Best Car Buffer for Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Buffers are the ultimate solution to your nasty and missing shine of your car. But choosing the perfect one has never been an easy task. Moreover, when someone is just a beginner in the buffer world, things must be more complicated for you. Well, this article will be your guideline for choosing the best car buffer for beginners.

All of these are superior in one or another way. You should go through all these products in detail. Choose the best car buffer for beginners and make your vehicle smoother, shiner, and glossy. Let’s have a quick check on the essential information about buffing. This will help you to make the wise choice for your car.

What is a car buffer?

A car buffer makes your car waxing, cleaning, polishing, or rubbing hassle turn into fun. With the correct buffer, you get your car detailed within a few moments. This motor-powered automatic buffer would save both your time and energy. 

Buffers are a standard tool in car detail shops. But these days, people who own private cars prefer to purchase a buffer of their own at home.

A suitable buffer can do a versatile job for you. From the kitchen wall to your car body, a buffer can make every surface shiner. A buffer can also make your surface ready for sealing, waxing, restoring paints, cleaning, polishing, etc. Also, with a buffer, you can eliminate scratches, swirling, and all other issues you’ll aim to solve. Ultimately, you’ll turn your car surface into a new-looking one.

Generally, you’ll find two types of buffers in the market. These are: pneumatic and electrical. Pneumatic buffers seem to be much easier to handle. But people who are searching for something that are easier to carry and doesn’t create any hassle of having compressed air supplies can choose electric ones. Also, the electric buffers are pretty affordable in this case.

The most vital thing about a buffer would be its RPM. RPM means the capacity of your buffer motor. The higher your machine RPM claims, the better and faster polishing will be served. You can get the speed ranging from 1000 to 3000 RPM, depending on the buffer quality.

In essence, a suitable buffer will help you get an excellent outcome for a longer time by taking care of all the imperfections of the surface.

Polisher VS Buffer

A polisher and buffer do most of the same things. In reality, buffer and polisher are two different things. Though both tools share quite compatible features and structures, they have some remarkable differences. As:


Buffing and polishing both aim to remove all the imperfection and impurities of certain metal surfaces. However, buffers/polishers are mostly known for making car body shiner/ cleaner. However, both of these are known for making a shiny appearance. But buffers can do a better job than polishers with minor scratches or spots. Here you wouldn’t need sticky residue or extra wax to work with a buffer.


Buffers and polishers are two different tools by the structure. Buffers do their job in a rotary function. On the other hand, polishers are more likely to follow the orbital function.


The main difference lies in a buffer, and a polisher is the finishing. Buffer gives a lighter and brighter luster finishing. A polisher gives you the lined finishing.


In terms of abrasives, they are pretty different. Buffers seem to do the job in lower grit than a polisher. Polishes seem to create a more aggressive impact on a metal surface than a buffer. Buffers are a safer choice compared to these two tools.


Buffers are less expensive compared to the polishers. Also, polishers require some extra tools, whereas buffers are all good to go in a package. So, here you don’t need to carry any additional cost with a buffer.


Buffers are more durable for regular use. They are pretty low maintenance, and the shiny impact seems to last longer on your car than a polisher. You need to apply polisher after every two months to keep up the glossy quality. In comparison, buffers are suitable for a longer time by applying them once on the surface.

Apart from that, the mechanism and structure of these two tools are similar enough. They both require thinner metal surfaces and work in a motor-powered automatic method.

Benefits of Car Buffers

At some point, you must be wondering what a car buffer can do that’s beneficial as well as unique. As polishers and buffers, both share similar structures. Some might get confused. Still, most people choose to use a buffer for any reason. As:

  • A buffer is comparatively cheaper than a polisher.
  • A buffer will work on paint correction besides cleaning.
  • The buffer will make paintwork even and shiner.
  • A buffer can enhance your car paintwork.
  • Buffer gets all the scratches and defects of your paintwork removed.
  • A buffer leaves your car looking brighter and glossier.
  • The buffer keeps your car shining and lasts for a longer time.
  • Buffer makes you fight the oxidation on the car surface.

Well, these facts are the things that make a car buffer go longer. If you’re tired of the regular hand washing and polishing, maybe this is the time to get yourself a buffer. You’ll receive all-in-one facilities with this fantastic tool in no time.

