Best Fleece Jackets For Women – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are so many people who are obsessed with hiking or trekking. Fleece jacket will be the mandatory apparel for them if they are planning for a voyage towards icy places. You can rely on fleece jackets for your backpack tour or your traveling. You know why? For its durability, insulation, snug, construction, and so on. And this polyester jacket is love for the outdoor enthusiasts if they are adventuring in colder climates.

You can get the jacket in the gamut of casual to breathable performance pieces. If you are looking for a lightweight jacket, fleece is there for you. So, if you get the gist what we are going to offer Best Fleece Jackets for Women below, then keep reading.

Products Reviews of Best Fleece Jackets For Women

We will give quick specifications of the 10 best women fleece jacket. After going through their features, heights, plains, I think you can differentiate them from one another. You can get to know which brand and style will be appropriate for your body and need. The jackets are from various brands like North Face, Columbia, OutdoorMaster, etc. Moreover, if you go to the last of this article, you will get the buying guide and some FAQs. So, enjoy reading!

01. Amazon Essentials Women’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

Everybody wants to have something at a low cost. Again, we want to have all the features in that low-cost material. The Amazon Essentials Women’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket is that type of material. From bulky people to skinny people, all categories of people can experience the advantages of this jacket. This jacket is made from 100% polyester so it will not shrink. The fleece is not that heavy, and the jacket has add-ons like a high collar, full-zip front, side seam pockets, zippered pockets, elasticized cuffs.

The jacket is convenient for wintry days and spring season. The elastic cuffs are also there to hinder the chilly winds.

The material of this jacket is mid-weight fleece, and so you will get good insulation from this jacket. The silhouette of this jacket merges with the female figure. You will get this jacket in 11 different colors.

Highlighted Features

  • This 100% polyester product is equipped with a full-zip front.
  • There are two zippered side seam pockets also.
  • This jacket falls in the mid-weight category.
  • The tall collar and elasticized cuffs make it lucrative for winter.
  • You can wash them easily in your machine.

What we liked

  • This jacket can save your money as the price is not that much high.
  • The high collar will render protection from harsh wind.This jacket provides good insulation.
  • The contoured seams help to accentuate curves.
  • If you want to carry your belongings, the zippered pockets are there for you.
  • The pockets can also save you from chilly days.

What we didn’t like

  • As the material is very soft, there is a tendency of shrinking.

Final Impression

For those who are looking for a cheap jacket with heaps of benefits, Amazon Essentials Women’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket is there for you. It can compete with famous brands. Zippered pockets, elastic cuff, high collar – all these are making this jacket stand out.

02. Columbia Women’s Fast Trek 2 Full-zip Fleece Classic Fit Jacket

If you are talking about the best fleece jackets for women, this jacket should be there. The jacket is mandatory during cold winters for its ultimate warmth and snug. The collared neck and zippered closure are there for reducing the intensity of chilly days. Again, the zippered pockets are there as a safety guard. The composition of this jacket is done with 100% polyester micro-fleece.

This true-to-size jacket will flaunt your shape. For heat retention and insulation, this jacket is appropriate for cool days. The composition is – 4-way stretch polyester outer and a fleece interior. This stretch fabric will provide more coziness.

This jacket comes with a range of various colors. You can get them from extra large to extra small size. You don’t have to worry about the durability of this jacket. It won’t shrink or pill over time. This jacket is convenient for not only hiking but also wandering around the neighbors.

Highlighted Features

  • This jacket is made out of 100% polyester micro-fleece.
  • There are two zippered hand pockets with one zippered pocket on the left sleeve and internal pockets with a top entrance.
  • The 4-way comfort stretch is a unique aspect of this jacket.
  • You can get them in 24 colors.
  • This jacket is machine washable.

What we liked

  • Ultimate warmth is one of the outputs of this jacket.
  • The jacket is loaded with pockets to keep your belongings and your hand warm.
  • The collared neck is there for saving you from winter days.
  • The fittings are quite flattering.
  • Medium weight jacket and soft materials are there for lightness.

What we didn’t like

  • The jacket is not easily layered, and sleeves could be too long for some sizes.

