Akonza Cobra Mountain Road Bicycle Reviews of 2021

Mountain biking is a sport loved by many. It is a sport which opens up band new challenges, opportunities & experiences for bikers and travelers around the world. Mountain biking involves biking over rough terrain, stony and irregular path, downhill etc. To fulfill your passion and thrill for mountain biking Akonza Cobra Mountain Road bicycle is the best of its kind. This bicycle provides perfect endurance and balance. It is calculated to be fully featured, provides the best experience, user-friendly and economically entry leveled Mountain bike.

It will satisfy all your needs to cover off-road trails like single track, backcountry roads, fire roads, cross country, trail riding and many more.  Veteran riders pursue both steep technical descents and high incline climbs, for them Akonza Cobra Mountain bicycle would provide the best grip and durability. The 26 Creep Akonza full suspension bike offers a comfortable ride with its suspension frame and element adjoin suspension fork. It’s known for its strong gears with micro shifters, alloy linear pull rear brake and its disc adjoin brake pro providing all-condition stopping power.

Akonza Cobra Mountain Road Bicycle Features

Here is mentioned our in-depth research features

01. Design:  

This Mountain bike is designed to meet all your needs. You can experience a softer ride which absorbs impact with ease from both rear and front suspensions. It is designed with high grade gripped handlebars & bicycle seats are manufactured with natural contours keeping the human body in mind for a natural fit while riding. It has heavy job nylon reins with built-in impressed grip pedals. This ensures proper biking even at slippery surfaces and proves ample footing. 21 rapid fire’s derailleur’s and shifters would allow bikers to power down hills comfortably and slide on flat surfaces while persevering straight angled hills. It also has front hub quick release wheels for easy storage and transportation.

02. Frame material:  

Frame length is 17 inch and is made from alloy steel. The bike has  an overall dimension of  67″ (D) x 24″ (W) x 40.5″ (H)

03. Suspension Fork:

A travel full suspension fork works by allowing the rider to go over the most demanding terrain comfortably and smoothly. The Akonza Cobra full suspension Mountain Bike comes with one of the best. This full suspension fork on this mountain bike allows sturdy expansion which enables it to be used on the roughest of terrains.

04. Braking System:

It has alloy linear pull rear brake and disc front brake for all condition stopping power. It is a lightweight 20 speed Shimano 4700 system Disc brake foldable bike.

05. Shifters:  

Shifter is well matched with ASLRS35LNBC & Shimano ASLRS35R7ET and its derailleur is Shimano ARDTZ500GSB. Its number of speed is: 7. Its Veer Diameter is : 26″ x 1.95. And the frame is size 17″.

06. Wheel & Tires:  

Its size is 20″ by 1.95.  It has a weight capacity of 275 lbs

07. Maintenance:

Check the tread if there are any holes or stones stuck. Check wheels and its tension. Give the wheel a spin to check if it spins. Turn the headset bearing sideways to see if they are working perfectly. Check brake pads and break levels, see if they are easy and consistent. Notice if they suspension bearings are smooth enough before the ride.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Sturdy exterior
  • Heavy Duty nylon pedals
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in 3 colors: Red, Green and White
  • Easy to ride on all types of surfaces
  • Economically feasible and not too expensive


  • No water pot holder available
  • Difficult to operate for the shorter riders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. What You Should Consider Before Buying ?

ANS:  You should consider if the bike rides able and has proper built-in features and how well it is crafted. Check if the body of the bicycle is made of proper alloy steel, in the case of Akonza Cobra Mountain Bike is of 26 inch and wide enough for riders to sit & its body is made out of tough alloy steel which provides good endurance. You should consider if its front hub release wheels are easy for storage and off-road traveling. You should also consider if the bicycle can ride over the unsteady uphill mountainous path and if it is user-friendly.

02. What Makes this Bike so Special?

ANS:  This bike absorbs impact with ease with its front and rear suspensions. It has 21 rapid fire derailleur and shifters, heavy-duty nylon pedals and a sturdy steel frame.

03. How the Akonza Cobra Mountain Road Bicycle Performs on the Market?

ANS:  Akonza is available at an economically available price in the market. Demand for Akonza Cobra Mountain Bike is quite good and is customer pleasing. 69% people rated it a 5 star in Amazon’s customer review section.

04. Is the bike 21 or 7 speed?

ANS: It is a 21-speed bicycle

05. What is the weight limit of the bike?

ANS: It can support a weight of 250 lbs

Final Verdict

Finding a mountain bike for most entry-level bikers and people who have less knowledge about mountain biking isn’t an easy choice to make. But thanks to Akonza for making this task easier and you won’t have to worry much. Akonza Cobra mountain road bike provides both front and rear suspensions, easy grip & a 7-rapid fire derailleur’s which makes it the best and must choice for beginners and mountain biking lovers.

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