5 Best car buffer for beginners Reviews

Well, I’ve researched and found a list of the five best car buffers for beginner reviews. Now that you’ve decided to get yourself a buffer, you should go through all these reviews. Here you’ll receive five fantastic buffers that might make the whole working procedure.

01.Chemical Guys BUF_503X TORQX Random Polisher

Brand: Chemical GuysJob Type: Car Polishing
Model: BUF_503X TORQXRPM: From 2800 RPM to 7800 RPM
Voltage Power: 120V voltage along with 7-00W powerDimension: 8.5 x 8.5 x 20.5 inches.

Chemical Guys BUF_503X TORQX Random Polisher is the ultimate choice to protect your painted surface. It will remove all the scratchy, defective, and swirling signs out of your car’s surface. People keep in as their first choice for the easy-to-use features and full controlled service.

Easy to use

This buffer adds a heavy-duty construction method. Here you’ll receive professional experience with active service. The product is destined in a balanced Ergonomic way to hold up maximum comfort along with detailed coverage. The front handle design, Power Flex Technology, Ergonomic Design would make buffing dun with the tool.

High-quality performance

This buffer holds 120V voltage along with 7-00W power. So, waxing, glazing, Scrubbing, polishing, or Cleaning everything is a matter of a few minutes only. The super RPm control on the machine power would make every shot the ideal polishing for you. Users can control the power from 2800 RPM to 7800 RPM anytime while using. A beginner would find this buffer perfect.

Dimension & Design

The buffer is super compact and lightweight to use. The package dimension of the buffer would be around 8.5 x 8.5 x 20.5 inches., The product weight is 8.6 pounds. So, a single person can quickly grab control of the buffer during the entire process. Also, here you’ll get the outside-in design of the machine. So, the high-quality ergonomic design makes working in a more straightforward method.


  • Professional use: From the using process to power control, the product would be ideal for buffing any surface.
  • Compact to use: The lightweight and forward Grip makes the buffer easy to hold and use.
  • Comfortable using experience: The Balanced Ergonomic Design and streamlined control will make any surface professionally worked.
  • Versatile service: The buffer holds an easy-to-switch detailer and improved blacking plate. This makes the buffer a perfect one to polish any type of surface.
  • Safety support: The safety support ridge makes professional services without any risk of ruining the surface. Also, the controlling power system would be another attraction for beginners.


  • Don’t serve the best job while polishing the surface.

Why do we like it?

The most attractive fact about this Chemical Guys BUF_503X TORQX Random Polisher would be its Power Flex Technology. The power control gets much easier with this precision power PĀ² addition of the buffer. So, here both professionals and beginners can make ideal control over any service easily.

02. DEWALT Buffer/Polisher (DWP849X)

DEWALT Buffer/Polisher is known for perfection. The tool makes a great combination of speed control and detailed finishing over any surface. The Heat protected design, Wool ingestion shields, rubber gear case will make maximum comfort and reliability. If you want something that will stand justified for the bucks you’re spending, the DEWALT Buffer/Polisher is your ultimate choice.

Easy to use

DEWALT Buffer/Polisher holds maximum control with the variable speed limit. This trigger allows you to snake the polishing quickly done. The slow start at the beginning, rotary knob, and improved gripping surface will make polishing perfect.

Longer service life

Herewith the heat-protected cut steel gears it will make the tool go more durable. Besides, here you’ll receive a 90 days money-back guarantee. Again, the product holds a one-year servicing offer. So, overall, the effects seem much more durable.

High-quality performance

This DEWALT Buffer/Polisher holds 1250 watts wattage and 120 volts voltage. So, you can guess, the service would be pretty faster and smoother on any surface. Also, the ergonomic design will make polishing much more manageable and smoother.

Dimension and Color

The DEWALT Buffer/Polisher dimension is about 4.45 x 8.98 x 21.73 inches. Also, the weight is around 3.51 ounces. Besides, the tool color is the pretty attractive yellow one.