Final Impression

This jacket is quite famous for its stretch design and a modern classic fit. You don’t need to keep your hand busy by holding your belongings as there are quite a few pockets. You can wash them easily in your machine. It just moves with our body.

03. Baleaf Women’s Fleece Full Zip Hoodie Jacket Detachable Hood

This double-layer fleece jacket is the ultimate solution for cold weather conditions. The stand-up collar, full-length zipper, internal draft flap, zipper garage, elastic cuffs – all of these have made this jacket an entrancing product. Again, this jacket is quite user-friendly. You can detach your hood, and the hoods come with adjustable drawstring.100% polyester with double layer fleece fabric make it sturdy for facing the unrest of weather. The zippered pockets are deep enough to hold your 5.5” mobile phone and keep your hands warm. At the breast pocket, you can keep small items.

There is drawstring at the hem to keep you snug in winter days. If you look at the size chart of this jacket, you can find them from size small to extra-extra-large. The fleece weight could be from 115 to 200ib. You can get the length from 24.4 inches to 26.6 inches.

Highlighted Features

  • There is a stand-up collar for your service.
  • Full-length zipper with a zipper garage is there for ventilation as well as warmth.
  • There are internal draft flap and elastic cuffs.
  • There are quite a few pockets.
  • Drawstring at the hem and at the hoodie – good features of the jacket.

What we liked

  • Ideal for daily use for its double layer fleece.
  • The zipper garage will not pinch your skin.
  • Stand up collar is there for providing you warmth.
  • The pockets are there for keeping your valuables.
  • Hem, elastic cuffs- all of these for keeping you aloof from cold.

What we didn’t like

  • The range of color is less here.

Final Impression

No matter what mother nature throws at you, you have  Baleaf Women’s Fleece Full Zip Hoodie Jacket Detachable Hood. But you need to take care of them. Firstly, wash separately and then rinse with zip closed. Remember one thing, don’t use any fabric softener.

04. 32 Degree Women’s Sherpa line Fleece Jacket

100% made with polyester and sherpa lining on the interior make the 32 Degree Heat Women’s Sherpa line Fleece Jacket an exceptional choice for moderately cold weather.  We can find an attached hood with drawstrings for your head. In the front, there are split kangaroo pockets. Again, there are more attachments like – a stand-up collar, elastic cuffs, heavy-duty zippers for the front. There are curved front seams to generate a fawning silhouette. You can find it in various colors and sizes( S to XXL).

The fabric can endure moisture. The sherpa trim sleeve cuffs give comfort and warmth. The durability quite 93% for its construction and composition. The polyester padded sleeve lining offers heat-trapping. The cost of manufacturing this jacket increases for the heavy-duty fleece exterior.

Highlighted Features

  • It Has a sherpa lining on the interior.
  • Holds spilt kangaroo pockets.
  • Curved front seams, elastic cuffs, ribbed waistband – are also the features.
  • Available in various colors and sizes.
  • Hoodie and zippers are also there.
  • Made with polyester and have the ability to wick moisture.

What we liked

  • This functional jacket gives a great fit.
  • The sherpa lining delivers softness and warmth to the user.
  • The elastic cuffs stick itself with the skin.
  • Ribbed waistband clings to your waist and traps heat.
  • The big pockets are there to protect hands from severe cold.

What we didn’t like

  • Fleece starts to pill after a few washes.

Final Impression

This women’s sherpa lined fleece jacket is convenient for daily cold weather phenomena, for tours, hunting, outdoor vacation, etc. You can protect yourself from the sudden cold by wearing the hoodie of this best fleece jacket for women. You can wash it by machine and then dry it in a tumble dryer.

05. Starter Women’s Polar Fleece Jacket, Amazon exclusive

If you are looking for enjoying a chilly day in winter, the Amazon exclusive starter women’s polar fleece jacket is recommended widely. The popularity of the jacket has taken the market by a storm with great response from all its previous customers. It has a good body-hugging capacity which can flaunt your beautiful curves like a goddess not only that but also it is quite cheap.

The jacket is a 100% polyester material which has a THERMA-STAR fabric that is bound to keep you warm and resistant throughout the day. It is quite breathable and can retain body heat.

