Best Beginner Mountain Bike – The Ideal Guide

Mountain biking has been considered a means of sports since the 1970s. Nowadays, it has become trendy even amongst commoners. Everyone wants to enjoy the thrills of riding a mountain bike. Thus, it promotes manufacturers to bring in sturdier and faster mountain bikes. A bike that speaks their daredevil personality not only by its style but also with its features is more appreciable. Since the knobby tires and sleek design of these bikes have the potential to tear through the dirt in any terrain, it makes them best even for beginners in this of mountain biking. If you are a newbie in this unit of fun, there are several bikes that will take your interest. You will show you how to pick out the best beginner mountain bikes and brands throughout the world.

Every bike has its versatility, features, etc. that make it appealing. We will introduce you to the best mountain bikes for beginners that will encourage you immediately and love as well.

Best 8 Beginner Mountain Bike Reviews

Are you a beginner who wants to ride through the trails of hilly mountains with your bike? There are so many bikes to choose from, and you will easily get puzzled. So, we are offering you a list of the top 8best mountain bikes for beginners. Let’s check out the overall specifications of the bikes.

01. GW Bicycle 29 Mountain Bike

Are you looking for a mountain bicycle that appreciates your color palette? Then the GW bicycle 29 mountain bike is the one you need. It comes with amazing colors like fuchsia, red, orange, blue, and green will surely excite you.

This makes it preferable for riders of both genders; male or female. The bike is also suitable for riders of any age and height. It comes in three different heights, which include small, medium, and large. These are made for you in such a way that you can enjoy a comfortable ride every time.

If you are looking for a bike that is perfect for your child, check out the small version of this splendid mountain bike. This bike will also provide you with not only the best of style but also safety. The disc brakes of this bike are such that it can stop in any terrain and instantly.


  • The titan steel construction of the frame is quite durable and robust.
  • It comes in three different sizes to be compatible with your height.
  • The bike construction is such that it can provide you with maximum weight balance.
  • This bike includes 6 different colors suitable for all gender types.
  • The semi-integrated handle-bar makes sure you get a proper grip while riding.
  • Comfortable saddles that ensure you have a perfect concentration.


  • The steel frame of this bike is quite heavy compared to its aluminum counterparts in the market.

Looking for a sturdy and durable bike that reflects your awesome and outgoing personality, this bike will be perfect for you. With all its outstanding color choices and sizes, it becomes a compatible partner in your rides.

02. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

A mountain bike that tears through dirt, letting you enjoy all the thrills of riding downhill and uphill, is a dream for every energetic rider out there. The Huffy Hardtail mountain bike provides you with all these splendid features and many more.

The knobby tires of this bike tears through the dirt in every terrain you ride. The rear derailleur, combined with its micro-shift twist will let you experience all the fantastic adventures you always wanted to do. It also allows you to experience 21 speeds depending on the requirements you have. Not to mention the excellent safety, it has in stored for you.

The hand brakes help you to stop consistently when pulled. Furthermore, the padded seats and the handlebars of this bike ensure you a comfortable ride by maintaining perfect positioning for you to seat as well as a perfect grip.


  • Comes in 3 different colors and pattern.
  • Ensures comfortable riding with adjustable seat height.
  • The wheels have alloy in them to cut through dirt.
  • There is a 1200 suspension fork to absorb the shock of road bumps while riding.
  • Provides longevity since the padded saddle of the bike is stitched by the side.
  • Includes kickstand to let you park.


  • You need a minimum height of 5 feet as well as an age limit of 13 to ride this bike.

The main goal of this mountain bike is to give you maximum comfort while riding through any terrain. You will not feel any pain in your back or shoulders after you ride it because of the adjustable seat height. Not to mention, the upright position of the handlebars that ensure maximum comfort and perfect grip.

03. Mongoose Status Mountain Bike for Men and Women

The Mongoose Status mountain bike is already famous for its fantastic color combination and styling that comes in a range of low price. Fitted with the latest technology and a fairly uncommon 26” wheel, makes it perfect for paddling long distances at a minimum effort. It also consumes less energy than required.

Moreover, the suspension fork on the rear and front of the bike makes it comfortable to ride on any surface. You can shift gear depending on the terrain as well. Not to mention the safety it will provide you with.

It has splendid stopping power when you need it. The brakes portray ultimate control on any terrain without sacrificing your safety. All in all, it is the perfect package that arrives at your doorstep at a low price.