  • Compact: The DEWALT Buffer/Polisher seems compact. So, you can easily use or carry the tool anywhere.
  • Budget-friendly: The product is more robust in service and offers a one-year-long free servicing package. So, the money will be spent on a deal-making cause here.
  • Easy to control: The speed controlling system, grip holder alongside the handle makes the tool easier to use.
  • Effective service: This tool doesn’t make any compromise with the power and quality of the service. You’ll receive a 12-amp motor to make every shot worthy.


  • The switch and speed regulator seems not so durable.

Why do we like it?

This DEWALT Buffer/Polisher is an excellent combination of power quality and controlling system. Besides, the servicing offer and budget are pretty well balanced here. Considering all these features and facts, this would be an excellent pick for beginners.

03. WORX WX856L 20V Power Share Orbital Buffer/Polisher

WORX WX856L Orbital Buffer/Polisher would be the ultimate professional choice for beginners. This tool is much easier to control. You can expect more extended service life with the 1 Lithium-ion battery attached with the agency. Being cordless, you have got no issue with mobility here. The finishing you’ll get here also is glossy enough. You can use the tool on your car, kitchen, or another metal surface for buffing and polishing.


This tool holds a 20V Power Share rechargeable battery with the rechargeable option. Here you’ll get complete freedom of mobility. The battery service is also durable and robust. So, you can use the tool for a longer time without charging hassle.

High-quality performance

The WORX WX856L made no compromise with the quality here. The ABS plastic is protective enough to make the product go much more durable. You’ll receive 3000 rpm orbital action to create detailed and glossy finishing.


This polisher is light enough to carry. The package dimension of the product is around 13.94 x 10 x 7.09 inches. This weighs around only 7.83 pounds. So, users will get maximum comfort to control the tool while using it.


  • Rechargeable battery: The product is pretty compact and has no mobility issues. It holds a Power Share rechargeable battery to make the service time last longer.
  • Easy to control: This WORX WX856L steering-wheel style handle, and weight makes the tool easier to manage while using.
  • Comes with extra bonnets: This buffer offers different bonnets, So users don’t need to purchase this extra.
  • Versatile use:  You can use this WORX WX856Lon kitchen, car, or wall. The outstanding feature and tool would make polishing or buff glossy and smoother in service.


  • The tool might create some hassle with the fittings.

Why do we like it?

This WORKS WX856 buffer makes a great combination of power and control. From the grip and cordless feature, the tool becomes one with maximum control here. The battery is 20V Power Share one. So, you can expect full control also.

04. Adam’s Swirl Killer Car Buffer Polisher

Adam’s Swirl Killer 15mm Car Polisher/ Buffer is the ultimate choice for quality performance. Here you’ll receive swirl-free, scratch-free, as well as detailed finishing. This DA buffer holds great correction ability with detailing. Also, the product contains a satisfaction guarantee. So, you can get this one for a high-quality performance. 

Easy to use

This tool offers 5.5″ – 6″ microfiber and foam pads for polishing. So, it would be easier to keep a balance here. Besides, it also has the Adjustable, accessible Speed Settings. So, beginners will find it much easier.

High-quality performance

The buffer holds 15mm Long Throw Orbital Polisher swirls, scratches disappear in a few moments. This dual-action machine can make the plate move in quicker motion. Also, here you’ll get no disturbance of extra vibration/ noise while using the tool.

Design and color

This buffer holds 19 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches package dimensions along with 6.98 pounds. So, using or carrying this buffer is no hassle for a beginner.


  • Comfortable to use: This product is pretty compact and lightweight. So, both professionals and beginners will make it easier to use.
  • Good in quality: The buffer offers a detailed polishing/ buffing design along with versatile using capability.
  • Adjustable speed settings: This DA polisher would offer adjustable speed settings to make glossy and flawless finishing.
  • Swirl-free finishing: This buffer offers a 15 mm standard-sized design. So, swirl or scratch would be no-hassle here anymore.


  • This buffer is entirely unusable without the well-fitted backing plate.

Why do we like it?

This buffer holds excellent quality with detailed buffing. Also, versatility is another addition to the perfect tool. You can use it as a sealant, cleaner, [polisher, waxer. Also, you can get maximum comfort here. So for a beginner, Adam’s Swirl Killer 15mm Car Polisher/ Buffer would be an excellent choice.