The jacket is quite soft and cozy at the same time and has full-zip, which is very flexible for any change in the weather. It also has zippered hand pockets which are a convenient feature to not only keep our belongings safe but also acts as good hand warmers.

Highlighted Features

  • It is 100% polyester.
  • Has embroidered logo on sleeves
  • The jacket is made of THERMA-STAR fabric which keeps you warm
  • Has a front zip-closure with stand-up collar
  • It is an Amazon exclusive women’s activewear.
  • Has starter hangers on the shoulder as a sticker
  • The zipped hand pockets are lined with soft fabric
  • The jacket hugs your body and is so flexible that it moves along with you

What we liked

  • Quite soft, lightweight, and cozy for you.
  • Warm and preferable as a good workout session.
  • It is resistant and has good insulation.
  • The jacket has a reasonable price with great quality
  • It has full-zip closure which is very flexible
  • Zippered hand pockets help to keep your necessary belongings safe
  • It is preferable as both external layer and middle layer

What we didn’t like

  • The fabric attracts lint after continuous wash.

Final Impression

The starter women’s polar fleece jacket, Amazon exclusive is a product with excellent quality and high insulation. It is quite stylish and has a relaxing fit as well as durable. The THERMA-STAR fabric ensures the warmth of the jacket. It is also breathable which allows the sweat to evaporate out of the jacket and keep it dry.

06. Outdoor Master women’s fleece jacket

If you desire to enjoy cold and wet seasons like wonder women and want to get cozy with your jacket or hoodie, Outdoor Master Women’s Fleece jacket will be appropriate for you. The fabric material is 100% polyester fiber fabric. The experts recommend this fleece pullover for its quality and quantity. For the slender waist design, it goes well with the body. For its ultra-soft plush lining, this jacket provides comfort.

You can get them with or without a hoodie, and the hoodie is convenient for outdoors. If you are in a hurry, you can easily take off your jacket for its full-zip design. To keep your hands protected from cold and to be able to keep your essentials along with you, both internal and external pockets are working as a safeguard.

For the presence of ultra-soft lining, you feel warm and comfortable. The thick lining can trap your body heat. Again, the hood on the jacket gives protection to the person in the foggy weather. If things fall on a jacket or you find a blemish, you can simply wipe it off by using a cloth. Thus, the water and stain repellent coating are making it stand out from other jackets. This feature gives this jacket an ultra-durability.

To enhance the productivity of this jacket, it has the latest coating technology which will render protection for windy and rainy situations. So, you can keep yourself free from all sorts of dirt, cold and wet weather. Moreover, you can get it in all sizes from small to XXL within an average price.

Highlighted Features

  • It has the aspect of repelling water and stain.
  • You can get them in both ways- full-zip hoodie and regular full-zip jacket.
  • The lean waist design gives it an appealing look.
  • The elbows are quite sturdy for its material.
  • There are four different colors.
  • Two zippered pockets on the inside and two zippered pockets on the outside.
  • Hiking fleece jacket comes with a one year guarantee.

What we liked

  • You can keep yourself tidy by wearing this.
  • The high -quality YKK zippers don’t pinch the jacket itself.
  • You will feel comfortable having a plush lining.
  • For its durability, you can easily use it for a long time.
  • You can keep your belongings safe by keeping them into the pockets.

What we didn’t like

  • A drawback is- it does not have any elastic cuffs.

Final Impression

Outdoor Master women’s fleece jacket is renowned for its material and excellent quality finishing. For its long-lasting sustainability, wash it with lukewarm water (40°C), and you can iron it under 120°C. This jacket is quite sturdy and can face any severe conditions. Again, you don’t need to worry about your belongings.

07. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

If you are eagerly waiting for your winter outing and wondering which fleece jacket will be perfect for you? Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece jacket will be the right choice for your outdoor winter wardrobe.  This everyday style piece consists of 100% polyester MTR filament fleece. It also has zippered side pockets, inside pockets, warm collar. You can get it up to 30 colors and 7 sizes. Again, it has a full zip in the front which works better than partial zip. There is a new arrival of a slim-cut design to portray the shape of your body flauntingly.