  • The construction of the frame is made of aluminum, which is quite durable and lightweight.
  • The wheel rim is also made of aluminum, adding more durability to the bike.
  • The bike is effortless to handle and maintain.
  • Knobby tires that tear through any dirt.
  • Height adjustment of the seat to maintain comfort while riding.
  • SRAM twist shifters to shift gear according to the terrain.


  • The saddle comes with a smaller area.
  • The bike doesn’t come with a manual.

If you are looking for a sturdy and lightweight bike, this mountain bike will be absolutely perfect for you. A bike that features 21-speed gear shifts without sacrificing a bit of your comfort or safety, is the dream bike every rider wants.

04. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn high timber bike is especially for those people who love the adventure of mountain biking. It features a relatively lightweight aluminum frame and disc brakes, which is very strong and durable. Schwinn has been prevailing in the bikes manufacturing industry for over 120 years, and with that experience, you can trust this brand. The high timber frame is vital for every mountain Gears bike, which gives the bike an immense amount of durability.

If we quickly take a look on the specifications: Frame- Aluminum, Gears- 1 Shimano gears, Brakes- linear pull breaks, Tires- Available in 24,26,27.5 or 29 inches, RimsAlloy, Gear shits- SRAM grip shifters, Weight- 42 pounds, Fork- SR Sun-tour M2000 front suspension fork.

The 21 Shimano gear on this bike is going to move seamlessly between one another, which the grip shifters help. The breaks will give you an impressive level of stopping power. Without being top of the range, you won’t get any complaints. It has a high level of weight that comes from the aluminum frame, which gives it a lot of strength. The high timber has a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.


  • It will give you a smooth ride with alloy rims
  • Reduced bumpy vibrations with a suspension fork
  • Easy to adjust
  • Relatively affordable
  • Can be upgraded
  • Easy to assemble


  • Low quality plastic paddles
  • The seat can be a little uncomfortable

05. Ziloco Full Suspension Road Bikes Mountain Bike

Mountain bikers always require a bike which is strong and durable. Ziloco full suspension mountain will give you a better service. It consists of 3 spoke aluminum wheel that is lightweight and very durable with the capability of tackling through trails.

This is a 21-speed mountain bike that will surely care about your safety. Free paddles are included with every bike. Both men and women can ride this. If we quickly take a look at the specifications: Frame- Aluminum frame, Weight- 35 lbs, Speed – 21, Brake- Shimano’s drivetrain disc brakes.


  • Durable construction
  • 21- speed shifting to tackles any terrain.
  • Aluminum frame with single clamp for folding
  • Includes kick stand and water bottle.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle while assembling
  • Safe disk brakes do not get affected by weather conditions
  • The bike is suitable for all gender types.


  • Wheels are heavy
  • Expensive

06. Raleigh Bicycles Tokul

Raleigh mountain bikes are suitable for tough hilly trails. It has wide tires and rims for excellent stability. Almost every owner and experts laud the bike for being incomparable in quality. It engages riders by its contemporary, aggressive, and slack geometry. Experts have put the tokul thorough bunny hops, dirt-jumps, drops, and backflips without concern.

 It has a lightweight and affordable price. Both male and female bikers will find it efficient as the saddle and handle can accommodate them all. For any bike, a powerful brake system shouldn’t be something to negotiate about, especially for trail where emergency braking is important. In this case, Raleigh is one of the best options.

If we quickly take a look on the specifications: Frame Material- Aluminium frame, Frame Size- 15”-SM/ 17”-MD/ 19”-LG/21”XL, Bike type: Hard tail, Speed- 1×9- speed drivetrain, Brakes- Hydraulic disk brakes, Wheel size- 27.5 inches in size.

The width of the handlebar of this bike is pretty wide. The frame is incredibly high quality, including aluminum, steel, titanium, and even carbon fiber. It makes the structure remarkably durable, yet lightweight and easy to ride. The Raleigh mountain bike is accompanied by 120mm travel fork, which ensures an incredibly smooth ride across all train types. It has durable wheels, robust drivetrain, powerful disk brakes.


  • It comes with a stand that allows you to park the bicycle at a fixed position so that it doesn’t fall.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle while assembling.
  • Paddles are included with bikes
  • A wide handlebar allows smooth riding and increased control.


  • Installed test pedals need to replace that.

07. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Hardtail bikes are necessary for having an authentic mountain bike experience as they can fight on all kinds of terrain. It’s never easy to find a race-ready bike with the right components in a low budget. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike is made of an aluminum frame that is light but yet stiff. The shimano brakes and gears give you a smooth and comfortable biking experience. It is equipped with Blanchard 25 tubeless wheelset, which lessens the risk during mountain biking.

