four most powerful pneumatic nail guns.

That will reduce the manual labor for heavy-duty to satisfactory detail performance. You can utilize this pneumatic nail gun combo kit for roof decking, subflooring, & fencing. However, its finish nailer is suitable for pallet building tasks. Get perfect finish for windows casings, cabinetry, trim, crown molding, baseboards, and more.

The Freeman narrow crown stapler takes 1-1/4″ 18-Gauge staples to operate. Utilize this heavy-duty stapler for your professional tasks. That will give you a perfect-fit finish with quality.

The air-powered featured nail guns are the perfect fit for meeting your professional nailing & finishing actions with quality. The Freeman Pneumatic P4FRFNCB nail gun combo kit required the following nails. 21° full round head 3-1/2″ framing nails, 1-1/4″ 18-Gauge brad nails, 34° angle 15-Gauge finish nails 2-1/2″.


  • Oil-free technology reduces periodic maintenance.
  • A hardened steel one-piece drive blade makes it stain-resistant.
  • A 34° degree angled magazine reaches hard to access corners.
  • A 7-year aftermarket warranty & a 90-day guarantee for wearable parts
  • Rugged canvas carrying bag.


  • The framing nail gun may get jammed during the operational performance.

Final Tips

The Freeman pneumatic P4FRFNCB finishing & framing combo kit is the best option for professional framing crews. It comes with air-oil and adjustable tools as well. You can return this combo kit within 30-days in case of poor quality or manufacturing defects.

03. PORTER-CABLE PCFP12656 Brad & Finish Nailer Combo Kit

Let me discuss the PORTER-CABLE PCFP12656 Brad & Finish Nailer combo kit for your kind review. It comes with a brad nail gun, a finish nailer, and an air hose. However, this PORTER-CABLE combo kit will ease your finish nailing tasks with quality. So, use this air-compressor-powered combo kit for your daily use.

The included air compressor requires 150PSI power and comes with a 6-gallons air holding capacity. It can produce 2.6SCFM at 90 psi air pressure. That permits you to drive profuse nails with a full tank charge.

The included brad nail gun model BN200SB takes 2″, 18-gauge brad nails. However, it has 1-¼” 100 brad nails as a sample.

On the other hand, the FN250SB finish nail gun comes with a 16-gauge size suitable for ⅝”-2½” finish nails. The combo kit comes with 2″- 100 finish nails as a sample. With an included ¼”×25-foot air hose, it provides you a maximum working surface covering. It consists of a plug & coupler.


  • A one-year air-compressor warranty.
  • Lithium-ion battery cells ensure durability.
  • Suitable for household electricity and can run on a 120v.
  • Light-weight and easy to load
  • Offer a flawless nailing performance with quality.


  • The nail guns may get jammed while performing any nailing actions.

Final Tips

The PORTER-CABLE PCFP12656 Brad & Finish nail gun combo kit includes two heavy-duty nailers to increase your workability. So, you can have one for your own to perform your house repairing tasks with ease.

04. Hitachi KNT50AB Compressor & Brad Nailer Combo Kit

Now I will discuss the following product of this review article: the Hitachi KNT50AB Compressor & Brad Nailer Combo Kit. That comes with a 6-gallons capacity pancake-style air tank.

However, it provides a sturdy, heavy-duty performance for operating various nail guns based on your projects. The oil-free air compressor ensures durability and quality actions. However, it produces 150psi air pressure to ensure a longer running time.

The included NT50AE2 model 18-gauge brad nail gun comes with a lightweight feature. That makes it easy to move as your working surface demands. With this 2″ brad nailer, experience actions for your home DIY projects.

A Hybrid Air Hose 1/4″ × 25′ includes heavy-duty industrial fittings. It remains adaptable even in freezing weather.


  • Included air hose reaches most of the corner of the garage.
  • Light-weight and convenient weighs about 47 pounds.
  • Included safety glasses protect your eyes from unwanted damage.
  • Built-in flip actuation switches let you change the gear based on your requirements.
  • Come with great functionality as well as quality.


  • It may need extra time to refill the air tank.

Final Tips

The Hitachi KNT50AB Compressor & Brad Nailer Combo Kit is the best solution for your home repairing projects. It provides durable, reliable nailing actions for its customers.