This jacket delivers comfort and warmth for its warm collar. Again, you can wear it up or down according to your coziness. Generally, the fleece weight is 15.2 ounces. Again, you will not feel confined wearing this jacket rather you will feel light.

The zipper closure offers good breath-ability. Again, the jacket provides great insulation. You can wear it under a rain jacket and can consume its versatile functions in four seasons.

Highlighted Features

  • The high-quality zippered pockets with interior pockets add dimensions to the jacket.
  • There is a new version of a slim-cut design jacket.
  • The composition of this jacket is – 100% polyester with full zip fleece.
  • This jacket is designed with a collared neck and zippered closure.
  • More than 30 colors are available

What we liked

  • The standing collar is there to block the frosty winds.
  • The classic slim cut is to avoid a bulky shape.
  • Provides insulation, feels lightweight and good for everyday use.
  • The high-quality zippered pockets ensure you a place to keep your belongings and also a medium to protect your hands from winds.

What we didn’t like

  • The jacket is not lined.
  • Not for rainy days

Final Impression

The Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket is convenient for chilly days, and you can use it frequently. Again, they are machine washable, which makes your work easy. This jacket is relatively less expensive, but the price can get high depending on the features, sizes, styles.

08. The North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket

Don’t you want a fleece jacket which is not only suitable for protection from weather but also versatile functions? There you go- we have the North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket with high-pile raschel knit and a lustrous feel to the fabric. The composition of this jacket is with 100% polyester. As it is a women’s jacket, every woman will yearn for some feminine silhouette. It gives relaxation and more good fittings by its tailored waist and elastic hem. There are more aspects left- oversized collar for comfort and warmth to the neck, stretch cuffs for the sleeves, hand-warmer pockets with zippers, full zippered with zipper guard.

This convenient jacket is winning the hearts of the women for its modern appearance and versatility. Instead of having less breathability, this jacket provides insulation for its outer and inner shell. The fleece can trap the heat and provide coziness. This jacket is fit for either hiking in cold weather or casual use. You can pair them with boots, and the collar will be a substitute for the scarf.

This jacket is not water-resistant, and as it is made from polyester, it will not shrink. And for the girls, a plus point is you won’t look like a Muppet, but this jacket will render its signature fluffy look.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an oversized collar with a tailored waist.
  • Silky and soft raschel fleece with sleek looking makes it stand out from others.
  • It bears zippered pockets, zipper guard and stretchable cuffs.
  • It renders a warranty from the manufacturer.
  • This jacket is lightweight and appropriate for snow playtime, skiing, hiking.
  • It is machine washable which is convenient for the women.

What we liked

  • You will feel the warmth and snug for its velvety fleece.
  • The hem and elastic features will be congruous with the woman’s figure.
  • As this fleece is a 100% recycled material, you will be wearing an eco-friendly as well as a stylish jacket.
  • The two-zippered pocket will be there for keeping your belongings and protect you from sudden cold attack.
  • The oversized collar is there for keeping your neck warm.

What we didn’t like

  • There are some complaints that the fleece will shed after a few washes.

Final Impression

In Spanish, Osito means teddy bear. So, if you don’t want to go outside on a chilly day and want to have a cup of tea with your novels, then wear your North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket to feel snug. You can have them in a variety of colors. Though the price is slightly high, the jacket worths it. It bears a lot of add-ons – zippers, pockets, collar, high-quality fleece.

The Buying Guide of Best Fleece Jackets For Women

Suppose you went shopping and you found a lot of categories of fleece jackets. Now, you are confused about how to choose your fleece jacket or what to consider before buying your fleece jacket. So, here we are giving you the buying guide as a tool of choosing fleece jacket.


Many find the best fleece jackets for women to be extremely comfortable and warm. It is because they are soft to touch and are very insulating. They are quite flexible and hug perfectly to any size. They do not feel heavy or bulky when worn. Various materials can be used to make up the fleece jacket. For example-organic fleece which is made of sheep fur or wool or is a mixture of both of them. It is super soft and cuddly, and it feels like a blanket of clouds or balls of cotton. It is made of 100% organic cotton.

