Best Cruiser Bikes Reviews For Men & Women of 2021

Cruiser bikes are called the Cadillac of bikes. When you just want an errand or just wandering around in comfort with your bike, cruiser bikes are exactly perfect for your journey.  These bikes were quite in a demand in the 30’s to 50’s, and now they have a resurgence in popularity in the last decades or two. The bike enthusiasts are now eager to have these best cruiser bikes for its ultra-long handlebars, larger wheelbases, and plushier seats.

 Since the bikes are known as beach cruisers too, you can ride down a sand-strewn beach road on a sunny day. The best cruiser bikes are the perfect Eco-friendly company to explore. Let’s go men and women to figure out what to know before buying your favorite cruiser bike.

What Is a Cruiser Bike?

The cruiser bikes refer to beach cruiser perfect for casual riding at low to moderate speeds. The large steel frame with sleek styling, curved handlebars for upright seating posture, wide-set balloon tires, coaster brakes, and so on – the lucrative features can go on and on.

Again, you can customize accessories like fenders, saddlebags, luggage racks, lights, and so on. The bikes cannot handle the rigors of off-roading stunts or ride for countless pavement. The essence of the bikes lies in the – sit back and enjoy.

Why Need a Cruiser Bike?

Suppose you are on your way to grab lunch on pleasant, cheerful noon. The best company could be cruiser bikes. That means cruiser bike is there for giving you the gentle breeze of relaxation.

Again, in this lock-down situation, the afternoon ride with your cruiser bike can be your saving grace, as this can be an exercise. So, the need differs from person to person, from situation to situation. If you are not in the mood for riding, you can have fun in a laid back beach cruiser.

Which Cruiser Bike Is Perfect for Me?

Cruiser bikes come in a variety of designs. They are quite familiar with the paperboys and bicycle couriers. Again, you can say they are a fixture on boardwalks. They are different from the hybrid bikes.

Moreover, there are single-speed cruisers, three-speed cruisers, seven-speed cruisers. So, it is quite a strenuous job to select the perfect cruiser bike for you. But here we are to give you some helpful buying advice. We hope after reading this article, you can come up with the answer to the question.

Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes Reviews

There are numerous options for the best cruiser bikes with a groovy, comfortable, fashionable style. Every bike we suggest has been gone through a huge evaluation. We have collected the experience from the user of riding the bikes. The top 5 best women’s cruiser bikes are selected according to the taste of ladies. They are quite different from the men’s cruiser bikes.

01. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Cruiser Bicycle

Beach Cruiser bikes are usually used for recreational and maximum comfortable rides. Sixthreezero women’s bicycle offers you a comfortable design with affordable and quality components. It has a classic look for riding in beach and multi gears to maneuver over different sorts of terrain. This bicycle bags a vast range of riders as the 24-inch model is sized for 4 feet 3 inches to 4feet 11 inches riders, and the 26-inch model suits the users who are 5 feet to 6 feet 4-inch tall.

Let’s have a glimpse of the features of one of the best women’s cruiser bikes:

Features & Benefits:

  • STYLISH & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The color combinations of this bicycle make it look stylish. It values 38 pounds when fully assembled. Front and rear brakes give you better-stopping power.
  • STRONG & DURABLE FRAME: Aluminum frame is lightweight but rigid. It ensures the durability of this bicycle.
  • QUALITY WHEELS: 24-inch wheels with 1.95-inch semi-slick tires or 26-inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires give you speedy and smooth riding experience.
  • CLASSIC FENDERS: It is also equipped with matching fenders that keep your lower back and feet dry when you are riding in a wet environment.
  • WIDE HANDLEBARS: The handlebar is about 27 inches wide. This allows you to have better control over steering.


  • ​The foot-forward pedaling design helps to keep your back upright and maintain leg extensions properly at the same time for optimal paddling.
  • It is designed with the best quality components.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to ride.
  • The foot forward seats and pedal position makes it comfortable to riders of varying heights.


  • You may find the bicycle a little more expensive.