05. Freeman PPPBRCK Micro Pinner Pneumatic Finish & Brad Nailer Kit

The last nail gun combo kit is here for your kind consideration. Freeman’s PPPBRCK micro pinner pneumatic brad & finish nailer kit comes with a carrying canvas bag and 1000 (each nail gun) sample fasteners. However, this combo kit includes a 2″ brad nail gun & a micro pinner 1″ suitable for trim and finishing tasks.

Freeman’s PPPBRCK Micro Pinner Pneumatic Brad & Finish Nailer Kit comes with safety glasses, adjustment tools, and air tool oil. That ensures maximum protection and flexibility for your professional contract or home DIY projects.

The included 18-gauge brad nailer accepts ⅝”-2″ straight brad nails. It is suitable for window casings, decorative trim, picture frames, furniture trim, and more. 360° exhaust is adjustable & the anti-dust cap ensures durability.
The 23-gauge micro pinner is effective and saves your time. It is manufactured to handle applications including mounting bars, tacking cabinetry trim, small picture frames, glazing strips, crafts & hobbies.


  • Brad nail gun works flawlessly without any jamming issue.
  • Both the nailers are well-built with solid materials.
  • Excellent for the home repairing projects.
  • Easy to adjust and works great on wooden surfaces.
  • Come with safety goggles, adjustment tools, and an air-oil tool.


  • The 18-Gardner nail gun may have problems with the trigger inconsistently.

Final Tips

Freeman’s nail gun combo kit offers a seven years aftermarket limited warranty as well as a 90-day accessible parts warranty. Purchase Freeman’s PPPBRCK micro pinner pneumatic brad & finish the nailer kit to enjoy your nailing tasks.

Buying Guide of Best Nail Gun Combo Kit

You must check on some basic elementary features before buying your desired best nail gun combo kit. A perfect fit nail gun combo kit is the crucial aspect for your professional or home improvement projects. Our buying guide will let you know which features should be determined before you make your purchase. Let’s have a glance at the following features.

Power source:

The first vital feature you must consider is the power source of your nail gun combo kit. It can be pneumatic, air-compressor-powered, battery-powered, or fuel-driven. However, choose the power source of your nail gun combo kit as per your project type. The pneumatic nail guns are suitable for professional heavy-duty nailing crews.

On the contrary, the brad or finish nail gun kits are ideal for home repair, upholstery projects.


Weight is another critical point that you need to determine before purchasing any nailer combo kit. The weight of a nail gun combo kit depends on the included nail guns. However, a battery-powered nailer can come with more weight due to its battery. A pneumatic combo can be heavier due to the air-compressor.

So, if you need to buy your kit for professional use, choose the pneumatic one.

Nail Type:

Nail type also matters when you want to get your job smoothly done. You won’t like to get embarrassed with the misfitted nails during the tasks. It will slow down your work abilities for sure. However, most of the nail gun combo kits come with sample brad, straight finish nails, various staple pin types. It depends on the included items of your nail gun combo kit.

Loading Capacity:

Don’t forget to check the magazine loading capacity for each of the items of your combo kit. Determine the things that come with a larger loading capacity for your professional framing tasks. You can choose the nail guns that come with a medium loading capacity for your home repair, upholstery, and DIY projects. You should check the air refill capacity.

Included Items:

You will find various nail gun combo kits (2-piece to 4-piece items) from different brands. Choose the best one that will meet the requirements for your entire framing/ nailing tasks. However, a nail gun combo kit can include two to four, or all the items.

  • A brad nail gun
  • A finish nailer
  • An air compressor
  • A staple gun
  • An air hose


The next aspect is the durability that you must determine before making any transaction. Check on the label to be sure of the materials of your desired nail gun combo kit. However, most nail guns are of aluminum, hardened steel, rubber, and plastic materials. The oil-free, brushless motor featured a heavy-duty working performance with durability.


The last point is the warranty feature of your desired nail gun combo kit. Various nail gun manufacturers offer aftermarket warranties for their products. However, the warranty feature may defer from 1-year to 7-years along with a 90-day guarantee for wearable parts.


Our reviews on the 5-best nail gun combo kit have added the top five durable and reliable nail gun combos for you. You can easily decide on the perfect fit nailer combo kit after finishing this exclusive content. However, you have learned the basic information about these nail mentioned above guns.
That information will benefit you to select the right one for your home repairing, professional contract, or DIY projects. We hope you will be satisfied with a heavy-duty nail gun combo kit that will reduce manual labor. It will increase your workability by saving you valuable time.

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