Again, inorganic fleece, which is mainly polyester replicates the organic fleece to a great extent. It is typically soft but is quite thick and warm at the same time. Examples of inorganic fleece include- polyester fleece, polar fleece, Sherpa fleece, lycra spandex fleece, etc. Then, the brushed fleece is made to appear comparatively fluffy. It has loose fibers which make it soft and gives a plush effect. It has a gentle halo and soft marl color effect which combines beautifully with its every shade whether it is neutral or vibrant.

Type & Weight

Based on weight, fleece material can be divided into the following classes. These are as follows:

<100 gram per square meter = ultralight

100 gram per square meter= lightweight

200 gram per square meter= mid weight

300 gram per square meter= heavyweight

Warmth is dependent on weight, but fluffiness also plays a huge role in this case. More fluffiness means more air pockets to trap more heat. Lightweight can be used as casual use jacket for cool days. It is more breathable and is not very warm. The midweight jacket is more versatile and can be used in colder weather as an outer layer. Heavyweight jackets are not very versatile, but they are very thick. They are preferable for very harsh weathers.

Construction & Composition

There are various types of fleece, depending on their construction and composition. For instance, blended cotton fleece which is made of cotton. It is a luxuriously soft fabric with a deep pile for better insulation. Polyester fleece, on the other hand, is made of polyester which may be recycled from soda bottles. It is softer compared to cotton fleece but becomes coarser with time.

Again, lycra spandex fleece which is a synthetic fiber which is exceptionally elastic. Microfleece is a double-sided fleece which is soft, thin, and lightweight. Polar fleece is made of recycled plastic bottles and petroleum. It is lightweight, warm and soft. It also has good qualities of wool. French terry fleece, on the other hand, is a knitted terry cloth which has loops and a soft pile of yarn on the side and it is smooth on the other side.

It is quite absorbent and lightweight. Again, sherpa fleece is a variant stretch knit polyester fabric which maintains a soft and fluffy texture even after wash. There are also other types of fleece which include -slub fleece which is made of two different sized yarns twisted together, coral fleece, double-sided cuddle fleece, etc.

Fleece Product

Fleece is characteristically warm and comfortable. The fabric is quite porous, which makes them comparatively breathable. It also has a special waterproof technology for which water beads on it to a certain point. These features make it preferable for many different clothing products like sweatshirts, jackets, shirts, and blankets.

Suitable For

There are various kinds of fleece jacket having various features. Some fleece jackets are waterproof as well as wind resistant. These can restrain any adverse environmental factors. They are also met to perfectly fit our bodies and retain body heat to keep us warm.

Thus, this makes them preferable for extreme activities like hiking, trekking, mountaineering, climbing, backpacking, etc. Some are stylish, which makes them preferable as formal wear. Some are also lightweight and soft to assist us indoors.


There are presently many leading brands in the fleece jacket competition, but a few of them are the best. These include; the North Face, Columbia, Condor, ReFire Gear, Gioberti, Arc’Teryx Covert, etc. Each of these brands has a signature feature which makes them unique from the rest.

For example- The North Face has Velcro adjustable cuffs while the Columbia has a uniquely soft fleece. Again, the brand Condor has lots of insulation while ReFire Gear has many different uses. Despite this, their main aim is to be comfortable and warm. It is pointless to buy a fleece jacket if it cannot provide us with warmth.

Style & Fit

A fleece jacket may serve various purposes, but it only serves one purpose that is to keep us warm and comfortable. Looking good is also important while buying the jacket. For instance, for hiking or fishing trips, we always select fleece jackets that resist the harsh weather. Again, there is a lightweight jacket that we prefer to wear indoors. There are also jackets to wear on a formal day or casual Friday. These are all designed not only to keep us warm and comfortable but also to look good at the same time.