The Fork named Rockshox Reba Rl Fork is rigid, which allows it to bear more weight. It gives you a 100 mm plush driving experience. The Sram GX 1×11 shifter ensures smooth and efficient shifting, which is very important in mountain biking.

The number of gears is 11. There are the Shimano mt500 hydraulic disc brakes, which give you better control on your bike. The bike has a tubeless compatible wheelset that is highly resistant to flat pinch. So it can run with low air pressure with low risk. The size of wheel is 29”. The weight of 29.5 pounds.


  • You don’t have to face the complexity of the traditional front derailleur system.
  • It’s safe for mountain biking as it has a tubeless and durable wheelset.
  • The shimano brakes offer smooth and fast stopping power.
  • It is nearly fully assembled
  • One of the best budget mountain bikes.


  • Seat may come back and forth while driving.

08. Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race/Pro/LTD Team LTD

Steppenwolf has never been compromising with standard since the very beginning. 20 years in which this standard of Steppenwolf is getting high to higher. The short rear section and steep steering angle help its agility. This lightweight bike with high-quality components won’t take away much money from your wallet. This bike will never disappoint you during riding.

The latest version has equipped high performance 16.5/18/20 inch Carbon composite frames on RocksShox SID RLT 100 mm remote Fork. The carbon frame is also lightweight. The Schwalbe Rocket Ron 29×2.5 Evo tires on DT Swiss X 1600 Spline wheels ease your mountain biking experience. It’s easy to swap axle in this wheel.

SRAM XO shifter ensures smooth shifting. The combination of SRAM XO 175 mm crankset with 36/22t and SRAM XO front and rear derailleurs help you to have the best mountain bike experience. Moreover, the SRAM PC 1091/SRAM XO chain allows you to maneuver over all kinds of terrain.

Avid XO 180/160 mm brakes give you great control to stop on any point, which is important in mountain biking. Furthermore, quality handlebars, headsets will give you the best mountain biking experience.


  • It comes nearly 99% assembled, so you don’t have to consume time in installing components.
  • It’s lightweight for which it is easy to drive.
  • It has quality components. You don’t have to be concerned about its durability after going through the rough terrain of the mountain.


  • It is available in only one color.


01. What size bike I should buy for my height ?

Nowadays, we buy most of the things online, and bikes are no exception. In this process, size is the more concerned topic for us. The size chart is:

  1. 4’11”-5’3”= 13-15 inches
  2. 5’3”-5’7”= 15-16 inches
  3. 5’7”-5’11”= 16-17 inches
  4. 6’0”-6’2”= 17-19 inches
  5. 6’2”-6’4”= 19-21 inches
  6. 6’4” and taller than it= 21+ inches.

02. What should I know before buying a bike?

Here some tips for first-timers:

  1. The first thing you should concern about and that is where you will ride. Bike types depend on your riding places.
  2. Then what parts of bikes do you need to care about, and that is: Frame, Wheels, Suspensions, Drivetrain, Brakes
  3. How much money you want to spend.

03. Is better to have a bigger or smaller bike frame ?

It entirely depends on your capability. If you have longer arms, then a bigger frame is suitable for you, and if you have a shorter, then a smaller bike is ideal for you.

A smaller frame will weight a bit less. It may be a bit more responsive. A large frame would become more comfortable over time as the rider’s body adapts and becomes more comfortable.

04. How do you tell if a bike is right size ?

Having the wrong size of the bike is not only inefficient and slow but also lead to stress injuries or loss of control. You can consider your bike as the right size when it will give you comfort. If you have large arms, then a bigger size is better for you, and if you have shorter, then smaller is better. It also depends on your riding site. Before choosing a bike, you have to ensure your needs and comforts. Then select the appropriate size for you.

05. What is the difference between a 24 and 26 bike ?

In cycling, whenever a person calls a bike 20,24,26, then it’s the wheel size of bikes. 24 size is exceptionally more comfortable to hold. Small sizes are lightweight, and big sizes are heavy. So it depends on your comfort. Small sizes are also easy to ride and handle in every situation. And bigger sizes like 26 are comfortable to ride.

Final Verdict

From our experience, we can tell you that mountain biking is a sport that will give you immense pleasure and enjoyment. It will develop your qualities and stable a state of peace within your mind. Now, what are the things you need to make sure to select the best beginner mountain bike for you? Check out whether the bike ensures maximum comfort for you. For this, the seat must be of the size to you.

You must also make sure that the mountain bike ensures your complete safety at all times. The best mountain bikes for beginners, even for pros, is the one that ensures your safety first. So, remember these tips while buying a mountain bike.

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