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Best Jack Stands For Cars – Safety First

Jack Stands is a very simple tool but it’s essential for all car owners during maintenance. When you drive sometimes your car fall in little trouble. But you have able to solve it without garage if tools available including jack stand. When looking at the best jack stands for cars, this article will help with the right selection.

Also, you don’t use substitute jack stands such as bricks, blocks, rocks, cement pavers, and chunks of old wood. These substitutes aren’t safe, it can be dangerous. So you should never work without branded jack stands.

Reviews the best Jack Stands For Cars

We are going to consider the major feature such as load capacity, strong construction, safety lock, adjustable height etc and hope you will be chosen from one.

01. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: 3 Ton 1 Pair

If you looking to a pair of jack stands of your valuable car, the Torin is the best choice for you. The jack stand has 4 option such as 2 ton, 3 ton, 6 ton and 12 ton. You have to fix one jack stand from them as per car weight.

The body frame is one of the important features of a jack stand and this jack stands constructed with strong and sturdy steel. It also provides sufficient stability. Also, these jack stands have Adjustable height ranges from 10-13/16″ to 16-9/16″ with a 2 ton, from 11-1/4″ to 16-3/4″ with a 3 ton, from 15-3/8″ to 23-13/16″ with a 6 ton and from 18-5/16″ to 28-1/8″ with a 12 ton.

The safety issue is our first and top priority when we using jack stands for car maintenance. It is convenient for you to the right position with the double locking capability. And also provide you an adjustable height to repair your heavy-duty car without any damage

Finally, this jack stand meets the standard and regulations of ASME. So you have select one as per required…


  • It is a welded design jack stand.
  • The stand made of a steel frame with durable and long-lasting.
  • Jack stands Lift weight capacities from 2 tons to 12 tons.
  • It is lightweight jack stands and suitable for small cars, SUVs, and light-duty trucks.
  • Quick height adjustments as per required
  • Meets all ASME standard for safety


  • Not work on a low-profile car

02. Pro-LifT Double Pin Jack Stands – 6 Ton

The Pro-LifT T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stands (6 Ton) is a well-known brand and have designed with standard load capacity, strong construction, trusted safety pin, adjustable height Mechanism.

Overall, this jack stand has many features that meet the multiple requirements of a car owner and garage owner. Its superior lift capacity of 6-tons. Also, the maximum user likes it due to the operational procedure, easy maintenance and trouble-free service.

This jack stand is made of sturdy steel construction, Height adjustment mechanism, Comes with 2 Adjustable Beam, handle locks and mobility pin. It also coated with long-lasting quality paint.

Furthermore, the jack stand covers ANSI/PALD standards and Ideal for home, auto, truck service, farm, and shop use. It has suitable for home and commercial use.


  • The jack stand is made of steel which durable and long-lasting.
  • It’s weight /load capacity up to 6 tons.
  • The jack stand provides a ratchet system to fix the height lock.
  • It has a high-quality iron ratchet bar.
  • This brand received a standardization certificate from ANSI/PALD.
  • The product weight is 26.4 pounds and the dimension is 18 x 12 x 10 inches.
  • Provide a 1 year limited warranty.


  • Minimum height is 15 inches

03. Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912 3 Ton

If you need a portable jack stand, the powerbuilt black alltrade 640912 (3 ton) is right for you. This heavy-duty jack stand frame is made from the solid steel that has a patented design and also suitable for trucks and off-road type vehicles.

The portable bottle jack very famous for home workshops, garage and perhaps road-side tire changing. It’s ideal for serious work like holding or lifting heavy-weights. Also, the jack stands height range is 11 inches to 21 inches but setting default lift range is 11 to 17.25 inches. It can be raised to 21 inches manually if needed.

You can trust this jack stand with safety features. It also provides a lock system that offers a safety bar lock and a wide flat base. So, we avert any damage while that doesn’t sink on softer surfaces. Although, this product also certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


  • It has a long-lasting frame.
  • The jack stand offers a combined mechanism.
  • Default adjustable range with more raised manually.
  • The saddle can be changed.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.
  • The jack stand is certified by ANSI.


  • Comes with a small handle.

04. Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand

The Omega 32225B jack stands is a well-known brand and constructed with sturdy welded steel. This heavy-duty steel frame gives us extra strength to it without twist and saves us from any damage.

The uphold capacity of this jack stand has 22 tons. Although the height ranges from approximately 13 inches to 19 inches but no adjustable mechanism. It is made from heavy grade steel and a pair of weight is 62,8 lbs. The top saddle to support heavy loads and  The height can be adjusted 3 times with a pin. The product dimension is 17.6 x 11.9 x 11.1 inches.

The uphold capacity of this jack stand has 22 tons and the height ranges from approximately 13 inches to 19 inches. It is made from heavy grade steel and a pair of weight is 62,8 lbs.

Above all, the Omega 32225B jack stands features meet your requirements.


  • This model is a Heavy Duty jack stand.
  • Its operational procedure is very easy and adjustable.
  • The jack stand material is high quality
  • It is long-lasting


  • Not easy to move.
  • 1-year limited warranty only.

05. Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands

The Hein-Werner HW93506 has a first-class body which is made with high-quality steel. Its durable construction and stable base differ from others, which is made of cold-rolled steel, has folded metal footing.

This jack stand, ratchet-style height adjustment rod offers stop-points at frequent intervals, allowing easy, quick, and fine adjustment included with safety double lock mechanism. The lifting capacity of this stand has 6 ton each pair and lifting height capacity from 16-1/4 to 25-3/4 inches. The Hein-Werner also provides 2 years limited warranty. The dimension of the stand is 13 x 10.5 x 16.3 inches and has a weight of 41 pounds.