Final Verdict

This is one of the bestcruiser bikes according to the quality of its components. This bike is designed to be perfect for any woman. Then what are you waiting for? If you’re willing to buy a women beach cruiser bicycle, it woman be the best choice for you.

02. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser is the best cruiser bike you can find at an affordable price. This bicycle is mainly for recreational rides, but the quality wheels and tires allow it to go over any terrain. This bike comes with four different gear options. The single gear is for casual driving. There is a 3 gear for a long drive, 7, and 21 gear for a more intensified long drive. It is sized for 5 to 6 feet tall women.

Features & Benefits:

  • STYLISH AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: This bicycle gives you 13 different colors to choose the unique one. It weighs 38 pounds while fully assembled. It looks sleek and attractive.
  • STRONG & DURABLE FRAME: The 15” inches classic cruiser frame is made of steel. It’s sturdy and durable.
  • QUALITY WHEELS & TIRES: The 24 or 26-inch aluminum wheels with 2.125-inch white-wall tires roll smoothly on roads.
  • BRAKES: The coastal brakes in single and 3- speed cruiser or front and rear handbrakes in 7 or 21- speed cruiser offer you excellent stopping power.
  • CLASSIC FENDERS: You have to buy the fenders separately. So you can purchase color matching fenders to embellish your bicycle and ensure your better riding in the rain.
  • STRONG STEEL HEADSET: Strong steel headset of this bicycle provides a rotatable interface between the fork and the head tube of its frame.    
  • EASY & SMOOTH RIDE:  It has a secure pedal system to ensure smooth riding experience over any terrain.


  • It’s quite affordable. So you don’t have to take much trouble for money.
  • The seat is designed to mitigate your back discomfort while riding.
  • It has an easy gear system, which makes the ride more comfortable.
  • The steel structure makes the ride less noisy and more fun, and wheels minimize the impacts of bumps on the road.


  • You may have found it disappointing to assemble the parts.
  • Sometimes the fenders may not be good enough to make you satisfied.

Final Verdict

This bike is the best women’s cruiser bike that is comfortable and affordable. This bicycle can be a great medium for you to pass your leisure by cycling on the beach or city roads. If you want to buy a good cruiser bicycle at an affordable price, maybe this one is for you.

03. Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero Around The Block Women cruiser is one of the most stylish and comfortable beach cruiser bikes available in the market. The upright riding design, dual spring seat and wide handlebars keep your back and shoulder relaxed while driving. This bike comes with 4 different gear options; single gear is for casual driving, 3 gear for a long drive, 7, and 21 gear for a more intensified long drive. It fits for 5 to 6 feet tall riders. The comfortable design of this bike at an affordable price has made it one of the best women’s cruiser bikes.

Features & Benefits:

  • STYLISH AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: This the bike a very stylish look with a lightweight design to confirm your maximum comfort.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE FRAME:  The 14-inch steel frame can endure heavy impacts. The durability is guaranteed.
  • QUALITY WHEELS AND TIRES: 24/26 inch wide aluminum wheels with 2.125-inch thick whitewall tires can easily roll upon any terrain.
  • BRAKES: Coaster brake is simple and efficient to make your ride smooth.
  • CLASSIC FENDERS: It has matching front and rear fenders to embellish your bicycle and protect you from splashing.
  • STRONG HANDLEBARS: Foam grips on the firm, wide handlebars keep your body relaxed and can ride comfortably.
  • EASY AND SMOOTH DRIVING: High-quality wheels and easy gear and brake systems allow this bike to ride smoothly on different terrains.


  • It’s effortless to assemble.
  • The lightweight frame assures maximum comforts and durability.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • The dual-spring seat makes the ride more comfortable and relaxed.


  • The coaster brake system may seem difficult for beginners.

Final Verdict

Beach cruisers are specially for the excursion, and you must want comfort from your bike in the outing. This bicycle offers a tremendous comfortable design with cushioned seats, wide handlebars, strong steel structure. Moreover, it occupies an impressive, stylish look at an affordable price, which makes it the best cruiser bike option for you.