A well-fitted jacket is very important in this case. It defies our overall look and also retains warmth by keeping the body heat locked. To buy a well-fitted sweater, we must consider two important features like the length of the torso and the length of the sleeves.


a. Color & Size

As every human being is individual, their sizes are also individual. It is very hard to find a fleece jacket that can properly fit. So, to buy it we must consider the length of the torso and the sleeves. We can also try out various models and compare them side by side.

b. Pockets

It is not necessary for a fleece jacket to have pockets but having it helps us to store our sensitive object like; keys, smartphones, etc. Some of them have 7-8 pockets to store our belongings. They also act as hand warmers. This is a very handy feature in it though it is not a huge priority.

c. Thumb loops

Thumb loops are a matter of personal preference. Some people like the feeling of having their sleeves extended to mid palm while some do not. Despite this, it is preferable for aerobic activities, jogging, climbing, etc. It is a nice way to keep the sleeves rather than keeping an extra pair of elastic to the cuffs.

d. Hoods

Hoods increase the warmth of the jacket and also does not decrease the breathability. It protects the face from getting cold and ears numb in cold weather. It adds versatility to the jacket but when we wear it below a ski jacket or something like it will be nothing more than a patch of cloth hanging from our neck. So, in such situations; it is better to wear a jacket with a collar instead.

e. Zippers

If we are keen on removing or adding layers, it will be better for a buy jacket with full zipper. If we consider a half zipper, especially in the winter, we will have to continuously remove it over our heads, which is more likely to expose our stomach to stern cold every time the weather slightly drifts.

f. Cuffs

If we consider short sleeves, we will have to sacrifice a considerable amount of our warmth. Again, the long sleeves with palm coverage act the opposite. The snuff fitting cuffs play a great role in retaining body heat. A wide one will be much more comfortable than a narrow one. On the other hand, a rolled-up sleeves are quite versatile.

g. Draw Cords/Elastic Hem

 Elastic hem at the waist blocks out the wind and snow. It also helps in sealing the warmth of the jacket. It is preferable for snow sports, but in the case of climbing it could be risky. Overall, it is a very useful feature depending on its use.

h. Length Of Torso

The length of the torso is a very important feature to determine whether it will fit or not. It also a good feature to determine its fitting under a backpack or harness. The feature it is to help with climbing. It does not let the jacket fall off during extreme conditions.

i. Fill Power

Fleece is particularly polyester used to resemble wool, so it is a good source of fill power. It provides a considerable amount of heating. Some features like secured torso etc. help to retain heat.


The only reason to buy a fleece is to keep the body warm, whether it is acting as external protection or a layer. We must make sure the fleece jacket has a well-fitting collar or hood, fairly secure waist, and snuff fitting cuffs. This allows it to retain body heat.

We must all make sure that the quality of the material is high or not. If the material is poor, it will not act as a protection from the breeze. When bulk is not a factor, it excels the aerobic activities. It is preferable for climbing but takes more space in the backpack comparatively.


To buy a fleece jacket, we must check the durability of the jacket. We must make sure the stitching is strong or not. We must also keep in mind whether the product can tolerate all environmental factors. Fleece technically waterproof and water tends to bead on it giving it a stain-proof technology.

This makes the jacket look new for a longer time. Despite this, fleece is subject to pilling. The leading brands are still trying to solve this problem. This usually happens in places where friction is more like in the armpits. We will be able to solve this problem if the jacket is put in the dryer.


Fleece jacket is available at any price. If we are looking to buy something cheap, we will be able to buy it easily. Again, we can buy really expensive to medium ranged jackets as well. In some cases, it is seen that there is a correlation between the price and quality of the jacket.

So, a cheap jacket may be of low quality, but in some cases, price does not matter. In that situation, it is better to check the customers’ review of the product. If the response of the previous customers were good, it would be a good idea to purchase it.


While shopping online, we come forward to many products, and most of them have warranties and return policies. Some of them do not have it because of the tough competition, and they need to stay in it.

So, to buy a fleece jacket we must remember the features to buy a good jacket like whether it is properly fitting or not, the length of sleeves, waterproof or not, has enough breathability and warmth. We must mostly consider whether it is comfortable or not. So, if it does not provide any warranties, we will not regret our decisions about buying it.

Waterproof Or Wind / Weather  Resistance

Fleece jacket is the most commonly used clothing that we consider exposing outdoors. Its main purpose is to keep us warm and comfortable. For buying the jacket, we must first consider the type of climate, temperature, and the amount of sunshine it will face. We must also consider whether it is resistant to wind and water. If we want to wear a fleece jacket in rainy or snowy weather, we will have to select a waterproof one. Fleece is permeable to water and will become wet if exposed to such weathers.