These jack stands have multiple features such as heavy-duty steel frame, easy operational procedure and safety mechanism. For more information, you have read the manufacturer’s manual.


  • High-quality durable construction.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Locking bar allows you to quickly and easily lock the height in a perfect position.
  • The large and stable base.
  • 2-year limited warranty.


  • Price a little bit expensive.

Buying Guide of Best Jack Stands For Cars

At the same time, you have needed to know some important factors before purchase the jack stand. Specifically, you have considered your vehicle’s weight, jack’s height with load capacity, safety features and the approved standard. Read here more details about how to choose the best jack stands in the market.

01. Types of Vehicle

At first, you need to know which jack stand suitable for your vehicle or you will purchase a versatile and flexible lifting tool that can be used on almost all types of vehicles.

There are many designs and brand jack stand available in the market. So, you will decide first as per your vehicle before going to market for purchase required jack stand.

02. Weight Capacity

The jack stand weights capacity is one of the most important factors consider when purchase. First of all, check the weight of your car then choose the suitable jack stand. Remember, you will purchase the jack stand with more weight capacity than the vehicle for safety purposes.

03. Material (Body)

In fact, the jack stand is normally made with Aluminum and steel. So, the material of the jack stand will dictate its durability and longevity with safety.

a. Steel: 

The steel body of the jack stand is the first choice of manufacturers and users also. Furthermore, the steel construction is very durable and long-lasting with cover more safety features. It also allows you to use your jack stand without life-damaging.

Again, the jack stand made from steel is a little bit more expensive and as well as heavier than a jack stand made from aluminum.

b. Aluminum: 

In fact, aluminum is a lightweight and durable material which used as raw material for the jack stand body construction.

The aluminum-based jack stand gives us a few benefits but this construction material is not the best as it is not very durable and cannot be used for heavy-duty lifting tasks in the workshop.

04. Lock

All type of jack stand has adjustable height facilities which are fixed by lock mechanism as required. There are 3 types of lock such as pin lock, Ratchet lock and Screw lock. Read here more details about 3 types of lock.

a. PIN Lock:

Already we know the pin lock mechanism adjusts the height of jack stand. Already we know the pin lock mechanism adjusts the height of jack stand. Usually, this pin made from steel or iron that will slip in a slot system and therefore lock the jack. The pin lock mechanism system is a very popular jack stand lock.

The operational procedure of the pin lock mechanism is a little bit hard but on the other hand, it will long-lasting and able to serve heavy-duty. Generally, the high-quality jack stands use the pin lock system.

b. Ratchet:

The ratchet is one of the easiest and most user-friendly types of lock mechanisms in the market. But, the ratchet system is not the safest type of locking system and not recommended for heavy-duty and professional lifting in the workshop. So, you considered the safety issue before chose!

c. Screw: 

The screw lock system is not a common lock mechanism. In addition, once locked, the screw system is very stable and offers more safety than the ratchet system.

05. Lift Height and Base Width

Although, the lifting height of the stand depends on the height of your vehicle and how much you want to lift that vehicle.

In fact, if you have a low-profile vehicle like a sports car, then select the right jack stand as required and also check the manufacturer’s manual.

At the same time, the standard base width will appear in the stability of the jack stand. If the base is larger then the jack stand will be more stable and safer.

06. Saddle

The saddle is a resting point where the place of the vehicle jacking point. In addition, a bigger saddle eases the positioning of jack stands. The jack stand saddles also help safeguard the jacking point from wear and tear.

07. Warranty

Besides, you will be also considering the product warranty during purchase the stand due to sometimes it does not work.

08. Price

The price of the jack stands to depend on its tonnage and weight support capacity with safety features. There are different tonnage and weight capacity jack stand available in the market such as 2 ton, 3 ton, 6 ton, 12 ton etc. At first, you consider the right product as per your vehicle than price.

Safety Tips

You should be kept in your mind these safety tips before using the jack stand.

Use on the flat stable ground: At first, you select the flat and stable place before setting the jack stand for maintaining your vehicle if you stay outside the home or garage area.

Use wheel chocks: After parking, you should be set the chock to stop rolling unexpectedly the vehicle.

Check the weight capacity: You should know your vehicle weight before purchasing the jack stand. The jack stand should be around 1.5 times or double than the vehicle weight.

Read the Manual/instruction: It is the right time to follow operation and safety instructions.


What is a Jack Stand?

It is a stand that allows a car to be elevated the required height for repair. The jack stands made from steel or aluminum and also considers the importance of safety rules.

How to use jack stands properly?

We should be properly to use the jack stand to avoid damage. Read here.

  • At first, you will park your vehicle in a flat, stable and solid area. It is better if the ground is concrete. In addition, try to find the concrete ground for better support.
  • Should be the parking brake fully engaged.
  • Wheel chock set properly.
  • Review the jack stand test report before use.
  • After that, you locate the correct jacking point on your vehicle.
  • Finally, you should follow the supplier’s manual properly.

Final Verdict

The jack stand is a very important lifting tool that allows lifting your car on require height. But still not ready to decide which to buy from the above product list. No issue, you are again welcome to review all product of the list then decide which one is suitable for your car. Also, your priority is safety and quality at affordable prices.

Finally, you have selected the best jack stand from our list after review as per your car. I hope you will get a wise decision and invest in the perfect jack stand.

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