04. Huffy 26″ Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike

Are you looking for a cruiser bike only for enjoying your time and comfort? Then the Huffy 26” Panama Jack is the best cruiser bike for you. A perfect tan in the lazy summer days on the beach with an extravagantly stylish bike that shines with a tropical aesthetic, the Panama jack will provide you all. With colorful baskets, built-in bottle opener with a fashion statement is the best cruiser bike for women who want an adventurous trip to the beach of Hawaii or Bahamas.

Features & Benefits:

  • STYLISH AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: An elegant bike that shouts out your favorite beach-oriented colors like white, pink, orange, yellow, gold, black, blue, etc. It is also designed in such a way that it adjusts to your size and height with a range of frame sizes.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE FRAME: The durable and lightweight aluminum maintains great credibility for speed and acceleration, making it easier to pedal for the rider.
  • QUALITY WHEELS AND TIRES: The 26” tires and wheels are color-coordinated with fenders and trims to give you a comfortable ride on the beach.
  • BRAKES: The bike is installed with coaster brakes that provide the rider with dependable control over it.
  • CLASSIC FENDERS: A splash-resistant fender is there to keep you safe from any mud that might cause trouble for you.
  • STRONG STEEL HANDSET: The swept-back handlebars are one of a kind that enables a perfectly upright position for you with ultra-comfort with leg extensions
  • EASY AND SMOOTH RIDING: It is perfect for pedaling in a carefree way and ensures extreme thrills for the rider.


  • Stylish and well color-coordinated design
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • It has a very comfortable seat, which reduces the possibility of back pain or such.
  • The bike has a range of frame sizes to adjust to you correctly.


  • The bike is installed with a fixed gear system, which causes some trouble to go uphill.

The huffy 26” Panama Jack beach cruiser bike is perfect for people who want to care less about speed and performance than comfort. It will ensure you a relaxing and trendy adventure with your friends. The bike is a promiser of outdoor enjoyment at the lowest price range.

05.Schwinn Destiny Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn destiny women’s beach cruiser bike is a bike designed particularly for women. From its suspension fork to its awesome steel frame ensures a comfortable and safe ride for all riders, making it one of the best cruiser bikes for women. Not to mention, its incredible load carrying and flexible seat that allows it to adjust to your height. The single-speed gear system makes it perfect for riding in the neighboring area and show off the best cruiser bike around.

Features & Benefits:

STYLISH AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The Schwinn destiny cruiser bike symbolizes a classic style that speaks resilient mobility with its style and design.

STRONG & DURABLE FRAME: The bike is featured with strong steel support that keeps you going all day long. The ultra-low steel frame not only maintains long-lasting durability but also that you can mount and dismount easily.

QUALITY WHEELS & TIRES: The wheels of this cruiser bike are one of a kind. It is featured with lightweight alloy rims that provide you with maximum durability at all times.

BRAKES: Coaster brakes are best at maintaining your safety at all times. It ensures that you can stop effortlessly and precisely.

CLASSIC FENDERS: The bike is installed with both front and rear fenders that ensure that you remain dry at all times.

STRONG STEEL HANDSET: Comes with a classic handlebar that ensures maximum comfort and style.

EASY AND SMOOTH RIDING: It is perfect for riding to your school or neighboring area or the park with your friends.


  • The coaster brake system is perfect for an effortless and precise stoppage.
  • Anti-corrosion wheels.
  • Accommodates people of all sizes.


  • 1-speed gear system may not be suitable for off-road trips.

This bike will provide you with maximum comfort and adjust to your body size like a companion you always wanted to travel with. It may not be able to ensure you with awesome off-road trips, but it will definitely give you the best experiences. Since, at the end of the day, what matters more is our safety and comfort while riding.

How to Choose the Cruiser Bikes?

Before buying an awesome cruiser bike that makes your riding experience a blast, you must remember some crucial factors. These factors will definitely help you to pick out the best cruiser bikes in the market. Some of these factors are given below:


The design of your cruiser bike should be such that it not only goes with your personality but also ensures comfort. It must ensure your comfort while riding. You must make sure that it is comfortable enough that it doesn’t cause pain in your back or your neck. The cruiser bike must be simple such that you can leisurely ride when you want to. Usually, the best cruiser bikes for women, as well as men, ensure the rider’s comfort before all in their bike design.