So, we must buy the jacket considering the feature that it will keep us dry. Some of them have a waterproof lining over them. This lining acts as a moisture barrier while some use an insulating feature to protect us from these conditions. The insulating material encloses the jacket externally. The jackets which do have such a feature are usually thin so that we can wear a raincoat or a wind stopper over it. To purchase a fleece jacket, it is necessary to consider the temperature because the material performs well in trapping body heat as well as removes body moisture quickly.

Warmth, Breathability &  Compressibility

The first and the foremost aim of fleece jackets are to keep us warm. If it cannot provide this feature, then it will be of no use at all. It will be better to buy a warmer jacket if we want to sit or randomly go outside, but if we are thinking of going on hiking or adventure, then it will be better to buy a light jacket.

A fleece jacket is usually very porous and thus allows breathability. On the other hand, waterproof jackets usually end up blocking this feature by adding external material over the jacket. Despite this, many brands are starting to add channels in the waterproof jackets to evaporate sweat and keep it comfortable.

Fleece jackets are usually lightweight and comfortable. It is quite compressible as well as adjustable. It is preferably soft and has an adjustable hem to fit the body perfectly.

Washing Instructions

Fleece is such a unique fabric in which the water beads on top, but once we soak it, it will take a long time to dry. In case of drying the jacket, it is better not to use a drying machine because it will shrink the fabric. It may also end up tearing or piling the jacket in certain parts. Thus, it will decrease the life span of the jacket to the minimum.

It is better to dry it by hanging. It will take a long time, but it will expand the longevity of the coat, and it will also prevent the jacket from any piling. If we want to quicken the drying process, it is better to hang it over low heat.


Due to the current situation of our environment, we have become more cautious about the environment. So, while buying any product, we must make sure whether it is eco-friendly and recyclable. We must make sure to consider the same feature while buying a fleece jacket. Fleece itself is plastic. Thus, if it is not recyclable, it will be another blow to destroy our environment.

Many brands of fleece jacket are coming forward to introduce recycled fleece top to reduce the overall carbon footprint and cleaner manufacturing process, So, the leading brands are making them using plastic bottles. It will be hard to say whether we can recycle an old jacket or not but it will be easier to buy a new one.


What is fleece? Why is fleece so popular?

Fleece is a synthetic material made out of polyester. It is not a natural product rather it is lab-created.

Fleece is getting famous as the consumers are impressed on its insulation power. Again as a bonus, it will give you snug. People are eager to use it outdoors for its sturdy composition and durability.

What type of fleece should I get?

According to my opinion, a midweight fleece will be an appropriate choice. This fleece will work as an insulator. But if you want to do thrilling activities, the light microfleece will go well with the situation.

Do fleece jackets shrink?

Yes, fleece jackets shrink after washes. So, you need to follow a process. First, wash it with cold water and then dry it by hanging. Again, you can buy those jackets which are made from those materials that are preshrunk. It will keep your jackets true-to-size.

Is fleece waterproof?

Since fleece is made out of polyester, it can not absorb water. Again, we will see water beading on top for the outer coating. As fleece has a nature of soaking, it will hold the water. Thus the jacket will heavy and take time to dry.

Can I stretch a fleece jacket?

Since fleece is made out of polyester, it is quite hard to stretch fleece jacket. Fleece is highly resistant to stretching. So, if you have bought a small size jacket, there is no way to stretch it and loosen it.

Why does fleece pill?

The manufacturing process is the key to this reason. Fleece shows pills for their short threads. When the fibers are going through under some friction, the fibers tend to pull to the surface, which results in pills. So, this phenomenon is going to happen after washing. So buy a jacket with the anti-pilling finish.

What are the advantages of shell jackets?

In shell jackets, there is a combination of base layers and mid-layers. There is no built-in insulation, and the jackets are for providing protection from wet and wind

Final verdict

If you are staying in a place or a country where the weather is like the UK, you need to wear some versatile clothes which can provide you with different features in different situations. So, the first thing that comes to mind is the fleece jacket. Again, if you are planning for some adventure in a chilly area, you need to have something with you that will make or break your journey. So, I am suggesting the girls buy the best fleece jackets for women considering the features, their need, style.

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