05.Torq BUF502X TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher

Torq BUF502X TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher is the perfect choice for versatility. You can use the tool for waxing, sealants, glazing., polishing, buffing, or polishing. The triggerless technology of the buffer would make the tool easier to use.

Easy to use

This buffer holds special triggerless technology with a 22D random orbital design. The digital display and onboard control would make the tool much easier to use. This will also make the tool a much safer one to use.


This tool holds 900 watts of motor technology to make the most robust performance on various surfaces. Also, the Electronic control systems will make the control on power easy.


This buffer package dimension is around 20.5 x 8.4 x 8.4 inches. The weight stands around 8 pounds which is compact to carry.


  • Smoother performance: The triggerless technology of the buffer can make any surface look smoother.
  • High-quality material: you’ll receive pretty durable material along with industrial-grade plastic components used in this buffer.
  • Versatile use: This tool does a pretty good job with glazing, sealants, waxing, Scrubbing, polishing, or cleaning.
  • Easy to handle: This buffer holds soft rubber, traditional grip to make using or more manageable.


  • The plastic handle can break easily under pressure.

Why do we like it?

Aside from the quality and comfort, this buff holds an integrated cooling system. The 22D design can easily remove swirls scratches without making the tool get super hot. Beginners can find it super compact to use.

Buying Guide for a car buffer


Power is the most essential and considerable thing for a buffer. You need to give a check on the Opower level here. The more the power would be, the strong the buffer would serve. So, make sure the power range is reliable enough with the tool you’re choosing.

Spin Type

The spinning feature is salient for buffing. Make sure the pad of the tool can spin faster all over the surface.


Make sure the buffer you’re buying is good enough with rotation. Everything will be considered for maximum coverage on a surface from pads, materials, and rotating motion.


Dual-action buffers are built with advanced technology features. So, you can make it work faster on any surface., This will make burners swirl-free finishing for a longer time.


Speed makes a buffer work faster and quicker on all surfaces. A suitable buffer would demand a variable speed controlling system for safer finishing. So, check the speed controlling method wisely before you buy any buffer.

Hand Control

For the beginner, control has always been an issue. So make sure the buffer gets you easily adjustable power settings. So, the tool should make it work in a much smoother way here.


The buffer should always be lighter and compact to use. So, make sure the buffer you’re choosing is not that heavy while using or carrying.

How to use a buffer for car polish at home ā€“ step by step

Well, if you’re a beginner and tired with the hand buffers, you must take a pause here. A suitable buffer would make it much easier in all ways for you. Scrubbing, cleaning to polishing, and Bluffing, a buffer, can do everything in a much more accessible way here. With some quick steps, you’ll get the smoothest and glossier buffing effortlessly.

So, Let’s not do any late and dig into the using process of a buffer here:

Step 1: Firs of all, you need to wash the car from top to bottom properly. Don’t forget to make it adequately dry after cleansing.

Step 2:  Now it’s time to use the masking here. The buffer can generate Heat on the car surface with 1000 RPM spinning power. So, try to use masking tape to protect your car from burning.

Step 3:  Now it’s time to buff your car surface. This will leave the surface glossy, brighter, and smoother anytime. Firstly, you need to apply the compound directly to the car and spread it around a specific section with the buffing pad. Make sure you are using the up/down or right/left motion properly. Here you need to focus on one surface at a time for better coverage.

Step 4: Now that the buffer made the surface scratch-free. So, you can find the polishing or wax for making the surface smoother here.

These are the simple steps to make any surface cleaner. For better direction, you can follow the details written on your buffer package.

Final Verdict

Beginners always suffer from choosing the best buffer for better performance. This article explained every detail to grab the best car buffer in budget. You can compare what you need from your buffer and pick the best one among the five. This will certainly make the best choice for you. Make sure your car is getting the best finishing with comfort.

In essence, how a buffer will give you perfect finishing will depend only on your choice and experience. This is the reason a beginner should always do some extra research before purchasing any buffer. This article has explained and mentioned some best car buffer for beginners in the market. If you also want something to maintain a smoother surface on your car, you can choose one from the list. These products are higher in quality, reliable in service and user-friendly for beginners.

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