Frame Material

The strength and durability of the frame are the major factors while buying a cruiser bike, and it ultimately depends on the material of the frame. Usually, the frame is made of two types of materials. One of them is steel, while the other one is aluminum. Steel is comparatively heavy but cheaper, while aluminum is relatively lightweight but more expensive than steel.

Right Size

To buy a perfect cruiser bike, you must first be comfortable with it. It must be of ideal size to you. It is not safe to ride a bike, which is not well-adjusted to your size or comfort zone. There are numerous bikes in the market that will meet up your desired size. So, before buying, make sure that it suits you according to your age, height, and sex.


Usually, cruiser bikes offer single gears like 3 and 7-speed gears. These single speed gear bikes are perfect for casual or beach riding. On the other hand, the 3 or 7-speed gear bikes are suitable for traveling long distances. It is mostly famous for its climbing ability.


Brakes are inevitable any sort of bike. Be it cruiser or mountain or even a regular bike, your safety is the most important aspect. Make sure that the bike has a pair of brakes that have the ability to stop immediately after braking. Usually, two brakes are found in coaster cruiser bikes with multiple gears. These are installed with one or two handbrakes for safety purposes.


Fenders are attached to the bike to catch any mud or water that might otherwise fly up directly to your face. These are attached perfectly to the tires. Some bikes lack fenders. You must make sure that you buy one with fenders. If you do not have them, then don’t worry, you can easily attach them later.


Can Cruiser Bikes Go Fast?

Answer: Cruiser bikes cannot go as fast as road bikes or others. They are not generally designed for high speed. You can have a comfortable and safe ride. Speed depends on its model and how hard you can pedal. The bikes can go on a speed range if 3 to 15 miles per hour while road bikes can go on an average speed of 25 mph or more.
The single-speed cruiser can go on a maximum speed of 5 mph. 3-speed cruisers can speed up to 5-7 mph. 7-speed cruiser bikes are suitable for a maximum speed of 20 mph, while a 21-speed cruiser is good for speeding up to 30 mph. Furthermore, there are electric cruiser bikes that can go over 25 mph.

How Do You Stop A Cruiser Bike?

Answer: There are handbrakes or coaster brakes in a cruiser bike, which give them stopping power.
Handlebar brakes have front and rear brakes on them. When you brake, it creates fractions against the rim of rotating wheels. When the front brake doesn’t work, you can take the help of rear brakes. Generally, using a coaster brake on a beach cruiser is much different than using a handbrake.
If your bike is equipped with a coaster brake, you have to pedal back to stop it. If you pedal back harder, the bike will get harder stopping power. At last, as you slow down and very near to stop it, take one foot on the pedal and place it on the ground and make it stable.

Can you go log with a cruiser bike?

Answer: Yes, cruiser bike could be a good choice for a long drive. As it has a lower, relaxed seating position, so it’s much comfortable for a long ride. Though speed is lower than hybrid or road bikes, it’ll ensure your safety. They have a much slower top speed than hybrid or road bikes. If riding long distances at a slower pace is okay for you, then it’s fine. Moreover, this type of bikes are made for comfortable long-distance riding.

How many types of cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes are made for beach riding. 3 specific types of cruiser bikes are available. These are-

1. Classic/beach: It has a heavy frame, which is around 50 pounds. And handlebars are tall and wrap around on each side towards the rider. The tires are standard balloon style, which is enough for its stability.

2. STRETCH: This cruiser has a long frame that helps the riders ride comfortably, and these also reside with the looks factor.

3. CHOPPER: Chopper cruisers are monumental of chopper-style motorcycles. Wheels are different sizes from one another, and it’s perfect for low riding.

Final Verdict

Did you choose your ones from the best cruiser bikes? The cruiser bikes are now quite prominent for its comfort and fun. We can see the cruiser bikes have spun off various sub-genres and types over the year. There are orientations of styles and customization with some added flair. You can have a smooth ride around your neighborhood in the afternoon. I hope your doubts are now clear after going through the buying guide and questions.

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